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RtA Log - Amnesiac, Shadowing Amy, Appetizers At The Crown

Characters: Micah, Amthyst, Mercier, Marlene, Lisbet, Tessa, Daede
Location: Lobby - Mandrake Hospital - Amber City
Location: Crown & Rose - Amber City

--[ Lobby(#2083RJ0) ]------------------------[ Mandrake Charity Hospital ]----

Tall columns of marble are arrayed along the walls of the lobby,
supporting a high ceiling and allowing the center of the room to
remain open. The open space is required to handle the crowd, the
sights and sounds and smells of the poor and sick of Amber seeking
aid. A large oval counter near the center is staffed by several
receptionists, working tirelessly to sort the incoming patients to the
proper areas of the hospital.

A set of double doors leads north to the private wing of the hospital.
Along the west wall, the northern door leads to the wounded ward,
while the southern door leads to the plague ward. On the southern
wall, there is a stairwell that leads up to the higher levels of the
building, next to a locked door that leads down to the sub-levels.

--[ lhelp ]-------------------------------------[ Exits: N NW SW U D Out ]----

The Mandrake hospital is busy as always, patients, doctors and nurses, coming and going. The petite blonde with the lab coat standing in the middle of the chaos doesn't seem to mind at all. She has a clipboard in one hand as she gives instructions to the desk clerk, and then gets the nurses and doctors working on triage.

Micah is standing half a step behind Amy, and a step to the side. Unlike her, his hair is a pale shade of red, his eyes hazel. He's watching what she does, and seems to be shadowing her. He isn't wearing a lab coat, so he's obviously nobody who works in the hospital. He keeps out of the way of what she's doing, but stays close enough to observe.

Mercier has led Lisbet through Amber, among various places, and finally, to the Mandrake hospital, the only place he really could think to bring an Amnesiac who might need medical attention. To get here, they /did/ have to go through the docks, which certainly displayed the otherside of Amber, from the upper city. Removing his bowler hat as he steps into the building, he looks back behind him, "And here we are. You may need to... wait."

Marlene is just making her way in to the front desk, carrying a little case crooked in her arm, just saying, brightly, "Oh, Amy. Here you are." Pauses in case she's that absorbed in her tasks.

Lisbet is walking just a little behind Mercier, she hasn't spoken much. Her face is bruised, and her clothing and hair share one attribute, they are in a state of obvious disarray. "Is there a frequent usage of this doctor's services?" She asks, like this is something that seems strange to her. Near incomprehensibly so, in fact.

Amy pauses, as she hears her name. "Marlene, good day. One moment." She finishes up, and the desk clerk nods, taking the paperwork away. Amy looks over at Marlene, tilting her head. "Haven't seen you in a bit, Marlene. How are you doing? Have you met Micah?" There are other doctors around, as patients get triaged. Most of them answer to doctor de'Mandrake, so that's not necessarily all that helpful.

Micah glances away from Amy when semi familiar people enter the lobby. The warm hazel of his eyes changes a bit, showing a warmer, brighter gold. He looks over the three, Mercier and Marlene who are familiar, and Lisbet who isn't. He glances over to Amy and then to Marlene, flashing a smile to her. He nods. "We have, a couple of times, actually. How are you, Marlene?" He offers a nod to Mercier, and another to Lisbet.

"Its a hospital, run by one of the Greater noble houses, here in Amber. Its one of the things they're very well known for, which is why it immediately came to my mind. That and I'm not familier with many doctors, and I'm less familier with doctors who will work for free." Mercier explains, "I've seen a cut or two in my day, and... you don't look all that bad, so there may be a bit of waiting if they have more serious things to see to."

Marlene ohs, and nods. "Oh, I have. I suppose it has been a while, but I'd hoped I might catch you. Largely dashing about helping Martin, I hope, but in idle moments, I've been making a few whimsies. Thought they might just be nice for the children..." Pauses at the more-familiar voice of Mercier, and another lady looking the worse for wear.... "Oh, but I see there may be a more pressing matter to hand."

Lisbet frowns slightly, like something which Mercier just said offends her. "If that's the way it's done, I suppose I must accept reality." Oh yeah, she doesn't sound like she likes it, but her eyes move across the area, trying to study it. "Which house is responsible for running this? I'm not sure the name will tell me anything, but maybe it will?"

Amy smiles at Micah, noting the eyes, and nods approvingly. Her own gaze sights on the trio who just came in, and they flare with a slight purple glow. Then she says to Micah, "What do you see?" a breath and then to Marlene. "Excellent, I think it's wonderful if we can help. And I am certain that if you've new toys for the children they'll be definitely appreciated. And then she adds, "But Yes, let me just go see if I can help the new arrivals? I shall be right back." A gesture to Micah and Amy starts towards them. "Mr. Templeton, I do believe. Good day. How might we help you?"

Micah is mostly quiet at present, looking back and forth between each of the three. He glances to Amy briefly, and then back to Lisbet. "Bruises, mostly. Outside as well as a few inside. And... is that a light concussion?" He looks back to Amy. It appears he's learning and she's the teacher. He offers a nod to Marlene and then follows Amy toward Mercier and Lisbet. He offers them each a nod.

"Highness." Mercier says, with a nod to Amy, "Thankfully, my ills cannot be helped with a doctor, but I encountered this woman in the streets in the upper city, her name is Lisbet, and she seems, aside from some contusion filled recent history, to not have much memory of... well things. I thought it might be good to bring her here." He gives a nod to Micah as he passes by, "Milord." He raises his head to Marlene, as a silent acknowledgement, before turning back to Lisbet to answer her question, "Mandrake, is the name. They're a stalwart sort of bunch."

Lisbet curtsies to the two when Mercier addresses them as 'Highness' and 'Milord.' "I am Lisbeth of ... I know it's some house, but I seem to have forgotten what house it is. Based on what I'm wearing, I'm assuming the house's colors are gold and azure, but I admit I'm not sure." Nor does she seem to be sure of much else, "It's rather unfortunate that I fail to recall any details, I'm afraid. Thank you for any assistance."

Marlene nods to Amy, just setting the case down, does incline her head, in Mercier's direction, as the young lady introduces herself. Marlene herself's wearing yellow, if not the blue that might make it conveniently heraldic, but stays a bit to the side, while the healers move to do their bit. Does speak up, though, genteelly. "Well, do try not to be so fussed about that, as yet. Let's get you seen to, and, small comfort though it is, try not to be too alarmed at the lack of memory. You're not the first."

Amy smiles at Mercier, nodding at his acknowledgement. Lisbet gets a longer look, and then Amy says, "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Lisbet. Memory loss is actually a fairly common thing around here. There have been quite a few amnesiacs, you are not the first, and I very much doubt you will be the last. Have patience, I am told the condition does correct itself over time. I am doctor Amy Seville de'Mandrake, and this is my cousin Micah and this wonderful Lady over here is Marlene." Marlene gets a warm smile even. Amy takes a breath and then nods to Micah. "Aye, that is correct, judging by the ebb and flow. So, what would you prescribe, cousin?"

Stalwart. That's one way of putting it. Micah nods to Mericer again. "Pleasure to see you again, Mister Templeton. Next time, let's meet over mead rather than in the hospital, hm?" He remains next to Amy, watching what she does. He glances to Lisbet. "There are.. a lot of houses. Mandrake, Chantris, Karm, Feldane. And many minor houses who's names I don't know." He glances over to Amy again and then looks thoughtful. "Observation and bed rest?" No, really, he's new at this.

"Bully idea, milord. I'll look forward to it." Mercier notes, nodding to what everyone's advising Lisbet, "See, like I said, not an uncommon thing that befell you." He takes a step back, letting the doctor's get on with their business. He leans against a surface, and places his hat gently something the right height nearby.

Lisbet smiles faintly as the medical talk happens, and she listens to the names as well, frowning ever so slightly when she hears those. "None of those sound familiar at all..." She seems a bit upset by her own lack of remembering, and seems to attempt to force herself to remember, "... this is terrible, absolutely terrible. How can I act as I should when I know not what my place is, or what those of others are?" She stops, thinks briefly, and adds, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't impose my own frustrations on you."

Marlene drifts over toward where Mercier is, smirks up to the taller fellow, sighs, and teases, "Another act of chivalry from the reparliamentarian, Mister Templeton? " Pauses to pipe up toward Lisbet, "Come now, dear lady, I'm sure you'll find that coming attired so, and with such concerns, makes you either a lady of some description who's a bit beyond her wits, or a very nervous impostor who's surpassed them. In either event, you needn't have fear of these healers."

Amy smiles gently. She's one of the family with a very good bedside manner, or so she's been told. "It's okay, Lady Lisbet. You'll find that folks are accustomed to dealing with amnesiacs, and accord them a reasonable amount of leeway. I might suggest you just assume everyone is a noble, and treat them thus. If they are lower ranked, they'll either be flattered or tell you they are. And if higher, they'll generally just correct you and not take offense. Also, in case nobody has said it yet, welcome to Amber." She grins at Mercier, as he sets his hat somewhere, and then looks at Micah. "I suppose. Though I don't see anything really warranting significant monitoring. I've a salve I can give you, Lady Lisbet, to help with the bruising and a potion for the pain. You might want someone to check on you regularly for a day or so, due to the concussion. if you would like we've a private room here you can use. And if you are looking for a place to stay, I understand the Rose and Crown is a good spot for newcomers to Amber." Marlene's comment wins a smile. All around the group, there is a constant fluctuation in patients, nurses and doctors coming and going.

"Mead makes everything better, doesn't it?" Micah grins. He looks to Lisbet and shakes his head. "Nothing to be sorry for. Frustration is understandable." He glances back to Amy and listens, then nods. "That makes sense. I haven't read beyond the first aid manual yet," he admits. He's been a touch busy.

Marlene also winks to Amethyst.

"I could recommend a warm embracement of republic as a govenrment of choice?" Mercier offers Lisbet, with a bit of a smile, looking to Marlene, "I remember how unusual this city is still for me, and at least I'm familier with my name and profession. I didn't want to leave the woman walking around the city. Especially wearing that jewlewry."

Lisbet stares at Marcier, "In the interest of staying friendly, I'll just act under the assumption that the suggestion of republicanism was made in jest, mister Templeton." Her voice has a clear, distinct icy tinge to it. Clearly she doesn't think well of republics, her gaze instead settles on the doctor, "Thank you, your highness..?" She lets that form of adress linger a moment, she's looking at Amy, "I'll look into seeking temporary residence there, though I'm afraid I appear to be lacking in coin."

Amy smiles softly. "The Crown as an establishment has taken it upon itself to offer housing for a short time for free for amnesiacs," she says. "So that need not concern you. And," Amy has the grace to blush slightly, not a suprise given her fair skin. "Yes, highness. I am the acknowledged daughter of King Random. But I was a doctor long before that happened."

Marlene nods. Though Amy's mention of that housing accommodation seems to be a surprise to her, the way she seems to nod acceptance of that fact as something she might have realized. She says a word in an unfamiliar language, then continues seamlessly, "That's a rather remarkably-astute surmise, nonetheless, on our guest's part." Turns a little aside, then, but still arches her neck to look more directly at Lisbet. "In the distant land our Mr. Templeton hails from, they don't think much of monarchies, but as I'm sure you saw for yourself, most strive to be gentlemen. Coin's not a problem for you, but he's correct to have watched over you."

Micah remains quiet for now, looking back and forth between those here. To Mercier, "Don't think I've ever encountered a republic myself. I'm loyal to the king, of course." Of course he is. He doesn't want to get smacked by his cousin, does he? He glances to each of the women, and doesn't offer any more than that.

Lisbet responds to Marlene first, "I recalled what form of address mister Templeton used, it's simple etiquette to keep track of such things after all." Or at least, Lisbeth seems to think it such. The woman considers a few things, and then asks, "Do you really think someone would wish harm on me for a few simple adornments?"

Amy has guards, they're around somewher. Inotbrusive at the moment. Well, and then Micah's here too. She smiles a bit. "I shouldn't think that matters, m'Lady. Proper etiquette would have a chivalrous soul escorting you regardless." The words are gently spoken. "And given you do not recall the city, it would be easy to wander into some of the areas that are not safe, as any city has."

Micah is a guard, just one that isn't as obvious as the other guards tend to be. He nods to Lisbet. "Yes. There are places in the city where you would be harmed for your jewelry." Micah's not going to sugar coat it. It is what it is. He glances over to Amy and nods. There are areas that aren't safe.

Mercier blinks at Lizbet gives a few icy words regarding Republics. Theres a brief moment befoer he finds the right attitude to take. He provides Lisbet with a small smile and raises his hands in surrender, "Then while our friendship may be off to a rocky start, you're entitled to disagree. Besides, I'm not a very important enemy to have in the first place." Mercier provides a shrug, giving a nod to Marlene as she provides an apprporpiately vauge description. "The people here seem to not mind their monarchy so much, as the way of things, though." He keeps any rabble rousing under his hat for now, being polite, looking to Micah, hmming, "Really? I had heard that they're not particularly popular in Shadow."

Marlene nods towards Lisbet. "It's sadly the case. Amber is a city of great wealth, but also an attraction to less-savory elements, not to mention something of a refuge for the desperate of late. It's still an effort of the Crown to provide even some basic commodities in the lower city, ....not to mention the place you stand now, a hospital of the noble House Mandrake. "

Lisbet takes it all in, and though she gives Mercier another icy look, she does not speak on the topic of republics again. Instead, she makes some efforts to extract herself from the conversation. "Could someone escort me to the establishment mentioned prior, then? I couldn't find it myself, and I'm afraid I'm somewhat exhausted."

Amy is doctor in charge, though her shift is coming to an end. There is the usual ebb and flow of patients in and out, nurses and other doctors working to triage, admit and move them through to health. Over to one side, a small grouping including Marlene, Micah, Mercier, Lisbet and Amy. "One moment, if you please," Amy says. "Let me get you the salve and potion I mentioned." A signal to a passing nurse, and within moments, Amy's kit is brought over. She rummages through and passes over a small tin of salve and a vial of potion for the pain. "It is nice to meet you, Lady Lisbet."

Micah nods to Mercier. "Perhaps. However, I don't have a great deal of experience out in Shadow." He glances to Marlene and nods. He nods to Lisbet, and moves away to arrange for one of the Mandrake people around to escort Lisbet off to the Crown and Rose. He returns after, the Mandrake guard in tow. Not one of Amy's guards, one of the hospital's staff. "He'll escort you," says Micah to Lisbet. He resumes his position near Amy.

Tessa is making a delivery, for what and who a mystery, but she steps into the room and pauses. Then, glancing quickly to the door, grunts. "Wrong room. Everything alright, my lords and ladies?"

Marlene nods, and for a few moments, fusses about her coat a while, before withdrawing a small pouch and listening at the sound it makes when shaken. "Also, while we're among friends, here is some coin. The inn is very companionable, but doubtless you'll need a few incidentals."

"The city is one of great extremes, its correct. There is theivery, but also kindness and generosity that I've not seen anywhere, really." Mercier says, moving past politics for the moment, "As for an escort, I'm afraid I would make a poor protector, but I can lead the way." He notes.

Amy raises a hand, and says, "Good day to you both, then," as Mercier and Lisbet head off. She turns to Marlene, and says, "so about those toys?" Before she blinks and then chuckles. "Tessa. Good day. Is that for someone in particular, or just the hospital?" Micah's getting the guard to accompany Mercier and Lisbet gets an approving smile. "Thank you, Micah."

Micah glances toward Tessa as she enters the location. "Hello Tessa," he greets. He nods to Lisbet and Mercier as they make their way out, the Mandrake guard going with them. "You're welcome, Amy."

Marlene nods, then glances to Amy's question, "Oh. Just a few clockwork whimsies, ....since I've been in town I've had to test out absolutely everything, from brass-stock to press-drill and polish. Also a few of Madame Meijanri's wondrous glass screws. All very simple, though, really. I hope they're a bit of fun."

"Greetings." Tessa says with another bow, "A guest here in the hospital, my lady. I had thought this was the right room, but it seems I should recheck my notes."

Amy nods to Tessa. "Well, you can check at the front desk for the right room?" she offers. "For now, I think I'm finally off duty." A glance to Micah, and she teases, "You ready to take over yet?" And then to Marlene. "I am sure the children will love them. Will they work under water?"

Micah tilts his head to Marlene. "I'd still like to learn more of your.. what did you call them, brasswords?" He glances to Tessa and nods, then nods toward the front desk Amy had suggested. He huffs a chuckle at Amy and shakes his head. "No, I'm not ready to take over yet. Give me a couple weeks to learn the ropes," he says.

Marlene hrms, there. "Well, that may vary. The ones that sit in place and gesticulate should. BUt I imagine for Rebman children I might have a bit more license. Buoyancy, don't you know."

Amy laughs at Micah's answer. "Right then," she says. "Shall we depart the hospital before any other patients descend? And Tessa, you are welcome to join us, if you wish?" A glance over at Marlene. "Perhaps we can go settle somewhere comfy and catch up?"

Marlene nods. "Perhaps let's get our new charge settled in at the Crown and Rose, and thus discharge a few duties while recharging a few glasses?"

Micah nods to Amy. "Right. Lets do that, yeah. The Crown and Rose would work for a comfy place to settle. Or the Meadhall." Micah glances over to Tessa and nods. "Yes, please join us."

--[ Common Room of the Crown and Rose(#656RAJ) ]------------[ Amber City ]----

This common room is a comfortable enough place, as such things go; it
is clean, relatively quiet, and most of the time, no one snores too
loudly. When the windows are open, exotic scents from the market are
carried in by the breeze.

A door leads out into the hallway, at the end of which is a staircase
down. Off the hallway are some additional doors, to the inn's private

--------------------------------------------------------------[ Exits: D ]----

The wayward, forgetful lady having been seen to rooms, arrangements made, and helpful people of station having taken the better part of valor and taken over the upstairs common room, Marlene threshes her skirts and settles down at a table already supplied with refreshments.

Amy makes her way to the upstairs room, settling into the semi-private area. It's quieter than the downstairs where raucous drinking is currently ongoing. She opts for a glass of wine, and some of the potato skins that they serve, enjoying the food with gusto. For a petite blonde, she does eat a fair bit." She grins at Marlene as the other woman joins in. "All set?" she asks. There are some guards about, in Mandrake colours, and a couple even in Extraordinarii colours.

Marlene nods. "Quite." Seems to puzzle at the potato skins, and says, in a low voice, "I've only seen nachos once before, but are you quite sure those haven't gone off?"

Micah walks with Amy, beside her and into the upstairs room. He chooses a seat next to hers, and opts for a glass of scotch and a basket of onion rings. He's not that big of a guy, but he seems to enjoy his food as well. He glances to the potato skins. "They look alright to me," he says. He dips his onion ring into some heated cheese and takes a bite. Yum.

An older man walks slowly up the stairs with help from a solid stone cane. He grumbles under his breath curses about overtly loud and drunk patrons. "Can't find a descent quiet place in all of Amber." His voice like gravel. "Back in my day, rooms got quiet when a lord walked in. People had *respect*." He addresses the room or may just be talking to himself. Finding a chair, he slowly sinks into it. The wooden frame creeks under his weight.

Amy blinks at Marlene, looks at her plate, and then back over at Marlene. "Where are the nachos?" she asks, since she hasn't got any. And then the older gentleman walks in, and Amy looks his way, her attention easily taken. "M'lord, good day to you," she greets politely. "While we might be young, you are welcome to join us if you wish? We have plenty and are quite willing to share."

Micah glances over to the older gentleman with the came as well, and offers him a polite greeting. "Good day, my Lord," he greets, following Amy's example most likely. He nods his agreement with Amy's invitation. "Yes, please do." He dips his onion ring into the cheese sauce again and takes another bite. He and Marlene and Amy are sitting at one table with an assortment of food in front of htem, mostly appetizers for him and Amy. An older man has just sat down in a chair not far distant.

Daede huffs from all the effort of climbing chairs and sitting. A rough cloth is pulled from his pocket to wipe at his bald forehead, though he does not sweat. "Manners. Now thats something you don't see every day." Squinting then to take in the three at the table near by. "Daedelus Gozar. But I am not certain that I am your uncle. Is that you Petra? Hmmm? Or Mythist? Whose daughter are you?" He asks of Marlene.

While the old Lord makes up his mind, Amy grins at Marlene. "Yes, these are potato skins, not nachos. But they might bring nachos, I expect, especially if you want some. And hush you." Mandrake guards, Extraordinarii guards, just two of each, on duty, doing their job, but not stopping everyone and anything, as they've not been asked to. Amy glances at Micah's onion rings and laughs. "Did we just ask for Quinlan's usual order?" she asks, letting her amusement show. "If so, there'll be chicken wings coming too." And now she looks back over at Daede. "M'lord Gozar, a pleasure. I'm Amy de'Mandrake. This is my cousin Micah, and Lady Marlene. I do not believe you are one of my uncles. Although given some of the oddities of Amber, I would not put it out of the realm of possibility."

Syeira skips into the pub, trinkets jingling and jangling. She reaches up and ruffles her hair back from her face. She waves to the bartender signaling for her normal.

Marlene ahs, nodding, and having another glance, "Ah, Lord Gozar, of course. I doubt you're in any literal sense my uncle, but it's usually a polite-enough honorific for an elder." Holds up an onion ring. Puzzles over it. "Join us, if you'd like."

"I didn't, but they may have assumed," he says. Pauses. "What's Quinlan's usual order?" At the introduction, Micah dips his head into another nod. "Pleasure to meet you, Lord Gozar," he says. He huffs a chuckle at Amy's last bit,a bout the oddities of Amber. It's true! Syeira gets a wave as she enters. He glances to Marlene with the onion ring and smiles. He can't help himself. "They're good, Marlene, promise."

Daede looks at his feet and the table, measuring the distance and effort it may take to move. "Mandrakes eh? I thank you for the offer. And if you'll indulge an old man. I will join you. But this chair is comfortable and I'd rather not get back up at the moment." Looking around a bit, "Perhaps one of you could help me find a drink? Something old and sweet."

Marlene nods, having a nibble at the onion ring, sans gloves. Seems surprised, but as always glad of novelty. "And here I'd thought these were made from prodigiously-sized squid. Very nice, regardless. " She glances at the table. Adds, to Daede, "Perhaps a sherry, then. Or, nearer to hand there's a nice brandy. A bit woody, but I find it's a tonic for mercurial humours."

Amy grins at Micah. "All the appetizers on the menu and keep them coming," she replies. And then Daede gets a smile. "Certainly, m'Lord. We could even move our table closer to you, if you'd like?" Not even phased by the thought, in the least. She looks at Marlene and chuckles. "No, onion. Though I suppose we could have some with squid if you want?"

Micah considers Daede for a moment, and then looks to the women he's sitting with and back to Daede, expanding on Amy's suggestion. "Why don't we simply move over to your table and join you, my Lord?" he murmurs to them. "They're onion rings," he assures Marlene. "Dipped in batter and fried." He sounds like he eats them on a regular basis. He just might.

Daede nods then, "Onion whats? No no, Brandy sounds fine child." His hearing clearly not what it should be. Tucking the cloth back into his pocket, "Why, yes of course. Bring the table on over then. But it's a first, youngness like you would want to entertain an old timer like myself. House Mandrake it seems has raised some fine young members."

Marlene smirks to Amy, looks back to Daede, looks at the table, then the space between. Mischevous smile. "Would you reckon we can balance it, then?" Yes, she's talking about just picking up the table and moving it.

Amy gets to her feet, giving a grin to her companions. "Shall we?" she asks, mischief in her eyes. "I'm sure we can, Marlene. Between the three of us. C'mon, Micah."

Micah glances over to Marlene and nods. "I'm sure we can." He grins at Amy and nods. He rises to his feet and settles to a spot equidistant from the two ladies. It's not that big a table. How hard could it be?

Marlene shifts her chair out of the way, since that's her place at the table. "Here we go, then, ...on one." Nods for Amy to make the call as to when, then lifts her end of the table to bring it over to where the old fellow sits. Muses aloud to him. "Presentation is of course important."

"One," Amy says, with a bit of a laugh, as she lifts her part up, the three working in tandem and with ease to move the table over and set it down. And then get their chairs. The guards look a bit put out, but Amy frowns at them and they subside. "There we go, much better," she says. "M'lord Gozar, please do help yourself. There are plenty of appetizers." In fact, the staff comes up now, with another couple baskets, one with chicken wings and another with chicken nuggets.

Marlene remains perplexed by battered food. Nonetheless pours out a small glass of brandy with aplomb. Proffers it toward the grey fellow.

Daede coughs a bit into a closed hand. His breathing a bit heavy for a moment, "Ah. A table." Tapping it with his stone cane. "You have my thanks. For what it is." Squinting again to look at the different snacks present. He picks up a chicken nugget and studies it carefully, "Chicken Nugget? So this is what people eat these days."

Micah lifts on that count of one, and supports his portion of the table in moving it where it's going to go. When they reach their chosen spot, he eases his portion down to the floor, keeping it even with the other two. Once it's settled, he turns to gather chairs too, only Amy has beaten him to it, and he laughs. He grins over at Daeade and slides several baskets within his reach. Even the onion ring basket. "Onion rings are sliced onions dipped in batter and fried up."

Marlene sets the little glass down before the old fellow. "Thus, refresh yourself, and I bid you tell us how fares the well-esteemed House of Gozar."

From the ceiling a small winged serpent like humanoid drops onto the table. Rattling glasses and knocking off some silver ware. No bigger than a foot tall It hisses and squeaks at those gathered around the table.

"Or wings if you wish," Amy says to Daede. "But these are appetizers, so they are meant to be small bites - finger food, really. Eat enough and they're still a meal." She grins at Marlene, nodding at her question and then looks over at Micah. "Those are good too, I agree. But I think the potato skins are my favourite. With bacon." Yum. Of course a messenger comes in, and Amy sighs when she sees him. Turns out he is looking for her, and she gets back to her feet. "If you will all excuse me?" After a moment of speaking with said messenger, she nods to him, sending him off with a tip. "I'm afraid I'm wanted back at the - Oh. Goodness."

Daede claims the glass and lifts it to Marlene, "Thank you child." Ignoring the creature on the table, "House Gozar? My house sleeps in stone. But I have awoken, my family will begin to stir in time. For now I tinker in the work shop. Building trinkets and wares for the day we rise up."

Micah eyes the small winged serpent as it comes in for a landing. He calmly continues eating his onion ring. He glances at Amy. "Mmmm. Potato skins with bacon are good too. And cheese." He finishes his onion ring and rises to his feet. "What's the matter, Amy?" It appears he's leaving with Amy. He half bows to Daede and then Marlene. "Good evening, my Lord, my Lady," he says to them, and gets ready to leave as well.

Marlene seems surprised enough at the appearance of the little snake. At first on guard, then for some reason seeming more reassured, except inasmuch as the creature is perhaps disrupting the refreshments. Plucks up her own glass of brandy, while scratching at her hair. "Poor thing, is he lost, do you think?"

Amy watches the little hissy squeaky thing, curiously. "I don't think I've seen something quite like that," she says. marvelling a bit. "And just a patient needing my attention Micah. You can stay here if you'd like?" There are plenty of guards, honest. She looks over to Daede, since he doesn't seem to be reacting to the strange critter. The only one of the group not to react. "Is it yours, M'Lord Gozar?"

Daede squints at the little gargoyle and offers it the chicken nugget, "Just a pet. Nothing to fret about." Watching the little thing take the nugget and petting it on the tap of the neck, "A minor creation." Looking up then and pushing his weight up to rise half way in his seat, "Young Lady Mandrake. Thank you for your company. Do come and visit me at home sometime. So I may repay your kindness."

Micah eyes it, but otherwise isn't reacting. There are a lot of strange things in Amber. He shakes his head to Amy. "Nope. I'm shadowing you today, remember?" Both guard-like and medical-like. He glances to Daede and his little critter. He offers a nod to the thanks granted his cousin.

Daede adds, "And you young Micah."

"Thank you, Lord Gozar," replies Micah.

Marlene glances over to Amy with a little smile. "Ah. Sips at her brandy like something she'd neglected." Darling little fellow, isn't he? "

Amy smiles and she politely offers a graceful curtsey. "A pleasure to meet you, m'lord Gozar," she says softly. "I will do my best to stop by and visit, and thank you for the kind invitation." She waves a hand to Marlene, offering the other woman a "It's good to catch up with you, Marlene. Glad you could join us for a bit. And we should go bring your whimsies to the children, yes?" A small laugh and then she nods, "He is quite something, I agree. Very nice." Micah gets rolled eyes, and then a delicate shrug. "Alright, c'mon, let's go take care of business, Micah." And with that, Amy heads off, though she does stop briefly to pay the bill on her way out.

Micah smiles cheekily at Amy. "Hey, you're the one who agreed to teach me about medicine," he points out to her rolled eyes. He nods about business, and follows her out of the area, pausing with her as she pays, and then moving out of the building along with her.

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