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RtA Log - After The Walk

Characters: Micah, Aio, Celeste, Trist, Dirk
Location: Grounds - Mandrake Manor - Amber City

--[ Grounds(#3840RJ0) ]---------------------------------[ Mandrake Manor ]----

Behind the gated wall, the grounds of Mandrake Manor spread out in an
even carpet of green. The path from the gate to the house is paved
with flagstones, maintained well but not perfectly - a few places
looking to have been recently relaid with new stone. The entire
expanse of the sprawling lawn on either side of the stone-laid pathway
is well tended with a thick carpet of grass. About the manor are seen
recent signs of renovations and repair. Freshly laid stone along the
walls, newly planted landscaping which are careful to leave little
cover from the eyes of guards in black and gold who regularly patrol
the grounds. The house itself is a wide, two-story affair, spread low
across the land and marked by a portico around the lower level, and
balconies up above, topped with a clay tile roof of earthy red. The
house too looks to be recently restored to it's former glory, fresh
carpentry, plaster, and paint make the house look nearly brand new and
speak of loving restoration.

The flagstone path leads north to the manor itself, and one can also
stroll along the porch, or go around back to the gardens.

--[ lhelp ]-----------------------------------------[ Exits: N NE NW Out ]----

Trist is currently Hugging Celeste's face while she's in dragonform, And Dirk his hanging around his middrift. Looks like something extremely hot rolled through the area starting with porch wooden posts and the porch itself is blackened and there seems to be a line of burned grass and melted snow which ends at the group. You can see the path someone took that caused all the devestation. "Well you are my wife especially when we are talking as we are now there shouldn't be someone of greater power we are equal. Talking with rather then to is usually more of a conversation rather then one telling the other something and expecting it to be followed." he points out The group stands close to the entrance of the estate.

Aio arrives, with an exhausted Micah in tow. Seriously, the man looks like death warmed up. The pair are speaking as they walk which is at a much slower pace than her usual. "How? They harness the power of the Pattern. Each trump is a likeness of a person that is individual. It encompasses them alone. If you look at different trumps people draw of the same people the key elements will be the same. This is because it is harnessing the power of the Pattern. It's very difficult to draw a unique trump." She suddenly slows her pace when she sees the scene ahead.

Dirk is hugging trrist

Micah walks alongside Aio, under his own power at least. He really does look like death warmed up, exhaustion obvious in his form. And he hadn't left here that long ago! He nods to what Aio is saying. "I should like to learn that, in time. The drawing of them, I mean. But.. not now. Too tired now." He slows when she does, and only then notes the burned grass and melted snow and the general destruction. "What in the Unicorn..?"

Celeste is in dragonform, scaled cheeks glistening and big silvered eyes dully fixed on Trist, her entire body language is submissive, "OF course, my love. I will endeavor to temper my interactions with you accordingly, as an equal should." She then blinks and turns her head and stirrs, "Micah? Are you..." she frowns, "Oooh." She frowns, "You could have died. You didn't..." She just sighs and swallows her protest and settles back down asking of aio, "You know the way to his quarters, yes?"

Trist follows celeste's Gaze to Micah and blinks, about to answer when he frowns and looks at him, "What in the hell happened to you?" he inquires he pokes dirk curiously as he inquires the question however.

Aio just slides Micah a look. A quiet, contemplative look, as if he might know full well what was on her mind just at this point in time. She shakes her head to Celeste at the mention of his quarters. "I have no idea, but we will find it. I shalln't be long delivering him." Never mind the man she's talking about is stood next to her, nope. She leaves Micah to answer Trist's question.

Micah most certainly did! Wait. What? Micah blinks at Celeste, not entirely tracking what she's saying for a moment. "Huh?" Such eloquence you have, Micah. Then he frowns and forces himself to focus. "Um.. yes. I'm okay, just tired. And yes I could have. And no I didn't. Die. Yes I did walk." So much for going off for a run, right? He glances over to Aio and back to Celeste and shakes his head. "She hasn't ever been to my quarters." He glances to Trist and offers a nod. "Pattern," he says, as though that single word should explain everything. "Hello again, Dirk." He glances back to Aio and looks at her as though to ask 'what?'.

Dirk lets his head loll to the left and complains "mom? I dont wanna go out and plunder today." He snuggles tight to his huggee and relaxes back to sleep? He looks a little crispy around the edges if you look right.

Celeste siighs, "I can see that you walked, but someday I would like to know why you felt the need to tell no one but your good friend Aio." She looks to Aio, "Thank you for suc diligence as an instructor, Aio. " She exhales and suggests to Trist, "You'll want to leave orders with the staff to be ready with ample food and drink when he waks."

Dirk starts to sing in his sleep, apparently Dirk really likes some wolfie girl.

Trist nods his head, "Alright." he nods his head, "You look like shit." he says with a impish grin before noding his head, "Well glad you made it back if that's the case." he nods his head at celeste's words. "Thanks for looking after him Aio." he offers with a smile. He mutters when he realizes Dirk is sleep hugging him in that semi deathgrip of his. "Jeeze this guy can sleep in any position." he murmurs as he steps to the left dragging dirk with him.

"Nor shall I, I could simply offload you on a servant and have them carry you to your room." Aio jokes to Micah with a faint smile. She looks back to the others. "Fiona witnessed it as well. As for his instruction? She suggested I continue with that for now unless inroads into his parentage can be made." Celeste's advice gets a nod of approval. "He will be starving, yes."

Micah looks closer at Dirk, perhaps noticing that crispy around the edges look. "Dirk, what happened to you?" He glances over at Celeste and shrugs a bit. "Didn't know until I left here." He smiles at Trist. "Thanks." He feels like shit too. He looks to Aio and shakes his head. "No thanks. I can make it up on my own. I really don't need to be carried." He pauses and rolls his eyes, looking to Trist. "What is it with women and thinking I need to be treated like I'm made of glass?" He shakes his head, half amused and half exasperated. He considers himself and then nods. "I'm half starving already. But I think the tired is outweighing the hungry."

Dirk mutters in his sleep about hungry hippos not being allowed to eat dragons or penguins nope no way or wolvies or cats or Uncle Ranbum" He drifts off again. :

Celeste simply resettles with her head flat on the ground, watching everything tacitly.

Trist nods his head, "Welp Maybe cause you are as pretty as glass?" he teases and smirks, "Ah he hugged me when I was pissed off, thankfully it wasn't when i was on the warpath." he looks back behind him and shakes his head, "My bad." the charring behind him. He sighs and shakes his head, "Everyone is getting injured to day or drained." he shakes his head, "Bad day overall." he murmurs. "Well could have been worse." he pats Micah on the shoulder but not to hard not knowing how he'd hold up.

Aio jokes lightly. "Because you are a delicate flower. And I could probably blow you over right now, without too much effort put into it." She stops walking, happy to let Micah make his own way now he's on Mandrake soil. Even if it is scorched earth.

Micah huffs a soft, tired chuckle and shakes his head. "I'm neither glass nor a delicate flower," he says. Pauses. "But my day overall has been good. Trying, but.. good." Micah seems firm enough under the pat to his shoulder. Tired, but.. not in danger of falling over. He glances over at Aio and wrinkles his nose. "You probably could. So please don't. Or I'm going to sleep where I land." He grins. He glances around at all the scorching, looks back to Trist. "Why were you pissed? Or... do I really want to know?"

Dirk sings in his sleep "i hugged a duke and I liked it."

Celeste mumbles wearily, "You don't want to know, please go in and get some rest before you faceplant, Micah."
Privately, to Micah, Celeste's tone is somewhat wearied and listless.

Trist shakes his head, "Long story he murmurs I'd actually have to explain why it pissed me off and ... Yea to much work at the moment." He explains as he tries to pry Dirk's arms off of him and lower him to the ground, He grins at his wife and nods his head, "what she said."

Aio just begins to withdraw from the area as Micah moves towards the House. "I will be at Karm should you need me. At least until the morrow. Good day all." There are polite nods to the rest.

Micah glances to Celeste and considers her thoughtfully. He glances to Trist and nods, then back to Celeste and back to Trist. He seems about to say something, but then pauses to glance back to Aio. He nods. "Thanks, cousin," he says. "Good day." Then he looks between Trist and Celeste again.
Privately, to Celeste, Micah seems to be watching you with a worried, but exhausted eye.

Celeste's tailes makes a shooing motion, "Go rest. please." she urges.

Dirk is deposeted on the ground and curls up like a cat...

Trist nods his head at aio as she moves to take her leave, "Take care, thanks for taking Micah under your wing." he says with a smile, He smirks at celeste and shakes his head. Just as the guards start returning to their post he grabs one to talk to the cook about preparing food for Micah when he wakes and an other to make sure Micah makes it to his room without passing out like dirk has.

Celeste remains where she is, like she should be, patiently waiting on Trist.

Trist looks to Celeste, "Where's your stuff?" he inquires curiously.

Celeste rises and moves towards the porch, where her stuff is stacked and neatly ready to go.

Micah studies Celeste for a moment longer, then looks back to Trist. "What's wrong with your wife?" He's tired, oh so very tired, and can't quite seem to make sense of what he's seeing. He pauses a few moments longer, and then starts shuffling off toward the house. He probably won't fall asleep halfway there. One could hope.

Celeste siiiighs, "Nothing is wrong with me, it's morning sickness. Go."

Trist looks to Micah,and rolls his shoulders after her response. "Alright I'll go get my stuff and we'll head out Hon." he says with a smile, "We might be back when you wake up depending how long you pass out for though you look like you need a weeks sleep." he points out with a smirk.

Dirk snorts and turns so his laying on his stomach with his butt in the air.

Celeste leans forward and flicks her forked tongue against Trist's cheek, "Hurry along, love."

Micah raises a brow to Celeste and nods. He doesn't say anything further. He's too tired to focus properly. And then? He glances briefly back to Celeste, and he stops, mid step, and the foot comes back down quickly. He sways in place, eyes unfocused and seeing something not here.

Trist looks down at dirk and calls for another guard to pick him up and bring him to the guest room he's not going to make him sleep on the ground afterall. He starts to move when he realizes Micah is staring at thin air. He says to his wife, "Uh what's going on?"

Celeste sighs unhappily, "Vision, he'll be fine, but let's go now, hrrm?"

Micah really is staring at nothing. The direction seems to be toward Celeste, but a touch off to one side. He's not seeing anything here, that's for sure. After a few moments, he shudders and blinks a couple of times. "Lap dragon.." Curious thing to say. He shakes his head and looks between Celeste and Trist. He turns without further word and continues to shuffle off toward the house.

Dirk gets picked up and moved along. The guard suffers the dirk hug of death and a kiss. Then said Guard looks at Trist.

Trist blinks and eyes micah as he heads off and rolls his shoulders, "Alright I'll run and get my stuff and we'll be off." he says looking at the guard and rolls his shoulders before rushing past the guard and Micah to grab his two small bags which are inside the door. "Ready when you are Love."

Dirk is off screen molesting a cute guard. Don't mind him.

Celeste says, "Where are we going?"

Trist says, "A place where Dragons aren't treated like bloodthirsty animals, so you can lay about on hot sands and bask in sun."

Celeste ahhhs, "So you haven't a specific place?"

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