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RtA Log - Running Toward The Pattern

Characters: Micah, Aio, Tessa
Location: Queen Street & Sceptre Way - Amber City

--[ Queen Street and Sceptre Way ]--------------------------[ Amber City ]----

This is a place of grand townhouses and large courtyards, homes to
some of Amber's finest families. These townhouses are uniformly
impressive, running four and five stories high, with large windows and
balconies. The rooftops are lined with a series of gargoyles, each
seemingly more grotesque than the next. The streets here are lined
with shade trees. Several of the larger ones have sitting areas
beneath, furnished with comfortable benches made of hand-hewn wood.

The imposing edifice of House Karm, a grey stone structure with
multiple spires, sits on a lot to the northeast, surrounded by lush
gardens and a wrought-iron fence topped with obsidian points. Its
neighbor is the smaller limestone manor of House Sorgo, whose brass
garden gate lies invitingly open, allowing all to roam its paths. Down
the block is the ancient, brick-walled estate of House Mandrake, a
contrast to the nearby pale gold-grey, tall, narrow townhome of House

------------------------------------------------[ Exits: S E NE NW SE SW ]----

There's a figure loitering outside the gates of Mandrake, hood up that masks her face. Cloak non-descript. The fact that she's about six foot tall and wearing twin scimitar? That's less subtle. But there are limits, after all.

And yet, Micah's observant enough to catch sight of that figure immediately, even if he doesn't immediately identify it. He jogs out of the Mandrake grounds, and his eyes rest on the figure. Then a smile appears and he veers off that way. "Good morning, Dame," he greets as he slows beside her.

Aio pushes off the wall when she spots her prey, not bothering with pretense in the slightest when he greets her by her title. "Good day, smith. Out for a run?" Which from the sounds of it she has every intention of interrupting. "Any questions from out exploits?"

Micah huffs a soft chuckle at that greeting. Good old Aio. He nods, first to the greeting and then and then to the question. "That was the idea," he says. But he waits patiently for whatever she's got in mind. He knows full well she doesn't hang about for nothing. He considers that, and then shrugs. "A lot of questions, actually. How things work. Why things work. Nothing specific, though." The pair are just outside the Mandrake grounds. Micah jogged out of the grounds a few moments before, and stopped beside the loitering figure of Aio. Cloaked, hooded, hard to hide how tall she is though. Micah's short by comparison as he looks up at her.

Aio shakes her head as she considers her hapless victim of the day. "I can answer all of these questions and more somewhat simply. It depends as to whether or not you are ready." She glances down the street and gestures the way that leads up into the city, towards the palace. "This way." Her tone brooks no argument. "As your first question. A proper one."

Tessa is walking down the street, incoming traffic with a notebook whose notes she is rapidly flipping through. Her hair is still a shock of moppy white, but now, threaded through with light pink. She is cloaked, but not hooded, and her only visible weapon is a peasant's knife on her belt.

Micah listens quietly, and then nods. "I'm ready. Want to do this on my terms, rather than find myself walking it without knowing how I got there." He turns to walk in the direction indicated, and glances to her. He doesn't argue. Doesn't seem like he wants to argue. He nods, expression thoughtful. "What's it like? Walking the Pattern, I mean." He glances over at Tessa as she approaches, and offers her a smile and a wave. His eyes fall to her hair, and the pink in it. "Good day, Dame Tessa. Your hair is different," he comments. He's still walking with Aio, of course.

"Hellish." Typically Aio doesn't mince her words. "It will be the worst thing you face for quite some time. Far worse than the battle you faced yesterday." She likes making it cheery, doesn't she. She spots Tessa and nods to the other knight. "Dame." An eyebrow acrhes but she says no more than that.

Tessa pauses, lowering the book and looking between the two. "Issit?" She doesn't seem to care, or be surprised, but nods to Aio. "That's the title, my lady." She smirks, "Heading somewhere?"

Micah's attention and focus are primarily on his teacher for the moment. Especially as she speaks of the Pattern. Hellish. Not what a man wants to hear. He simply nods, though. Then shrugs. "The battle yesterday was intense, but not what I'd call hellish," he says. He falls quiet on that score, now, and glances back to Tessa. He nods. "It is. It's a nice touch." The question given isn't answered by Micah. Instead, he looks to Aio to supply that. He has an idea, a suspicion, but nothing more.

Aio nods to Tessa as she draws to a slow rather than a stop. "I am taking Micah to the Palace. To the Pattern chamber more precisely. There he will make a choice." She shrugs, looking to the man. That part is entirely up to him. "After that? I have no idea." One of them may be dead. One of them may be wherever he thinks of being. She'll still be there.

Tessa nods, looking back to Micah. "It's a trial. I'll never do it, obviously, but I have been told what it is like by those that can... good luck."

Micah thought he'd already made that choice. Good to know there'll be another sooner rather htan later. He nods about the after. That'll really only come after. He looks to Tessa and nods. "Thank you. See you later." He smiles and then nods to Aio. He'd come to a stop beside her.

Aio nods to the pair and then picks up her pace. She wants this done and over with.

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