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RtA Log - Lunch In Rebma City

Characters: Micah, Celeste, Amethyst
Location: Rebma City

--[ Rebma City ]-------------------------------------------------[ Rebma ]----

Rebma was once the serene watery reflection of Amber through a
poorly-made mirror. The waters of the city are tinged with a green
light that produces an eerie glow. The light emanates from
phosphorescent spheres mounted along roads and boulevards to cut
through the dark depths. The city is too far below the surface to see
much of the sun except as a dim brightening of the waters above. The
buildings of Rebma were once identical to Amber, high and
fragile-seeming. The ones still left standing seem to be as old as the
sea itself. Natives of Amber may notice that those buildings still
intact from the cataclysm are reversed from their normal orientation,
a subtle difference that can be unnerving until it is pinpointed.
The city is populated, though not as richly as Amber. The natives
of Rebma walk or swim to their destinations. Selkies and Tritons mix
within the population easily. Tritons are powerful mermen twice the
size of a man and swim with determination above the city. Selkies are
quick and agile; they swim about the city completing various tasks.
Other colorful and mysterious sea denizens create a unique world below
the waves.
The Cataclysm caused great changes in Rebma and gaping holes
where familiar buildings once were. The rubble is clear now and new
buildings replace the old, damaged structures.

Notable buildings include the Palace, Gwyn Tawelfan and a path leading
to The Grotto. The Gates lead back to Faiella-Bionin and Amber.

--[ lhelp ]-----------------------------------------[ Exits: N E W NE SW ]----

Celeste has invited Micah and Amy down to Rebma with her but she abandoned them nearly upon arrival to tend to obligations she had made to Martin, leaving them to amuse themselves but promising to meet them for lunch. The establishment she named is a popular Rebman eatery not far from the comforts of palace. Celeste's a few minutes late and looking a bit pensive. She wears her long black and silver hair in a tight bun and wears only shorts, her vest abandoned at some point. The reveals the Mandrake tattoo on the inside of her wrist, but that and perhaps even her half nakedness is lost in the multitude of scars, old and new, overlapping in layers-some fading away and nearly gone, some like the ones across her small breasts are bright and pink. She's lean, wirey, and moves with the self-assured grace of an apex predator.

Micah doesn't move quite like Celeste does, but there's a self-assured grace to him, too. All he wears currently is a pair of sea shell swim trunks and a sword. Plain jane sword he'd picked up somewhere that will withstand the rigors of the salt water. He's already sitting here in the restaurant Celeste had named, and seems to be waiting for both Amy and Celeste. Seems he and Amy had parted company somewhere along the way. He looks up from the menu thing as Celeste enters. And she's half naked. He looks. Then smiles and offers her a wave and a smile.

Amy has taken her own time to go check on the orphanage, and the hospital, her two pet projects here in Rebma. And so it is, she comes back to the restaurant to meet up with her family, a couple tritons added to her guard coterie, while she's here. She slides in with the self assuredness of one who has spent enough time in Rebma to be comfortable, even if not quite so good as the natives. "I'm not late, am I?"

Celeste oh's as she spots him looking. As an athelete, or functional anatomy she's beautiful. Aestetically? A disaster. She colors a bit and lifts up to undo her hair and brush it with her fingers so it covers some of damage, "Sorry. How are you two? Having fun?" She looks to Micah, "How you liking Rebma?"

Celeste says, "Not at all, Amy, have a seat,"

Micah is male. Of course he looked. He looks at Amy too, but the looks are both brief. He shakes his head to Amy. "No, not late. I only just arrived myself," he says. For Celeste, he doesn't seem to think the scars detract from her appearance at all. They're just scars. "Celeste, nothing to be sorry for," he says, perhaps having some idea what she's apologizing for. "I'm enjoying it. It helps I got a bit of practice early this morning with Aio in underwater stuff. 'course, I was wearing some sort of suit that let me breathe there. This is much preferable." He glances to Celeste again and smiles. "I like it." He's not as comfortable here as the two women, being fairly new, but he's a Mandrake male. Hard to really make him uncomfortable.

Amy flashes a smile, and gives Micah a once over. "Looking good, cousin," she says with a grin. She also smiles at Celeste. "Oh, cut that out, you're beautiful, Celeste. The orphans seem to be doing okay, which is good. I am going to need to come back a little more often though, and check on things. And the hospital is just amazing." She doesn't answer about Rebma assuming that question is not for her. "Went shadow walking, did you, Micah? How did you enjoy that?"

Celeste lifts an eyebrow and then looks to Amethyst, "Men are such freaks. Write love songs about fair skin and beauty and then oogle anything with ovaries." She blinks and squints, "Ok, Men and artists are weird." She looks to Amy and exhales heavy, stirring a current of water as she does, "I'll be done here for a while off and on, looks like. " She doesn't elaborate but whatever she saw whilst making the rounds didn't make her happy, "Let me know if you havy any projects or need any supplies. Consider yourself to have a limitless pool of minions for minial tasks. Free minions." She looks to Micah curiously for the answer to Amy's question.

Micah grins back to Amy. "Why thank you, cousin. You're looking good as well," he says to her. He glances to Celeste and nods his agreement with Amy. "She's right, you know. You have nothing to hide." Back to Amy as she speaks of an orphanage. And another nod, at shadow walking. "I did, and I enjoyed it. About fainted, though. Aio /chuckled/." This is, apparently, a big deal for him. Might be the first, and last, time he ever hears a chuckle from the woman. "I even got my first taste of fighting underwater." He looks to Celeste. "I've never written a love song about any sort of skin," he points out. He tilts his head at her, catching that glimmer of unhappiness. "Everything okay?"

Amy laughs and then nods. "And not Chase's men, I take it?" she says, with a nod to Celeste. "Sure thing - the hospital can always use volunteers, after all." Ahem. She arches a brow at Micah. "What did you do to make the woman chuckle? I didn't think cousin Aio knew how." Seriously. She relaxes, in the water, laughing slightly at the reaction from Celeste. "I also don't write love songs, I leave that up to my brother. And I haven't tried fighting under water at all. I just hide behind the big guys." The tritons that is.

Celeste waves her right stump, "Oh, yes, just more work than I'd hoped. It'll be fine. Why did you nearly pass out? Are you really a delicate flower under...all...those muscles?" She pauses and considers before asking of Amy, "Which brother is this? "

Micah still needs to learn more about hospital stuff. "Oh, I complimented her on her shade of pink for a lake. It was a rather nice, bright shade of pink." He glances over to Celeste and laughs. "Faint, not pass out. Never saw her chuckle before. I faked fainting though. Thought she was going to throw something at me." He nods about the more work part. Then laughs and shakes his head. "No, I'm not a delicate flower. I was teasing her."

Amy laughs. "Martin," she says. "Though don't tell him I told." She sighs at Celeste. "Don't go mentioning those muscles, sheesh. I was doing so well here!" She's now fighting to avoid staring at Micah. Grumble. "Pink lake, hrm? Wonder if it dyes skin if you go swimming in it? Never mind. Probably better I don't know. So, what's on the menu for lunch?"

Celeste mutters to Amy, "You pained him topless, not my fault you gave him an excuse to strip." She hrrms, "Was thinking some of their ceviche and kelpbeer, their pickled seaweed platter is good."

Micah huffs a soft chuckle but doesn't comment on his muscles. or on Amy fighting to avoid staring. He shakes his head to her question. "It didn't," he says. "Or my skin would be pink. I swam in it." Micah looks back to the menu and shrugs. "None of it's familiar to me. I'll go with whatever you two are going to have." He looks to Celeste and points at her. "No no, don't blame Amy. /You/ invited me on this trip," he points out.

Amy looks at Celeste and arches a brow. She's not painting anyone here in Rebma! Ahem. Sigh. Since Micah picks up on that one, she leaves it, just looking at her menu so she can order. "I like the shellfish platter, with seaweed salad, actually," she comments. "And the blue alcohol, whatever that one is."

Celeste grunts, " I meant the other day. I've been staring at buff barechested men all day, I'm good, thanks." she omits that micah is far more an eyefull than the average infantryman but, but some things don't need saying. Celeste summons the server, a young rebman woman with bright blue hair and a dimpled smile who darts away energetically to fulfill their orders.

Micah ponders. "Hrm. I suppose I'll try this one," he says, pointing to something random on there. He looks. "Fish stew on a bed of kelp?" Interesting. "And.. I'll try the kelpbeer." He grins over at Celeste. Yes, he is more of an eyeful than the average infantryman, isn't he?

Micah's idea of help - sometimes leaves a bit to be desired. Oops? Amy laughs at Celeste's answer. "I've been dealing with sick individuals and children, so, you know, what do I know?" Her hair floats with the water currents, but only a bit, as it's all woven in with the jewels and netting. Made to look more like it's escaping than to actually escape. "Good to know about the pink lake, maybe we can go party there someday."

CelesteShe lifts an eyebrow at the grinning, "Er, well, glad you're having fun...say, did you invite Tessa to stay or something?" She looks to Amethyst, "You want someplace to party closer to hope check out the Ace of Hearts sometime. Chase knows where it is."

Micah was supposed to help? Micah's hair floats on the current too, such as it is, the shade of red darker being all waterlogged. He glances to Amy and nods. "I wouldn't object. I'm not sure I can find my way back." But then, he doesn't know how to walk shadows yet. He tilts his head to Celeste and shakes his head. "No. She's been staying at the manor off and on as long as I have," he says. "Dunno who did. Trist, maybe?" Pause. "Ace of Hearts? What's that?"

Amy blinks at Celeste, and then she nods. "Sure, I can ask him about it." Though as Micah asks, she grins. "Maybe we can make it a family outing." Hah, that should be entertaining, to say the least. "Do you think the club could handle it?" That's asked almost innocently, though the amusement in those amethyst eyes perhaps gives her away.

Celeste peers, "Oh, right, his grace invited her to stay to spend time with the kids, I don't know how I forgot." She looks to Micah, "A joint business venture between a lord of desorgo and a long since deceased cousin of mandrake. A gentleman's club, women, men, cigars, booze, and prize fighting in the back. I think it can deal with dragons out for a bit of fun."

"Family outing sounds good to me," says Micah. He laughs at that. "I don't know. Three Mandrakes? Sounds like the beginning of a joke. Three Mandrakes walked into a bar.." He glances back to Celeste and nods. "Ah." That about Tessa. Then a smile. "That actually does sound like fun."

Amy chuckles at that, and then she says, "I shall have to find a tuxedo for such an outing, I think. I wonder if my seamstress is up for such a challenge." She likely is, since she was trained by Izett. "And it does sound like fun, I agree." The food and drinks start coming round, as Amy grins. "So how come Tessa spends time with the kids?"

Celeste siiiiiiiiighs, "Because she's a thing for kids and I'm a sucker, and she knows it." she shakes her head at herself and purses lips and doesn't elaborate, "Anyone seen Sir Lucian since we started remodeling?"

Micah tilts his head at Amy and then smiles and nods. "You'll look quite dashing," he says. He sits up as food and drinks arrive. He glances to Celeste. "Is that a bad thing?" he asks, of Tessa and kids and Celeste being a sucker. He shakes his head to the question. "No, I haven't."

Amy thinks about that, and then she shrugs. "Seems okay to me,I was just curious. First I've heard of it, you see." She then shakes her head. "No, I haven't seen or heard from him, I'm afraid. He seems to be off visiting Argent Meadows maybe?"

Celeste considers, "A bit. I'm not sure how I'd feel about the kids ever going to aunty tessa for advice." she shrugs, "Suppose it doesn't matter she shutters a bit and focuses on her food." Sh notes, "I had forgotten about it, His grace extended the offer. No wonder she was confusd at my confusion when walked down the stairs and saw her in the house." she rubs her face. She nods, "More than likely." She takes a bite of cerviche and mms, "Not as good as fresh herring but tastey."

"That would stand to reason," says Micah, about Lucian. He also nods about Tessa. He glances to Celeste and nods again, but doesn't speak further on it. He digs into his food, letting the conversation on his end drop for now.

Amy tastes her bright fluorescent blue alcohol, and sips, enjoying it. Whatever it is - she still is not asking. Rebman straws and all. She starts in with some lobster tail, enjoying her own meal with gusto, but still eating politely. "So what other of your old haunts should we go check out, Celeste?"

Celeste hrrms, "Well there's thunder on kolvir, Ming's noodlehouse, Mermaid's Cove, Your dad's dive-nine kings, and if you want something exotic there's the whirling Dervish. And of course, the meadhall's always a good time."

Celeste hrrms, "Well there's thunder on kolvir, Ming's noodlehouse, Mermaid's Cove, Your dad's dive-nine kings, and if you want something exotic there's the whirling Dervish. And of course, the meadhall's always a good time."

Micah seems to enjoy his food. It's different, but not bad. Really, it's pretty good. His eyes go to Celeste as she answers Amy's question. He listens. He tilts his ehad at Whirling Dervish. "Oooh. That sounds exciting," he says.

Amy chuckles. "I've been to the noodlehouse, and mermaid's cove. Also 9 kings. And the meadhall. What's thunder on kolvir?" She pauses and then says, "And I have been to the whirling dervish, it's very nice. Remi and I went there on a date once."

Celeste looks to amy at the mention of mermaid's cover, "Sooo, you know Frank, right?" she ahhhs, "IT's a bowling alley. Never been there but I'm told your father and some of your uncles are fond of it."

Micah considers the list. "I've been to.. The Noodle House and Surya's, and the Meadhall. None of the others, though." He pauses to look to Celeste. "What's Mermaid's Cove?" He sounds curious. Pause. "What's a bowling alley?"

"Frank?" Amy asks, not catching that reference. "I must have missed Frank?" She shrugs a bit, and then adds, "And Bloody's - I've been there once. Bowling alley? How do the pins get put back up?" Blink. "Okay, Micah, you and i have to find that bowling alley, k?"

Celeste exhale in relief, "The owner, a jackass and pig. Built like a fortress wall, though. " She shrugs, "No idea, servants probably? I've never been. don't even know what bowling is." She looks to Micah, "Tavern and inn. Ran by cainespawn."

Micah tilts his head a bit, and then nods. "What is a bowling alley?" That still hasn't been answered. Yet. "But I'd be happy to go with you." He glances to Celeste and nods. About the bowling and the owner. "If he's a jackass and a pig, might be a better idea to stay away from there, Amy," he says.

Celeste says, "Mermaid's cover, and it's a good place, just...forgive his manners. And just identify yourself as Mandrake, you'll be fine."

Micah nods. "Okay then. Long as he knows we're Mandrake's we won't have any trouble from him?"

Celeste nods, "He's an old friend, and even he and his grace tolerated each other so yes, you'll be fine. IT was less a 'beware' and more...'be prepared he has a filthy mouth sometimes'. He's far more likely to offer to break kneecaps for you than to hurt you, though."

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