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RtA Log - Gino Picks Up Sea Shell Sword

Characters: Micah, Gino
Location: Micah's Pavillian - Grounds - Mandrake Manor - Amber

--[ Grounds(#3840RJ0) ]---------------------------------[ Mandrake Manor ]----

Behind the gated wall, the grounds of Mandrake Manor spread out in an
even carpet of green. The path from the gate to the house is paved
with flagstones, maintained well but not perfectly - a few places
looking to have been recently relaid with new stone. The entire
expanse of the sprawling lawn on either side of the stone-laid pathway
is well tended with a thick carpet of grass. About the manor are seen
recent signs of renovations and repair. Freshly laid stone along the
walls, newly planted landscaping which are careful to leave little
cover from the eyes of guards in black and gold who regularly patrol
the grounds. The house itself is a wide, two-story affair, spread low
across the land and marked by a portico around the lower level, and
balconies up above, topped with a clay tile roof of earthy red. The
house too looks to be recently restored to it's former glory, fresh
carpentry, plaster, and paint make the house look nearly brand new and
speak of loving restoration.

The flagstone path leads north to the manor itself, and one can also
stroll along the porch, or go around back to the gardens.

--[ lhelp ]-----------------------------------------[ Exits: N NE NW Out ]----

Mid morning sunshine filters through whispy clouds overhead. Spring, it would seem, is on the way. Or, a false spring at least. Micah can be seen walking across the grounds. Shortly, he steps through the front flaps on the pavillian where his forge is. A few moments later, the front can be seen moving up on one side as Micah gathers the folds to tie it up. Then the same with the other side. It seems the forge is already lit. Probably has been for several hours.

Flanked by to Mandrake guards comes Gino, the tall man jests as they walk "Really, if I ment harm to your lords, I'd have brought an Army.." he holds up his hand "no no, I understand...standing orders." he smiles, "and here we are." A bow is offered to Micah "Lord Mandrake, how fare you on this fine sunny day?"

Micah had only sent the message off to the palace about an hour ago. Seeing Gino here already is something of a surprise, but the smith smiles none the less. "Welcome, Lord Gino," he says as he bows back. "I fare well enough. And yourself?"

Gino grins "The king is on the Throne, none of my uncles are brawling in the streets, so all in all, a good morning. I recieved your message after I returned from my morning run..I am most intrested in what you have come up with."

Micah turns away to set up the other three sides of the pavillian, for the heat from the forge rolls out of the front. Best to let a breeze inside. He finishes and then motions Gino inside. "A lack of uncles brawling in the streets is a good thing, I would have to agree," says Micah. He steps over to one of the crates and produces a key to unlock it. After, he tucks the key back into a pocket and lifts the top of the crate. He pulls out what seems to be shells atop a sheath in ocean blue accented with silver at either end. The sheath is tooled with waves, each wave capped with white. He turns and offers it to Gino.

The tall hound follows Micah into the forge, seeing the sword the green eye'd man draws a breath, "excellent." a gloved hand reaches out, turning the blade in his hand, a short series of test swings "Perfection Lord Mandrake, I owe you M'lord" The blade is tucked into the sheath. He removes his cloak, and carefully wraps the blade.

Micah smiles at the reaction. He watches as the blade is tested. The balance is perfect. He half bows to the man. "I'd have had it finished days ago but for an accident of chance," he says. "Ah well, it's finished now and I'm pleased you like it."

Gino bows again "Feel free to call upon me anytime Lord Mandrake, I will see all of Court knows of your skill."

Micah returns the bow. "Thank you, Lord Gino, on both counts. Pleasant day."

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