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RtA Log - Half Naked Men, For The Win!

Characters: Micah, Amethyst, Sebastian, Chase, Celeste
Location: Amy's Art Studio - Grand Foyer - Mandrake Manor

--[ Grand Foyer ]---------------------------------------[ Mandrake Manor ]----

The main hub of the manor, the foyer is an open room of curves and
frescos. Oval in shape, the walls are sectioned with false columns,
each pair framing an alcove decorated with now-faded scenes of
Mandrake's past. A few of these have been defaced, plaster chipped
away from a knight's face, part of a dragon's tail scratched away -
small vandalisms that speak of long-term neglect rather than
deliberate abuse. The floors are gold-veined marble, showing dings and
cracks near the joints, and the ceiling is high and ornately molded,
supporting a broad chandelier.

To the west and east lie the dining room and the parlor, respectively.
Double doors to the north lead to the ballroom, and a wide sweeping
staircase will take one up to the family apartments above.

--[ lhelp ]----------------------------------------[ Exits: N S E W U X1 ]----

Sebastian is sat on a chair, sans boots and apparently he's managed to lose both shirt and doublet again. They're on a pile just over there. Along with the footwear that looks like it's been Amy's first art project, with him being the second. There are muscles on display for sure, but there's none of that predatorial air about him any more. It's as if it's vanished away into the ether. "I can't comment on dragons, not been around them. Weir tend to do everything freely as they please. Least until they're mated."

Amy is seated by her easel. She's got paint mixing and starting to paint, now watching Sebastian with the enjoyment of an artist, instead of ... other things. She nods to Seb as he answers, thoughtfully. "I guess I will find out, won't I?" There's both dread and anticipation in those words.

Micah knocks softly on the door before peeking his head in. "Amy, you in here?" is asked before he can even see past the door. And then he hears voices, one masculine, semi familiar, and one feminine, Amy. He steps on inside, holding a shirt and doublet similar to the set already on the floor. "Hello again," he says to Sebastian, and then looks to Amy. "You wanted me to remind you when it was nearing time for lunch, Cousin." Pause. "It's almost time." Back to Sebastian, he lifts the clothes in his hands and walks across to offer them to him.

"Tell me about the urges?" Sebastian asks, without a hint of innuendo or wickedness to his tone. "You said of heart eating already, and flying. Anything else?" His gaze snaps to the door as it opens and there's a low growl for just a second in his throat though it sounds far more like he's prepared to guard his charge than anything else. A simple warning. Blue eyes track Micah as his clothes are offered back to him and he simply nods. "Thanks."

"Watch the paint on the floor, it's still wet," Amy says. "Hello, Micah. Thank you. I appreciate the reminder. You remember Sebastian, yes? He's agreed to take on a - what do I call it? Bodyguard?" She looks to Sebastian for amoment, and then she says. "Sebastian, this is my cousin Micah. He's already trying to help me make it through this - change - in one piece."

Micah ignores the low growl of warning as he enters. He leaves the clothes with Sebastian and is careful of the paint on the floor, stepping well around it. "Lovely work as always, Cousin," he says of said paint on said floor. He steps back over to Amy's area of the room and looks back to Sebastian. "I do, yes." He glances to Amy and seems amused. "Not sure Farran's going to appreciate that much," he points out, "But extra guards never hurt anything." He nods about the change and helping. He is. In as much as he can, as he doesn't really understand it in the first place.

"Is it likely you'll end up in many pieces?" Sebastian replies to Amy. "It more sounds as if everyone else will." Ahh, there's that dry humour of his again. He takes in the man once more, an idle once over of threat evaluation more than anything. "She has agreed terms. She wishes help understanding the changes too. Harder as we shift from birth but I'll help where I may."

Amy laughs at Micah's response to the paint on the floor. "I'm glad to hear you say so. it's a little less personable than my usual, but I think it will grow on me." Then she sobers a bit. "The urges, you asked. They - it's like all the primal urges - to defend my family, for one. That one seems very very much a strong thing. and - my natural attraction to good looking men seems to be magnified." Delicately put at least.

Micah glances over to Amy and smiles. "I think he has the right of it, Cousin. Chase and I in particular might end up in many pieces." His tone holds a low sense of a tease to it. His eyes shift back to the other, and he nods. "Good. I appreciate you accepting the terms. She needs people to watch her back." Right, as though Amy isn't /right there/. He turns to Amy again, and smiles that wicked little amused smile of his. Oh how he knows of her current shinies predicament.

Sebastian knows the current shinies predicament. His abs ripple to show that he knows all too well. But he's promised to behave so that's all that happens, that casual air still cloaking the animal on guard. For there's no doubt that's what he is. "Do you wish me to stop such inclinations towards others, or merely make sure you are safe in them?"

Oh see, Seb just won brownie points. Micah gets a glare for his comment, or maybe for that smile. "One day, Micah, it'll be your turn. And I'll remember this," she warns. And then she looks over at Sebastian, thinking that through. "Well, I certainly want to be safe in them," she says, first. That's the easy part, though it somewhat skirts the difficult question. Which she is still wrestling with. Does she want to follow Celeste's advice or not. "Be true to myself," she murmurs, since that's the part of the advice that struck a chord with her. "I would like you to stop me if it's with someone whose name I've only just learned - or you know recently enough that they are strangers," she says, after a moment. "Or someone who is a danger to me." No one night stands with strangers thanks.

Micah isn't out to win or earn brownie points. He grins at Amy. "Yes. I really do hope you do remember this. It's good training for self control." He seems amused. Micah considers her words, on when to stop her and when not to, and nods to himself. He'll do the same, when it's himself around rather than Sebastian. He steps back again and settles to lean against the wall. He shows no stiffness of movements at all today.

Sebastian's look flicks between the cousins and he holds his peace for the most part. "No strangers. Very well." Safety first. Given he's just signed himself up to protecting her he can cope with that much. It makes his job a lot easier for one. "And eating their hearts? ALso ruled out?" Okay, that might be a joke. Maybe.

"No eating their hearts, no," Amy says. "Though I don't as yet get the two urges mixed up. So far it's been one or the other." Now there's a problem she'd not thought of. "Now mind you, if they're threatening my family, their hearts are mine." Course we won't go into the horrible nastiness of when it's family vs family.

"I would think the eating their hearts part would be on a case by case basis," comments Micah, deadpan. But his lips twitch at the corners. He must be joking. Right? He grins. "See? Case by case basis." Micah winks.

Sebastian is apparently happy to consider wating anyone's hearts, family or otherwise. Watch out, Micah! "Which has priority? Family wise?" Because he'd be a fool to not know who he was messing with and what ramifications that would have.

Amy blinks at Sebastian, a bit confused. "Wait, what? Which priority?" She laughs at Micah though, shaking her head. "I suppose." She just looks back at Seb, for clarification, though she does turn back to her paint, continuing to put the sexy image on canvas.

Micah leans, relaxed, against the wall. He glances to Sebastian at his question, and then to Amy at her replied question, and back to Sebastian for clarification. If he understood the man's question initially, he's not saying. Though from his expression, he understood it perfectly.

"Which of your families has priority? If it comes to an issue between them?" Sebastian reiterates as if this were an entirely obvious thing to be asking. "Royal? Mandrake? And yes, I'm sure you'd rather not choose."

Amy falters, as she listens to that. "It - ow." She reaches a hand up to rub at her head. "You're right, I don't want to pick between them, but sadly, I will go with Dad wins." A somewhat helpless look to Micah, and then, "There's a reason Celeste makes sure to not put me in between, because my loyalties on that front are obvious. I grew up with two dads. I know - Martin has said - that Dad hasn't been like that for all his children, but so far as I am concerned, he is wonderful." Hero worship and parental adoration there, and no mistake.

Micah has likely often wondered the same thing himself, though not from Amy's point of view. For now? It would be Mandrake, hands down. It's the only family he's ever known, though. Micah shakes his head at that helpless look. He's quiet as she continues speaking, though. And when she's done, he nods. "There's nothing wrong with that, Amy. Nothing at all."

Sebastian nods simply, the information no doubt neatly filed away for future use. He's not about to make any sort of judgment on it himself from the looks. "Understood," is the only comment made before he settles back into his seat and absently flexes muscles once more.

Amy smiles briefly, and then she says, "This might be strange, but I have a group of people here that I consider family. "Micah. Dad. Vialle. Martin. Maggie and Quinlan. Remi. Lucian and Izett. Celeste and Trist, and their kids, including Chase. Marlene. Moxon even, sort of. Dirk. Uncle Gerard." She pauses there, thinking. "That might be it, at the moment, really. The others, I don't really know well enough."

Micah watches those flexed muscles and smiles but doesn't comment. He glances to Amy as she lists of people she considers family. He doesn't even change expressions when the name 'Maggie' is mentioned. This is something that's going to have to be considered and weighed for the future.

"Maggie and Merrisol I know, the others are just names. Some of which I have heard of, others not. Gerard. I did some dream magic for him in Kitezh." Sebastian comments lightly. A simple relaying of facts. Given that he's said he works for Brand this probably isn't surprising.

Amy nods. "I'm sure you'll get to know them," she says, with a grin to Seb. "If things work out and you're around for a while." She looks over to Micah, briefly, and then to her easel, as she paints a bit more. There's a thoughtful look on her face. "Micah? You staying for a while?" she asks. "If so, maybe we can talk about these baby steps that Sebastian was talking about earlier?"

And there's that name again! They're doing it on purpose! Micah shudders faintly at that second repitition. He continues to not comment, though. Not on that, at least. "Merrisol seems a decent enough sort," he says. "Gerard is amusing. And Amy, you missed him naked near a week ago. Haven't met your dad, yet. Vialle seems nice. Martin's pretty cool. Remi's amusing, too." Seems the rest of the list goes pretty much without saying, given his nod. He focuses back on Amy and nods. "Yeah. I'm staying for awhile. Are either of you hungry? I can get us food sent up."

Sebastian's gaze takes in Micah and there's a frown there but he doesn't vocalise what it's about. He merely sits, poses prettily and waits for a decision to be made, whether it be on the subject of food or lessons.

"Sure, if you want to get food, go ahead," Amy says. She looks over at Sebastian, as she continues to paint. "Meanwhile, where were you thinking to start?" Food and lessons! Win!

Pretty posing is pretty! Micah's simply relaxing. More or less. He nods to Amy and steps to the door. He sticks his head out and snags a passing servant, sending them off in search of food for three with healthy appetites. Then he pulls back in, closes the door, and resumes holding up the wall.

Sebastian watches Micah as he sticks his head out of the door, as if he suddenly had reason to be cautious about the man. There's a shrug back to Amy once he's done. "You've told me a little of it. What does the rest involve? You've not shifted yet?"

"No, Not yet. I've got - a louder roar, though," she admits, with a sidelong glance at Micah. "And - it seems like I can sort of harden my skin," she adds. "But I don't know how to shift shape." And that really does frighten her somewhat.

Micah shows no real interest in Sebastian as he resumes his relaxed pose against the wall. He glances briefly to Sebastian and then to Amy. He listens quietly, and nods as she speaks. He smiles at the part about a louder roar. Yep, experienced that. The hardened skin though? Not ringing any bells.

Sebastian chuckles at the girl. "You don't know *how* to shift shape. It's not like learning to read or.." He pauses for another example. "Picking up a knife and fork. When you're a child, how do you eat? At first? Tell me."

"With my fingers," Amy replies. "I grab food and put it in my mouth, assuming it doesn't burn me or fall apart when I try." She frowns though, not yet getting what Seb is getting at. She pauses in her painting as she answers, but goes back to it, once she's done speaking.

Micah listens quietly. This is stuff he's going to have to know eventually. Like his cousin, he doesn't seem to see what Sebastian is getting at.

"You see. You want. You eat." Sebastian replies, nodding his head. He tries hard not to lean forward as he speaks, to impress upon them the lesson. "There's no pause for subtlety. No care for etiquette. The thought process is a natural one. Convention isn't forced upon it. Stop trying to think how to shift. Your body will know when it's time."

Amy listens to Sebastian, and then there's an obvious moment where she relaxes a bit. "I think I Like your answer," she says. "I didn't understand quite what Chase was trying to get at." She looks over at Micah, and then she says, "You're awfully quiet. Keep that up and I'm going to paint you into this picture."

Micah nods slowly to that. It seems to make sense. Don't worry about it, it'll happen when it's time. Interesting. He blinks a couple of times at Amy, and lifts a shoulder. "I'm not wearing the bandages anymore, so you can if you like," he says. Apparently he has no qualms about being painted into the picture. He even straightens from the wall in preparation to move over to the other side of the room.

Sebastian nods at the pair of them, then shrugs shoulders, flexes pecks and comments. "And I'd give into your urges if I were you." And he leaves it at that, knowing full well that this is not likely to be welcome advice to the pair.

Amy laughs at Micah's immediate agreement to get half naked. "I could get used to this," she murmurs, definitely enjoying the view. Seb gets a long look as he flexes, and then Amy has to look down at her paints for a bit. But she manages for the moment. "Why is that?" she asks, looking at Sebastian. "I mean, how does it really make a difference?" And then to Micah, she says, "Thanks, and sure, find a seat. I mean, if I get to paint two gorgeous studs in one picture, that's bonus points right?"

Micah doesn't seem to mind that advice, truth to tell. Quite the opposite, he nods his agreement. "I did try to tell her getting laid would be good for her," he comments. He glances back to Amy and shrugs a bit. He doesn't know how it makes a difference. He steps across the room and shrugs out of his tunic. He's as pretty to look upon in Sebastian, save his skin is fair and lightly dusted all over with freckles. And he's shorter. But he's got a blacksmith's build, on top of a Mandrake's build, on top of.. well, something else that isn't obvious. He grins at Amy as he sits down in a chair next to Sebastian, half sprawled there in lazy edibility. "I would have to say yes, that's bonus points."

Sebastian is probably the son of the royal people would least expect, given his physique. Save Random. That's just right out. There's a low laugh at the pair of them and a shake of his head. "Truly? I should bash your skulls together. I was just talking about how you should cut out the crap and let yourself go when it comes to control and approach to things and you can't see why it would help to give in to your urges? Live. Feel. Experience. Let your body do the talking. And if that's what song it wants to sing? Sing out. Loudly, vibrantly."

Amy's gaze goes to Micah's build, and then over to Seb's and she smiles, definitely enjoying the view. She looks to her canvas, and then she shakes her head. "I hope I can do justice to this sight." Because mmm, yes, edibility is right. Her own physique? Royal, Mandrake ... and trim, but with all those lovely curves. She looks over at Sebastian and then she says, "I jump out of planes for fun, I kind of get running with things." Only one area in her life she hasn't gone free it seems. "But that doesn't explain - " She's thinking too much again.

Micah turns his gaze to Sebastian and smiles at him. He nods to what he has to say. "I like that philosophy," he says. He looks over to Amy and nods. "I already know you'll do us justice." He seems to be certain on that count. "Speaking of planes.. when are you going to introduce me to planes and jumping out of them for fun?"

"Explain?" Sebastian prompts to the last word that Amy said, stretching out lazily on his chair. He can sprawl with the best of them. There's a look between the pair as they speak of jumping out of planes. That is outside his experience and it shows.

It's outside Micah's experience too. Amy makes a face, and says, "When do you want to go? I can show you both," she offers. Hey, extreme sports are fun! She takes a breath and then says, "wait, wait, I know this one. Though I'd rather not. It's cause I'm young and the dragon is all over primal. Like the worst parts of me - no self control, basic desires and needs, and that's all there is in there. I don't want to go back to being a baby," she grumbles.

Micah doesn't know anything of jumping out of planes either. Or, really, he doesn't even know /what/ they are. "Whenever you want to take us," is offered. He looks over to Amy again and nods. "I think I want to go through with the same thing, at some point not now, but.. I don't now either." He lifts a shoulder.

Sebastian shakes his head. "Do not mistake my explanation for being fact. I merely use the example of a child first eating to illustrate my point. Babies do not fuck like rabbits." So there. "But it is about losing your inhibitions and feeling. A wolf or dragon is a primal creature. And so you need to attune to that side of yourself again." You know, for a simple bumpkin male? This guy knows too much about sympathetic magic. "As for jumping out of anything? Why?"

Cause he's totally not a bumpkin male. That's more than obvious. Amy flashes a grin, and then says, "For the rush it brings as the ground comes rushing at you, and then the parachute engages and you float down to land, hopefully not in a tree." There is a wicked look to her face there, seriously. Random's daughter shows right up with that topic.

Micah keeps looking at Amy so she can paint easier, but he nods to what Sebastian has said. It makes a sort of sense, when one thinks about it. Really it does. For the jumping out of things? "Because it sounds like a rush," he says. And smiles at Amy, nodding again.

Sebastian is sprawled on a chair, all beef cake and exposed skin, for he's naked from the waist up and has somehow managed to shed his boots too. He appears to be posing for Amy and has been joined by Micah as well. "The rush?" The accent is Weir, the physique fits too. Ann abs of steel and hard pecs. There's a look between the Mandrake cousins and for once the man stays silent. They. Are. Crazy. That's what his eyes are saying.

All royal that rush, not that they know it. ahem. Amy is seated, fully clothed, at her easel. This is a bright sunny room, set up to be an art studio. and about now, there's a servant bringing in a meal and drinks, for the trio. Amy has paint, brush, and there is a fair likeness of Seb already starting to form on the canvas, though that of Micah is lagging behind. On the floor, right where Seb's boots are, there is a multicoloured splotch of drying paint. "You don't have to try if you don't want to," Amy says, "But it's kind of the same sort of feeling I get - got - when I killed that mage who was trying to hurt Maggie and Kiernan."

Much like the other male, Micah is sprawled lazily too, also topless. He has a blacksmith's build, and the contrast to Sebastian is in fair skin dusted with freckles, for their hair is nearly the same shade, Micah's being several shades of red darker, but still pale red. And he's shorter than the other, of course. He looks over to Amy and nods. "I didn't hear about that," he says. But again, there's that flicker of something when Maggie's name is mentioned. Maybe he doesn't like her?

Half dressed modles, what would make this picture better. Chase strolls into the room, standing a bit behind Amy, watching the painting take form upon the canvas. The ice mages eyes begin to take on a frosty hue, and ice forms along the ceiling the temperature begining to drop. That window, so warm and sunny looks like a day out of the heart of winter as it frosts over.

Sebastian's gaze flicks to the new arrival and a low growl of challenge forms in his throat though he's careful not to press it or rise from his seat. But it looks like he's taking his cues from Amy's reactions to all of this. Nor does he pay the blindest bit of notice to the sudden drop of temperature.

Amy looks to the door, but it's the servant, so she almost doesn't notice the arrival of the ice mage. Course she does note the dropping temperature as she shivers. "Wait, what - " And then realization strikes and she turns back to look at the door. "Chase, come on in. I bet there's enough food for you too?" Her gaze does look over the two models with appreciation, but it's an artist's eye at this point. At least now. "Have you met Sebastian. Sebastian, this is Chase." A pause, "And I like warmer temperatures if you don't mind, Chase?"

Micah glances to the door as food and drinks, and a Chase arrives. He smiles at the man and offers him a nod. The sudden frost? Doesn't seem to bother him overly much. Though, of course, he's not immune. His body reacts as one might expect. "He's family, Sebastian," says Micah. He doesn't introduce the ice mage, though, as Amy's already taken care of that. He does eyeball the food, though.

A growl, not a growl. Chase levels that frosty eyed gaze upon Sabastian and growls himself, from somewhere deep within the rumble begins, an inhuman thing building slowly in volume, a predator answering the challege of a predator. A roar issues from the mans throat. Then clearing his throat he smiles "Where did that come from..." a nod is offered to Sebastian as the frost retreats. "A pleasure to meet you."

At Amy's reaction and introduction the growl dies in Seb's throat, and he merely lets the one from the dragon wash over him. There's a shake of his head and he looks back to the other two. "I'd rather rip a man's heart out," is said by way of continuing the former conversation.

Amy glares at Chase at his growl, shaking her head. Though it might be slightly better than sniffing butts. She goes back to painting, for a few moments and then she says, "Everyone's got their strengths." A hint of teasing there. "Even me." That said, she looks at Chase. "You finding a seat, or just hear to freeze us out? Micah, go ahead and get something to eat. And you two, Sebastian." She puts the paint away for the moment, though that will take a few minutes.

Micah sighs and as Chase begins to growl, he lifts his hands to cover his ears and remains able to hear after the roar. With the roar done, Micah lowers his hands again, and resumes that relaxed, delicious sprawl. The moment the food is for the offering, Micah's up on his feet and moving to get himself a plate. Yum, food! There's no skimping of appetite for this one.

"Mostly was walking by and thought I'd freeze you out" he winks at Amy as he enters, he moves to the spread and takes a loaf of bread splitting it down the middle "I don't like the way human tastes" he mentions at the talk of heart eating "they leave an after taste that lasts days." the bread is loaded up with meats, whatever was on the tray.

Sebastian rises from his seat, stretches his arms high above his head and rises on the balls of his feet to work the kinks in his back out. There's a series of sharp cracks and then he emits a contented sigh. And then there's a blur, as moonlight off water and the black and red tipped furred wolf trots towards the food. He's a large beast. Happily bigger than any natural wolf. And then some.

Amy doesn't certainly appear worried by the wolf. she does enjoy watching that stretch though. Paints put away, she pauses to give Seb a look, as he shows off. "Oh sure, just cause I can't do that yet," she says, with a laugh. And a glance to Chase. "Don't you dare, you'll break the room and Celeste will have both our heads." Bad enough there's paint on the floor already. Though when her gaze goes to Chase it lingers slightly. Barely discernable.

Micah saw that trick yesterday. He smiles and retreats to his chair with his plate of food. He glances over to Amy. "I don't think Celeste has a word to stand on about breaking rooms right now, Cousin," he points out, perhaps reminding her of an earlier conversation. That, and construction currently going on outside and within the Dragon's office where a new, large window is being installed after a hole had been knocked into the building there.

Chase listens as he eyes his sandwich. As the wolf appears he rolls up a slice of beef "hungry?" he asks, then to Amy, "Did you dream of flying?" at Micah's words "Oh...Cel went after Luc's new toy?" he smiles "I know how to settle that...where did he put it?"

Sebastian chuffs a low laugh at Amy, tongue lolling out in what can only be that trickster grin of his. At least he's kept it hidden in human form since they made their bargain. His attention shifts to Chase but he makes no move on any of the food, simply stretching out his back in his form as well.

Amy blinks at Micah and then she laughs. "Well, perhaps. Still, I'd rather keep this room. It's got great lighting for painting." She looks at the wolf, and then she gets a bunch of meat for him, the rarer bits she can find. That Seb and Micah haven't already taken. There. Guard wolf can guard and eat. It works. She then turns back to Chase and she nods. "I did, I admit it. And I have no idea where Lucian's new toy is." A glance at Micah, as Amy settles down with a cup of tea, this time.

Micah looks up from his food and over to Chase. He nods. "Yep. She did. Lady Izett was injured in the process. Either of you hear anything on how she fares?" He shakes his head about the statue. "It went with them when they trumped out. Izett wouldn't even let Celeste heal her." He glances to Amy and grins. "Well, at least if it got a hole, you'd get a bigger window?" Micah didn't take any rare bits, nope.

Chase winces and looks out the window "Isn't she connected in Lyonesse?" he rubs his chin "Maybe I should add guard to the gates...Knights in shining Armor can hit hard?"

Amy nods her head. "Yes, Izett is countess of Argent Meadows and I'm not sure what else." She moves to the table to start selecting her own bread, cheese, meat, and veggies to go on the plate. "But - I think it hopefully will be okay? I Mean, far as I know Lucian is still our Dragon General, right?"

Micah shrugs a bit. "I've no idea," he says, about Lyonesse. "She said something about Argent, wherever that is." He frowns a bit and looks at Chase funny. "Whyever for? Do you think she's going to attack her betrothed's family?" He glances to Amy and nods. "Far as I'm aware. I've not heard anything to the contrary, at least."

Chase shakes his head "Her...King?" he looks to Amy "is that what he is...well Any way, I heard Prince Gerard messed with his wife...rumor had it he was going to march on Amber." he looks to Micah "turns out it was a big misunderstnading"

"Harold?" Amy asks. "I think he's the king, and also Izett's brother." She pause and then says, "I didn't hear anything about Uncle Gerard and Sir Harold's wife though." She settles back in her seat, eating quietly.

Micah shakes his head. "I've no idea about any of that." He eats a bit of food, expression thoughtful as he mulls it over. He glances to Amy and nods about Harold and Izett being siblings. "I haven't heard anything about anything like that."

Chase waves his hand, "clearly you two need to spend more time in dockside taverns." he takes a bite of his sandwich, "sailors are bigger gossips then washer wenches."

Amy laughs at that, and says, "Really? Can you see me in a dockside tavern?" she asks. Amusement shines. "I think I'd have to leave fairly quickly to prevent fights from breaking out. Cause she'd no doubt stand out like a sore thumb there. She kicks her shoes off, so she's now barefooted, curling them up beneath her.

Micah sits quietly and eats is food, looking between them as they talk. He glances to Amy and considers her. "Mm. Yeah, I can see you in a dock side tavern. We'll just have to paint dirt in your face and color your hair darker. Ditch the guards. You know. The regular."

Chase takes a set of dice from his pocket, "the trick to a dockside tavern is fitting in." he shakes the dice in his hand and winks. "also helping the sailors with their money"

Amy laughs softly. "Yeah, and I'd still probably slap someone and end up starting a fight. And winning." Loftily. Course that would depend on who the fight is with, but that's another story. She continues to eat, and sip at her tea, relaxing still more. Thinking though as she processes what he big wolf said before he went furry. "Seriously, I'll leave that one to you. And Dad, I bet he's good at that one."

Chase nods "I hear your Dad new his way around the odd tavern in his day....and don't play cards with him."

Micah considers. "Of course, if you didn't wind up slapping someone and starting a fight, you'd wind up starting a fight anyway being unable to pick someone." He winks at her. It would seem sitting around topless is helpful for Amy.

Hey, Amy's not sitting around topless! Ahem. She does seem to be doing okay with Micah topless though. She grins at Chase. "Definitely not, not unless you want to lose your shirt. Speaking of, you wouldn't want to be the third in the picture, would you?" she asks, teasingly.

Amy glares at Micah, and then laughs. "Yeah, you're probably right there, unfortunately. But - why would I /have/ to pick? Can't a girl just go out for a drink?"

Chase tilt his nose up "I only pose nude, on a bear skin...polar bear if you can swing it." he says in an exagerated lofty (snubby) tone that is obviously ment as a jest.

No, but Micah is! Topless, that is. He laughs. "I'm okay at cards, but not great," he says. He raises a brow at her and shakes her head. "Not if there are shinies in there." He winks at her. He glances over at Chase and raises a brow. "Then by all means. Go get your polar bear skin and strip."

Amy blinks at Chase, and her lips quirk in a smile. "I don't know - " Course Micah beats her to it, and she pauses. Then she laughs outright. "I think the challenge has been set, but don't I get any say in this?" A glance over at Micah, and then Amy looks back at Chase actually considering. Though she doesn't think either one is honestly intending this. "There are shinies everywhere. It's a perilous world out there."

Chase smiles and strips his top, his torso lean wirery musclres, and a tattoo of a White Dragon head hust above his left hand, the dragons tail just above his right, body gripping his torso, claws seeming to bite his flesh.

Micah grins at Amy and nods. "Of course you get a say in it. You get to say what kind of fur I'll be posing on." He winks at her. He looks over at Chase and whistles. "Niiiice tattoo," he says. The muscles? Well, Micah's got those too, and he tends to like women, so not much interest there.

Amy's gaze goes to Chase though, as he starts to disrobe, taking his shirt off. and yes, that is a lovely tattoo. "It is handsome," she says, before she has to clear her throat, and look down at her cup of tea. Mind you, Amy's tattoos are not exactly entirely visible, up here in Amber.

Chase smiles "I got it done in Jade, years ago, cost me a years pay" he looks over the ink, it seems as if it were applied recently, no fade of color. "My inner dragon."

Micah glances to Amy and huffs a soft chuckle at her reaction. He goes back to eating. He glances up to Chase and nods. "I wonder what my dragon will look like." That he has one is something Micah doesn't doubt. Of course, it's nowhere near the surface in him.

Amy listens to the story about Jade and then she says, "Mine were done here." A pause, and then, "Trist is actually an excellent tattoo artist, did you know?" She wrinkles her nose, looking up again, but first at Micah. "You want to pose on fur too? Needs to be black as night to show up your fair skin and hair then."

Chase looks toward Micah and sniffs, his eyes shift to look /at/ Micah "It's there...sleeping" he rubs his chin "might have a time waking him up....Unicorn knows Amy's was shy....now she wants to be seen...." he forms a snowball in his hand looking like he is going to let fly at Amy.

Micah tilts his head and then shakes it. "No, I had no idea he was." He pauses, and considers that, then nods. "Yeah.. I can see that. Me on black, Chase on white.. It'll make a lovely painting, Amy." He looks back to Chase and considers him. He nods. "Of that I have no doubt. But.. yes. As mellow as I tend to be, I'd say he's buried very deeply." Very deeply and shoved in a box, padlocked. Or something. He grins at that snowball.

Amy laughs, and then she says, "Actually, I think she was telling me, "Hey stupid, look here." Where the skin was hardening." She shakes her head, risking a quick glance Chase's way.

And theres the throw, snowball in bound to Amy, wonder if her Dragon is awake.

Micah looks back to Amy as he eats more of his food. Healthy appetite or no, he takes his time about it. He glances back to Chase, and then to Amy, watching as the snowball is thrown, waiting to see what she's going to do.

Chase thows the snowball and watches for scales.

Dragon awake? Oh yes, because that dragon is very much wanting to fly. So, the snowball comes flying in, and Amy's arm comes up, a scale forming on her forearm, just where it impacts the snow, sending the white stuff fluffing all over. "Hey, that's cold!" Amy complains, with a glare at Chase.

"Vain" Chase says as he get's his shirt, "a showy purple she dragon" a wave offered to Micah "See you later!" as he heads to the door "I found that book I was telling you about...Dragon anatomy?" he says to Amy. "Send one of your guys by my room later and you can borrow it..."

Micah is watching, so sees the scale appear there. Not that it surprises him at all. It won't have been the first time he saw a scale. He huffs another of those soft chuckles. He looks back to Chase and lifts a hand to wave at him as he heads out. "See you later," he says.

Amy pouts at Chase. "Tease," she says, since he didn't stay long enough for her to paint any of him. "I'll paint you later then." And just then a three foot penguin comes waddling in, with a box. "And sure, I'll send someone for the book." She pouts, and then grins at Micah. "You stop laughing."

Micah raises both brows at Amy and then holds up his hands. "I wasn't laughing. Who said anything about laughing?" He is smiling, though, definitely smiling.

Wolf curled up somewhere, doing the wolf guard thing. Amy gets the box from the penguin which then waddles out. Inside, chocolate covered cherries and a smaller box. "Chocolate, I see. Nice. Would you like some?" she offers, lazily.

Micah seems to be mostly finished with his food at this point. He watches the penguin curiously, and then nods. "Sure." Pause. "What was that?"

Amy also takes one of the chocolates and throws it at Chase's departing back. Then she turns to watch Micah. "Are you really sure you want to try this?" A glance and then she says, "Penguin. From Dirk, usually."

Micah laughs at the chocolate thrown at Chase, and then looks back to Amy. He lifts a shoulder. "I'm not sure. I think, eventually, yes. It seems... part of the heritage. Right now though?" Micah shakes his head. "Not until I've sorted through some other things, I think."

With Chase gone and Seb no longer acting up, Amy relaxes in Micah's presence. She curls up, a little lazy now that she's eaten. But she does have chocolate, so she takes some, and the smaller box, before she passes the box over to Micah. "Here, help yourself," she says with a smile, now opening the smaller box.

Micah accepts the bos of chocolate when it's passed over. He nods. "Thanks, Amy," he says. He picks a couple and then passes the box back over to her. He looks at the smaller box curiously as he pops one of the chocolates into his mouth.

Amy opens the small box and finds a crystal ring inside. She has to laugh. "Hrm, I think Dirk is saying, hello future dragon don't eat me." She shows Micah the gift. It's very definitely ... shiny. But not the sort of thing that Amy seems to be hooked on. Thankfully.

Micah looks appreciatively at the crystal ring, but doesn't seem moved by its shininess either. "That could possibly be," he says. "Nice ring." He settles back and half lays on the chair.

"It's a lovely ring, I'll have to send him a thank you note," Amy says, setting the box down and trying one of the chocolate covered cherries, curiously. "Mm, not bad," she decides, after a moment. "So what all are you planning to get sorted out?" Cause so far this week has been all about Amy and even she thinks it's a bit much now.

"Thank you notes are always good," says Micah. He pops the other piece of chocolate in his mouth, this one proves to have caramel inside. He gets a somewhat distracted look at her question, and he leans his head back against the chair's back. "Mostly Pattern stuff. The Shadow walking with Aio." He pauses a moment and then shrugs. "I guess mostly it's just the Pattern stuff. And deciding if I want to know who my father is or not, if I survive the Pattern."

Amy's eyes grow wider. "You're going to try walking the Pattern without knowing?" she asks, aghast. "Micah, that could kill you." She just stares for a long moment, totally bewildered by that thought. "I can see why it might be bothering you, that's for sure."

Micah nods to Amy. "I think so, yes. I can't stop thinking about it. I dream about it, I draw it. I've caught myself inscribing it on swords when I get distracted. It pulls at me. I've found myself walking toward the Palace with no idea how I got there. I'd rather walk it, or try to walk it, on my own terms, rather than find myself there and in the middle of it when I realize where I am." He nods about it killing him. "Fifty fifty chance, right?"

"I suppose, though there are a lot more folks who could be your father and not related to Oberon than the other way around," Amy says. So uhm, probably not really 50/50. But. Amy takes a breath and then she says, "Unicorn, Micah, you better not die."

Micah nods to that. "This is true. But it fills my mind. I've been told it doesn't do that to those who aren't royal blooded." Micah makes a face and shakes his head. "I'm not sure I want to be anything to do with royal blooded. No, I'm certain I don't. But if I am, I am, and.." Micah shrugs. "If I am, I have a duty, don't I?" He looks up from where his eyes had drifted and looks over to Amy. He smiles gently to her. "I'm not going to die," he says firmly. "I'm going to walk it and survive, and.." He sounds like he's trying to convince himself. Yes, the whole thing has him frightened.

Amy listens and then she laughs. "You know, I believe you will," she says. "I don't know what it does for those not royal blooded, not having really had a lot of talk on that level. But I know that some things really get persistent, from my own experience. So, that probably means that you are. And if so, then we'll be at least cousins on both sides. I don't think you look like my Dad, though. so probably not siblings." A hint of a tease there.

Micah grins that wicked little grin, almost a smirk, of his. Really, of the sons of Oberon, who does that remind one of the most? "Oh, I'm told it kills them in most unpleasant ways." No wonder he's got a lot on his mind. Even if it's only really the two things. Who his father is, and the Pattern itself. He grins at her and he nods. "I had thought of that. We're first cousins on the one side already. Wonder what we'll turn out to be on the other." He grins. No, he doesn't have Random's personality at all.

But Amy doesn't /know/ all the sons of oberon, never mind well. This is a small sunny room, though as evening falls, the sunlight isn't an issue any more. It is a room with good lighting for painting, and Amy's sort of appropriated it for a painting studio. There is a splotch of paint on the floor, a couple doublets and shirts over by the boots, and a sleeping wolf somewhere around. An easel, with a started painting of two bare chested indolent men, one of them Micah, the other Sebastian. An Amy in a chair, a basket of chocolate covered cherries and a small jewellery box on the table. Micah in the other chair, sprawled, as the two chat idly. "Cousins," Amy says with a smile. "Double cousins, somehow. What do you think?"

"Double cousins, yes. That seems quite likely," says Micah. Oh, and did we mention, Micah's topless, as Amy had been painting before food arrived. No tattoos, a couple of small scars here and there, but otherwise his skin is fair and dusted with freckles. And muscley. Very muscley. He is a blacksmith, afterall. "All in all.. it's going to be one hell of a ride," he finally says. He eats the last rolled up pieces of meat off of his plate and glances out at the failing light.

Celeste peeks in, "OH, forgot about this. Sorry, didn't mean to intrude.." she fingerwaves and moves to slink out apologetically.

Amy chuckles, mostly not seeming to notice MIcah's topless state. She does look over at Celeste. "You're welcome to stay, Celeste," Amy says, with a laugh. "This is just 'ran out of painting time, so hanging out and chatting." Seems art brain manages to somewhat trump primal dragon brain.

Art brain trumps dragon brain! Yay! Micah glances over to the door and waves to Celeste. "You're not intruding, Celeste." He glances over to Amy. "I suppose I ought to put my shirt back on, now that you're not painting anymore."

Celeste oh's and saunters back in and then freezes and gapes at Micah. Struck speechless she oogles, unremarkable slate eyes rimming in a bright silver. Buff. Man. With massive work-roughened hands. Eventually she'll look at his face and get around to feeling like a dirty old bitty.

Amy's already been there, done that. Thrice over. Ahem. She nods to Micah though. "Yeah, probably before I remember I'm not painting and end up awestruck." She teases just a bit. And then reaches for one of the chocolates that came in from Dirk. "These are good. Want some, Celeste?"

Micah glances over at Celeste at her reaction, and huffs a soft chuckle as he looks back to Amy. He does nod. Though he doesn't move for his shirt just yet. It's not far away, but he'd have to /move/ and he's soooo comfortably sprawled. Like he tends to be, with one leg over an arm of the chair and half laying sideways on it. "They are good," he pipes up about the chocolates.

Celeste licks her lips and mumbles, "Uh-huh. Sure." without any indication anyone's words have penetraited her hormone-addled brain.

Amy's attention goes to Celeste, and then over to Micah, almost horror struck. "OH, unicorn, Micah, I'm doomed," she murmurs.

There's another soft, huffed chuckle from Micah, still directed at Celeste's further distracted reaction. He looks over at Amy. "I don't think you're the only one bare chested men are shinies for." He looks to Amy and laughs aloud. "Oh, I don't know. You seem to be doing better than Cel is." His eyes slip sideways back to Celeste.

Celeste blinks and shakes her head and looks away, cussing lividly in a language that sounds like Jadean trader's tongue but ammends in an irritable tone, "Unicorn's tits, Micah! put your damned shirt on! We know you're buff, noticed it long before clothes start coming off, numbnuts. Merciful unicorn."

Amy turns her attention to the chocolate, and then she can't help but laugh at Cel's words. Cussing like a trooper, there. "I was painting," she explains, gesturing towards the canvas.

Micah huffs again, amused at the reaction. He glances back over to Amy. "You're not going to continue painting by lamp, right?" He must think the answer is going to be no, for he's already uncurling, though he pauses to look back to Amy, waiting for the answer before he moves further.

Celeste crosses her arms, "Shirt. Now." using her generalissimo voice.

"No, not painting by lamplight after starting with daylight. The colours would be off," Amy says. No blaming her for keeping that shirt off, nope.

Micah nods to Amy, and smiles to Celeste. He finishes uncurling and reaches for his shirt. He pulls it on without protest. He'd only really had it off for the painting anyway. He buttons it up, smiling as he does so, though he's not really looking at either woman as he does.

Celeste mutters, "I'd call you a jackass but if I looked like that I'd strut too." She looks to Amy, "Amazing there's room in this house for all our egows."

Micah huffs a soft chuckle. "Now Celeste, if I was strutting, I'd have my shirt off all the time," he points out. "And this is the first time you've seen me with my shirt off." He pauses for a moment. Then shrugs. "But the way I do like to pick on Amy, maybe I am a jackass." He grins.

Celeste grumbles sourly, "Feel like a dirty old lady, I hope you're happy."

Micah raises an eyebrow at Celeste. "You're not a dirty old lady," he points out. Pause. Grin. "But I am happy, yes."

Celeste blushes and clears her throat. If only micah knew what was going through her eager little mind while she was mentally checked out and oogling. She looks to amy, "So where is that painting destined for?"

Micah had seen her face. He's a male. He likely knows. Besides, she's not his mother. He glances to Amy at that question too, then back to Celeste. "Why, you hoping it'll be hung here somewhere?" He sounds amused.

Celeste gives him an arid look, "Just wondering if you are vain enough to send it to your sweety."

Micah tilts his head. "You know, that's not a bad idea. Except it's me and Sebastian, and doesn't belong to me. It's Amy's." Micah isn't the slightest bit contrite.

Celeste lifts an eyebrow, "Sebastian, Brand's manservant from weirmonken? Huh." she shrugs.

"Sebastian that turns into a wolf Sebastian," says Micah. "Dunno who he is beyond that, though."

Amy glances over at the two, having been quietly listening. "I might put it on display in an artshow," Amy says. "And Sebastian said he's going to hang around and help me out. Yes, that Sebastian." There is a sleeping wolf around somewhere, it might be noted.

Celeste ahhhs, "You might wanna learn weir. Speaking it isn't important but /understanding/ it would be useful." she looks to Micah puzzledly, "All weir shift into wolves, at least to my knowledge."

Celeste says, "They also are neigh immortal, but vunerable to noble metals. Amy-you'll want to look up treatment for reaction to noble metals in weir if he's sticking around."

Somewhere... over the rainbow.. Micah glances to Amy and nods. "That's not a bad place for it," he says. Back to Celeste and he nods. "Ah. Learn something new every day. Weir turn into wolves. Gotcha."

Amy nods to Celeste, with a dimpled smile. "Good thought. I wonder if Sebastian will teach at least a little," she says. "And then she says. "Chase came by too, but he said he wouldnn't pose for a painting unless he had a white rug to recline on." She conveniently leaves out the naked bit. "And then, I'm not sure what I'll do with it, really. It might, if I can do a really good job with it, make a lovely decoration in my room."

Celeste snorts, "It is nice. So long as it's out of my regular route. it's...weird." she shakes it off and eyes them both, "you two make me fel old." and with that she turns to exit.

Micah thought? He doesn't leave out the naked bit. "Naked," he adds. "On a white rug, naked." He pauses and grins. "I volunteered to pose on a rug too. Amy picked black. I think it fits." He glances over to Celeste. "See you later, Cel." Pause. "You're still not old."

"See you later, Celeste," Amy says, though she might now throw a chocolate at Micah. Just because.

Micah glances back to Amy and laughs. He even lifts his hands to catch the chocolate if she decides to throw it.

Yup. the chocolate gets thrown. Evil male. "you best be careful, for I'm pretty sure you'd be staring too if we started wandering around shirtless," Amy says, with a lauugh.

Micah catches the chocolate. Then frowns. "I don't wander around shirtless!" The protest is somewhat surprised. "Why do people keep accusing me of running around shirtless?" He pauses and grins at her. "Fine. Go ahead. See how much luck you have." He stares at her grinning.

"you're already staring, and I haven't even... " Amy just shakes her head. "It's not the shirtless I'm accusing you of by the way, it's the enjoying it too much when we get caught watching you."

"I'm not staring at your body," says Micah. "I'm staring at you because I'm challenging you." He laughs softly at the last bit. "Well, I do enjoy that. I enjoy teasing you too."

"Are you saying you wouldn't stare?" Amy asks. "I am hurt. She moves to her shirt though, starting to unfasten buttons, accepting the challenge.

Micah huffs a soft laugh. He keeps his eyes on her face as she moves to her shirt. Only for a moment, though, then his eyes fall to watch her unbutton her shirt. Maybe it was simply a trick to get her to go shirtless?

Probably a wolf watching too, honestly. But as the shirt comes off, it certainly shows off the tattoo of the gills and the dragon on her left forearm, both in matching ink. Amy does pause to let her hair down so it at least covers her back so she doesn't get cold. And it does fall to her waist when free.

As the shirt comes off, Micah's eyes fall first on the dragon tattoo, and then to the gills. Then his eyes rise back up to her face. "Nice tattoos," he says. "They the same artist?"

Amy chuckles softly. "They look that way, don't they? But no, they are not." She moves to get another chocolate, leaning back in her own chair, indolently.

Micah has a good bit of self control, that much is obvious. Though his eyes do flick down appreciatively occasionally, there's no ogling at all. For the most part, his eyes remain on Amy's face. "What's the top one? Looks kind of like gills of some sort."

"That's the one trist did. I told him to make it sexy - did he succeed?" Amy asks, amusedly.

"He did succeed. Very much so." Micah is suitably impressed. "Does it have a meaning?"

"Yes," Amy says with a smile. "It means, Amy don't drown." She reaches a hand up to touch the stylized feathery gills. "They can become real gills and allow me to breathe under water."

Micah blinks. Pauses. Blinks again. His eyes go back to the gills again, and there's nothing leering about it. He's studying them. His eyes go back to her face. "And you say Trist did this one? Does he do them often? If I'm going to be spending any amount of time in Remba, or other watery areas, that would be handy."

"I don't know how often, you'd have to ask him," Amy says. "I'd guess he's fairly busy, all told." Micah does have excellent self control, wait until HIS dragon comes out to play ....

Micah's dragon is very well locked away, hidden, and stuff. Other stuff. When it comes out to play? That's all going to change. He nods to Amy's words. "He does seem to be," he says.

Amy grins at Micah. "Alright fine, you win." She does seem a bit disgruntled though. She turns to get her shirt, shivering a bit. "I think it is entirely unfair you all tease us so much."

Micah tilts his head a little bit. "Would it really make you feel better if I stared. I could, you know. You're a very beautiful woman." His eyes drift down from her face to take in the rest of her. And there's a great deal of appreciation there at what he sees. And then she shivers. "You're cold." His eyes go back up to her face. "I expect when it's my turn, you'll be teasing me just has much."

Amy laughs and then shakes her head. "No, because that'll just get my dragon all riled up and it'll end ... well, probably where we don't want it to." She lobs the shirt over her shoulders, and ties the bottom, so it's sort of like a shawl. "Yes, it's not that warm in here," she adds, sighing slightly. "Only drawback to those windows."

Micah had ogled, a little, at the end, when she seemed a bit disgruntled. Before she put her shirt on. He smiles as she does put her shirt on. "Self control. I has it." Good for when you work with fire on a regular basis as he does. But still, he /is/ a guy. He rises to his feet. "Hold that thought," he says. He steps out of the room, returning a few moments later with a blanket which gets wrapped around Amy's shoulders.

Amy blinks and then she laughs as she gets a blanket. "Thank you, MIcah," she says, pulling the blanket around her once more. "What thought was I holding again?"

Micah thinks about that for a moment. "Uh." Pause. "Oh. Right. Not wanting your dragon to get riled up and things ending where we don't want to. I promised you I wouldn't let that happen. Won't go beyond teasing, no matter what happens." Now, on the other hand, when he becomes a dragon, eventually, all that will go right out the window.

Which is why Amy won't be able to tease the man herself when that happens. Because she won't have the self control either - just look at Celeste. "Alright, I'm good with that. And thank you, because you know I won't have that kind of self control."

Micah huffs a soft chuckle to her. "That's probably true. Still." He steps forward and hugs his Cousin briefly. "I'm going to go work on a design. I'll see you later, Amy," he says. He heads out of the room and off on to doing smithy things.

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