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RtA Log - Distraction And Dragons

Characters: Micah, Amethyst, Celeste, Chase
Location: A Small Den - Mandrake Manor - Amber

Celeste is leaned forward a bit in a chair with her elbows on her knees murmuring softly to Amethyst, pausing now and again to chew her bottom to consider her words before murmuring further. (but this is a set it's actually Amy's pose)

Small den. There are guards outside, and the door is closed, but Micah will know this is where Amy disappeared to, when they arrived back at the house. It's not very large, but does have a window that opens up on the garden, and a fireplace with a roaring fire. Amy is curled up in a chair by the fire, with a glass of whiskey, half empty, in hand. The bottle and extra glasses are on the table by her. Celeste is in the chair next, offering her take on things. Amy finds herself chewing her bottom lip as Celeste speaks, her shoulders hunching slightly. "That's almost like what Dad said," she offers after a moment. "Well, except he didn't tell me to experiment, he said he'd ground me."

After speaking a few words, soft and inaudible beyond the door, to the guards, the door opens to admit Micah. No, he didn't bring snacks for the guards. Huh uh. He pauses to close the door, and then looks at the two women there. "Father's always threaten daughters with grounding." He has a sister, afterall. He must have experienced this a time or three. "Evening, Cel." He's moving easier today, at least. His ribs knitting well.

Celeste notes, "I am not suggesting you exclude him from your life, but I think he needs to understand just how unfair it is of him to demand commitment from you-and how unfair it would be to him for you to promise it. Neither of you would end up happy. Enjoy your friend and lover, it's a worthwhile friendship as fiercely as you defend it-but the choice of weither it could be bided or not would be his choice to make. I don't care who you decide is worth your time unless there's some reason to believe they mistreat you or are dangerous-and you're not a child so I don't worry much about you putting up with that crap. I'm not suggesting you end it unless it must comee to that-...but perhaps renegotiate the terms. Cause it's just NOT fair you're expected to take my word about the weir...recouperation thing." She leans forward and snags the whiskey bottle from amethyst and grins just a hair.

Celeste looks up at Micah, "Hello Micah. you're looking well."

Small den. There are guards outside, and the door is closed, but Micah just came in and the guards are noticeably Amy's. It's not very large, but does have a window that opens up on the garden, and a fireplace with a roaring fire. Amy is curled up in a chair by the fire, with a glass of whiskey, half empty, in hand. The bottle and extra glasses are on the table by her. Celeste is in the chair next, and MIcha just came over to talk. Amy looks up to see who is there, and she says, "Micah, hey. Thank you again." And then she knocks back half of the whiskey in her glass, before frowning at it. "This stuff totally doesn't help," she says disgustedly. Her gaze goes to Celeste very thoughtfully.

From the hall "puff the magic dragonlives by the sea" Chase strolls into the room reading a book as he walks, half muttering half singing "and frolic's in the autumn mist in a land called" he looks up, "oh...Hello..." the book closes "I am intrupting?"

Micah pauses to listen to what Celeste has to say before moving on into the little cubby of a room. He selects another nearby and sits down in the chair opposite Amy from Celeste, still somewhat gingerly, but the damange to his ribs, for any who look, looks to be several weeks old already, if not a month. Apparently he heals really fast. He smiles to Celeste. "Thank you. I'm feeling better." He looks to Amy and smiles. "You're welcome." He pauses. "Maybe you should try Celeste's trick of holding your breath." He glances to the door opening and lifts a hand to wave to Chase.

Celeste looks up and grins at chase, "I see someone's taken over lullaby time for the twins again." She rises and shuffles over two steps to give her oldest a quick kiss to his cheek and moves to settle back down, "Chase is such a good big brother." She can't help it. This makes her proud.

Amy laughs at Micah's suggestion, and shakes her head negatively. "Not sure it would help. Either way." She then grins at Celeste, and offers a slight wave to Chase. "Hey, cousin. Come have a seat and join the 'Amy is bonkers,' crew."

Chase turns his head to recieve a kiss from his mother. "I was just stopping in to look...the nurse seems to think I rile them up" he rolls his eyes "I am a calm soul...ever notice how that lullabye get's stuck in your head?" he shakes his head "I am going to be hearing it for days now..." a wave is offered to Micah, "What happened to your Ribs?" he asks then blinks at Amy's statement "You seeing purple bunnies again?"

Micah lifts a shoulder and smiles at Celeste. "Or, you could go get laid and see if that helps." He grins wickedly. He snorts softly. "Amy's not bonkers that I've seen yet." He glances over at Chase and shrugs a bit. "I got kicked."

Celeste smirks Chase, "oh, yes Alrik and Signe never go on a rampage after a visit from big brother-they're tranquil as a slow moving river." and yes, that'd be sarcasm. She snorts, "There is absolutely nothing wrong with Amy. She's a perfectly healthy and SANE young woman who just has the dubious honor of being an exceptional sort." She notes to Amy.

"Micah," Amy starts, and then she laughs. "Oh, sure, I see what side you're on." The protest is only half hearted. She blinks at Chase. "They were penguins. And no. Nor attacking squirrels. I'm just incapable of holding a conversation cause I keep getting distracted." She looks to Celeste at that last bit, and tilts her head. "I am? REally? It's not just me?"

Chase leans on the wall arms crossing his chest "Disttracted you say..." a brow lifts "Well as Royal physician...."

"Well, I didn't say you should get laid by /me/, now did I?" Micah grins. He grins at Celeste. "Of course you're exceptional, Amy. You're a Mandrake." So that goes without saying, more or less. He glances over to Chase. "Shall we bad and distract her?" He glances back to Amy and winks.

Celeste squints at Amethyst, "What part of this conversation suggests I haven't been precisely where you are-and I'm not as bright as you so I was here a LOT, I'm a very slow learner. Watch Trist, Sir Lucian, me. closely...you are likely to see us faulter and struggle in different ways with different challenges. No, Amy. Not you. Not by a long shot. Hell I think someone said it took more than eight hundred years for your father to grow up. And some of your uncles it's sTILL debatable. They all spent their time frolocking in shadow, so I can't even say it's solely a Mandrake compulsion here."

Celeste adds mildly, "You two think you're immune?" She eyes the bare in the 'I dare you to give me a challenge'.

Amy glares at Micah for a moment, and then she looks at Chase, a hint of confusion there. "You diagnosing, Chase?" she asks, and then her attention is back to Celeste as she listens. Which is good, cause it's not on Micah. Or Chase. "Oh wait, I get a double dose? That figures. Can I ground my dad for this?" She's just going to ignore for now the temptation of going back to find that buff weir and tackling him.

Chase smiles at that , "Well if you'd like me to diagnoss..." he clears his throat "Over here Amy....I suppose I can set up an appointment for you..." making his way to the bottle of scotch and pouring himself a healthy glass.

"Well, I don't know about /Chase/, but I'm immune, yes. Shinys have no effect on me." She was talking about shinys and distractions right? Micah grins. He listens to the rest and nods. Grins at Amy at that glare directed his way. He grins at Chase, too.

Celeste notes to Chase, "You want to learn if I can use our direct blood relation to give you man-mammaries or your voice turn a nice sweet falsetto?"

Celeste smiles toothily at her son. It is impossible to tell if she's bluffing.

Amy did say distractable, right? She looks over to Chase as he speaks, watching him intently for a moment. But her gaze goes back to Celeste, that thoughtful look on her face, and then she looks back at Celeste, eyes widening. her breath intakes and then she lets it out with a sigh. Wait, what did Micah say? "You - better not, Micah de'Mandrake. You promised." Celeste, to Chase, back, forth, and Amy just decides to keep her mouth shut.

Chase blinks at Celeste "You wouldn't" he says in a flat tone (He looks all the world like he is at the poker world series)

Micah raises a brow to Amy and shakes his head. "No, I most certainly didn't promise I wouldn't," says Micah. "I promised I'd run intervention on you. And that I wouldn't let you seduce me. Never said I wouldn't distract you, though." Both brows get raised now. He's perfectly innocent. He glances between Chase and Celeste and watches curiously.

Celeste notes to Chase, "Blueballs is not a life threatening condition, and I could learn valuable lessons which might help me to fight the mandrake plague, but I suppose it dosn't have to be man-boobs. It could be transferrance of the mood swings and morning sickness. I'd probably stop before hemmriods entered the picture."

Celeste says, "And micah, don't distract her, at least not infront of me, It'd be weird if I started staring at you."

Amy pouts at Micah, and finds a soft fluffy pillow to throw in his general direction. That might even sidetrack Celeste and Chase momentarily. "Uhm, Celeste? " And then Celeste's words sink in, And Amy just suddenly finds herself covering herself over with a pillow now. "Oh for - Will you all just stop!"

Celeste tolls her eyes and grins, "Fine, fine, I'll leave you to the mercy of these troublemakers."

Chase sips the scotch "I can behave" a smile to Micah "Can you behave?" he grins as the glass frosts in his fingers "Chilled scotch...only one or two vices I like more..." Celeste gets a glanse "and I won't talk about them!" he adopts his most angelic face...very polished that look.

Micah grins at Celeste. "Trist might not like it much if you were staring at me too, Cel, so I'll be sure my back is to you." And given the size of his arms, from working in a forge, one can only imagine how the rest of him looks. Well. Except Amy. She knows. He grins over at Amy and catches the pillow easily and tosses it back at her. He huffs a soft chuckle. He glances to Chase and smiles. "I can behave. The question isn't whether I can, but whether I /will/."

Amy eyes Micah. "I suggest you might better, or you might find your self control severely tested," is her response to that. Chase's innocent look gets a long look, and then a laugh. "You get a lot of practice with that, don't you?" And Amy looks over to Celeste and says, "I'm not so worried about these two. At least they understand - "

Celeste points to Micah, "Shirt stays on in the house outside of your room, there are often other more...reserved ladies about." she grins to Amy, "And you thought you were the odd one out? Tisk."

Chase flops onto a chair, looking between the three. "So" he begins "When did you notice...the distraction?" he asks of Amy, "is it anything in particular?"

Micah beams a wicked little smile at Celeste. "I don't take my shirt off for just anybody," he points out. He glances to Amy and nods. "Yes, that's the point of it. To work on your self control." He glances back to Celeste. He glances to Chase, and then back to Amy.

Amy just has to laugh now, she can't help it. Seriously. "Oh unicorn, I can't believe we're having this conversation like this," she mutters. And then she sits up, the pillow Micah threw back at her, hitting her, because she wasn't even looking. She takes a breath, and then she looks at Chase. "I am not sure you want to know," she says softly. Micah gets a grumble, and then she says, "Yes, but if you push it, we'll be testing yours."

Amy looks at Celeste, and smiles crookedly. "I'm kind of glad to know that I'm not."

Celeste rolls her eyes, "And I had highest hopes you'd be a GOOD boy." She shakes her head and flicks Amy a secretive look as she moves to slip out.

Chase smirks "Self control ehh?" a glance between Micah and Amy "Should I leave?" he asks as he rises from his chair.

Micah huffs a soft chuckle. He grins after, at Amy. "I can handle it," he says. But it might be noted that he hasn't even started unbuttoning his shirt. Nor moved his hands up like he was going to. He glances over at Celeste and snorts. "Trist picked me, and you thought I'd be a /good/ boy?" He laughs at that. He glances over at Chase and laughs, shaking his head. "Nah. I'm just picking on her, mostly. May as well stick around. Cel, you could stick around too, if you wanted."

Celeste pauses and considers Micah, "Alright, that's a fair point." She grins to micah, "I have war games to plan, unless you needed anything?"

Amy looks over at Chase. "No need," she says. "Micah and I very seriously agreed, we're not interested in each other like that. But he is still darn good looking, and that smithing job of his does wonders - " So easily distracted right now, it's not funny. She has to close her eyes and shut up, so that she can stop looking at Micah. Right, Chase then. Cause that's so much safer. Amy's cheeks might even be going a tidge pink. "This is going to drive me nuts."

Chase settles back into his chair "I did warn you that something like this might happen" he reminds Amy. "The whole dragon thing...the whole Oberon thing...it is a whole big thing."

Micah winks ar Celeste. "I thought so," he says. He shakes his head. "I didn't need anything in particular, but a bit of family time where we're not fighting each other isn't necessarily a bad thing." He grins. He glances to Amy and nods, then looks to Chase and Celeste. "We did. Amy's great, but she's family. I might be willing to tease family, but that's as far as it's ever going to go." He grins at Amy. "Practice practice practice." He looks to Chase, expression curious. "Dragon thing and Oberon thing? Big deal how?"

Chase looks to Celeste and rises "Will you be about the manor or at the Palace?" he asks, "I guess it doesn't matter, I have your trump...did you say plan a war game?"

Celeste eeps, "Gah!" covers her ears and hastily darts out to slam the door behind her as Amy elaborates on how buff Micah is. She then starts to sing off key, "Puff the maaaagic draaagon...(damned kids)...liiiiiveeeed by the seeea...." as she walks away.

Celeste does add before the door closes behind her, "Rebma!"

Amy blinks, her gaze going briefly over to Celeste as she eeps, and then flees. That actually brings a spot of whoa! to her face, and then she looks over at Chase. "Yes, but - it didn't make sense entirely then," she says, half mournfully. "And it's too late now. I can't make it go away." She just grumbles at Micah.

Micah raises a brow at Celeste's hasty departure. "Was it something I said?" He lifts and arm and sniffs at his armpit. "Nope, I don't stink," he says, lowering his arm again. He shrugs. "Ah well." He glances back to Chase. "So.. What's this about a dragon thing and an Oberon thing?" He shifts a glance at Amy, then back to Chase.

Chase shrugs and smiles "I just indulged myself..." his slit pupiled gaze settles on Micah, "Dragons covet" he says simply "We want ...well what we want...that trick I do..turning into a dragon?" he frowns "it's not a trick...it's dragon blood."

Amy settles back into her seat, where she's in theory safe. She curls her bare feet up under her, and then nods. "And it's strong," she says. "So it might sound like it's easy to keep control, but it's really not. And maybe it's somewhat troublesome for me, because it's also something from my father's side of the family." A glance at Chase, and Amy's gaze sticks there for a bit.

Micah nods slowly to Chase. "Right. I knew about the dragon blood already. But what does that have to do with Oberon's blood?" Though, he has to wonder, if he ever gets that far, what it is he's going to want. He glances to Amy and nods. Expression thoughtful.

Chase nods to Amy "Have you ever met The Royals of Amber?" he smiles "They don't have to covet...they can just have their whim...isn't that right Amy?"

Amy makes a bit of a face, as she nods though. "Yes, they just - take what they want, mostly," she says. "Though not all of us." She manages to look over at Chase, and then says, "And if they can't here, they usually can find it somewhere out in Shadow."

Micah nods. "A few of them, yes." He glances to Amy and nods. "The ones that I've met, so far, haven't just taken what they wanted." He pauses, thinking back, and his lips twitch. "Well. For the most part."

Chase shrugs "Now add Dragon blood to can have /anything/ I should write a paper...." he smiles "When Amy turns into a dragon we will need to throw a party."

Amy sort of looks from Chase to Micah, and there is a bit of distraction in her, between the two. "Sure, we can throw a party. If I survive that long," she manages. "I swear this is going to kill me before - Chase, what's going to happen next?"

Micah glances to Chase again, and again he nods. "Interesting." He glances over to Amy again, his expression is troubled now. He rises to his feet. "Party sounds good. I need to go... think.. I'll see you two later." He glances to Amy at her question, and breathes a little deeper. He pauses to hear the answer first.

Chase shrugs "That depends on you...I went on a bit of a Rampage" he admits "food, women, booze...shinies?" he frowns "I was a bit of what you'd call a troubled child...the first time Quina met me she nearly blackened my eye...Trist did better."

Amy frowns, as that's not really the answer she's looking for. She gets to her feet now, moving to stand in front of Chase. "No, I mean, this becoming a dragon thing. Do I just wake up a dragon one morning? With a broken bed to show for it?" Micah gets a very scattered wave.

Micah pauses and waits. Apprently he wants to hear the answer to that, too.

Chase shakes his head, "No when you are ready the dragon will let you know, then she will take over...it's not as bad as it sounds, my Dragon and I are at peace, I hardly ever need to restrain him."

Amy stares at Chase. "I don't even know what that means," she says, sounding lost. "but it does sound - like my worst nightmare." She puts her hands over her face for a moment.

Micah walks back over to the chair he'd vacated, but doesn't sit down again just yet. He waits, and watches, and listens.

Chase wets his lips, a glance given to Micah, then back to Amy "sit" he orders. "Close your eyes, breathe, like I taught you, relax." he rumbles his voice takes on a slightly reptilian his now.

Amy pauses, looking at Chase for a long moment, and then she returns to her seat, flopping with less grace than should be possible for the petite woman. Disgruntled. She frowns, but her eyes do close as she takes Chase's advice. Close her eyes and breathe. Well, at least she can do that much.

Micah considers Chase thoughtfully at that reptilian tone to his voice. But he nods his agreement with the advice. It's good advice.

"Now, see the dragon" Chase whispers "match your breathing to hers, you feel her emotions now, connect with her...but you are in control...not her...she may fight you...."

Amy's eyes flash open at Chase's words. Whether she sees a dragon or not is questionable. She sits up straight, and then she takes a breath, trying again. She settles back down slowly, the tension in her obvious. She's not going to manage to relax so much right at this point.

Micah listens quietly, not interrupting. Just listening and, maybe, learning something. Learning is good. Eventually, Micah might be the one going through this. Maybe.

"I never said it would be easy. start with the breathing, draw in energy...she will stir"

Amy starts with breathing, listening to Chase, as he continues his teaching. She can feel the breathing, a bit self conscious with Micah here, a bit - swirly, over everything. She closes her eyes though, and gradually stops thinking about everything. Her breathing evens, deepens, and the energy swirls around her. She doesn't quite seem to get her breathing to the right spot though.

Micah quietly sits back down and listens quietly. He's not here. Honest.

The air grows chilly as Chase's eyes take on a frosty hue "I know your there" a dragons voice rumbles "answer me" The ice Dragon speaks from Chase's throat.

Amy is concentrating, but she's failing to get there. Even to talk to her inner self. Though she does hear Chase, that difference in his voice, and then there is a sort of a half snap, not quite there yet, but almost ... face to face. And Amy sounds very startled as she finds that mirror. "Oh!"

Micah glances to Chase as he.. well, as his dragon speaks. Then back to Amy.

Chase breathes in deeply, fighting his own dragon back to rest "Now do you get it...a little bit?"

With her Oh of surprise, Amy pullls herself out of the state she was in and loses the image, but she sort of stares at her hand for a moment. And then as Chase speaks, she looks over at him, and then says, "That was strange." She looks over at Chase, and then she says, "I - sort of? Maybe. But - " Not quite. She looks over at Micah for help even.

Micah looks to Chase again and shakes his head. He really doesn't get it, but for one thing, he couldn't see what Amy saw. He glances back to Amy and lifts a shoulder. "Sorry Amy, I don't understand it either."

Chase smiles to Micah "When you are ready, if Trist ok's it, I will teach you, and you will understand." he looks to Amy "tonight you will dream of flying."

Amy shrugs at Micah, and makes a face. "I know, right? It's - not as easy as folks think." Then she actually grins at Chase. "That's not new, you know. I love to fly."

"I..." Micah takes a deep breath. "I don't know. I think.. maybe. If Trist is okay with it." He'd seemed so very sure he wanted to learn that when he first arrived here. Now? Now he's not so certain. He looks back to Amy and nods. He tilts his head. "How do you fly?"

Chase winks "on my back normally" he tells Micah, "But tonight she will feel the wind under her own wings." he seems very sure of this. "try not to let the tail throw you...you really need it to fly...helps with yaw and pitch."

Amy stares at Chase, and then she ducks her head for a moment. "I - in a plane or a hang glider," she says, aware that Micah probably doesn't know what they are either. "I can show you one day if you want." And then her expression turns wistful. "Flying under my own power," she murmurs, eyes brightening. "That's a thought good enough that maybe I should call it a night."

Micah nods to Chase. "Sort of like you were going to carry me to the hospital that one time?" Apparently, he doesn't remember the actual flying part. He blinks and looks to Amy. "What is a plane and hang glider?" Nope, he doesn't know what they are. He nods. "I'd like that, yes. Please." He nods. "Good night, then?"

Chase rises and bows "Your Highness" he intones then smiles to Micah, "I am going to wake the twins and give them something noisy to play with"

Amy pauses, and then throws a pillow at Chase with a scowl.

Micah huffs a soft chuckle and stays out of that one. For now.

Chase catches the pillow "What? They aren't in your room?"

Amy chuckles softly. "Never mind," she says, with a shake of her head. "Good night, Chase. Micah."

Micah smiles. "Good night."

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