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RtA Log - Meeting Sebastian

Characters: Micah, Amethyst, Sebastian, Dirk, Moxon
Location: Eastgate - Arden

--[ Eastgate ]---------------------------------------------------[ Arden ]----

What was once char and ash is now young but healthy forest. The forest
floor holds the remains of a vast fire, and the young trees are spaced
too regularly to be wild growth, and the trees range from small
saplings to young adults. The forest village of Eastgate nearby has
undergone a similar rebirth; a new market has been built, for Arden's
foresters and hunters to trade their wares with the cityfolk of Amber,
and a new tavern has been built for those unusual occasions when the
solitary Amberites seek socialization. It is a rather large log
edifice, with a wide front door going into a tavern and plenty of room
on the front deck for carousing.

The fortification that protected Eastgate from the Black Road remains;
perhaps in case the Road's power returns, perhaps to defend Eastgate
against the numerous other dangers of Arden. It is a great palisade,
formed of sharpened logs, larger than Old Eastgate; there are
platforms for archers at defensive points, and a gate of wood and
iron. Inside are tents of various sizes, neatly laid out.

To the north lie the outer reaches of the vastness of Shadow Arden,
while to the south, the path leads towards the forest by Moon Pass.
Other than those ways, the borders to the forest can be reached in
every direction. If the Black Road has a foothold here, it is well

--[ watch ]--------------------------------------------[ Exits: N S W SE ]----

Dragged! Kicking and screaming! No, not really. Micah's here with Amy and the rest of her color guard, however many she's brought. It's a decent length trip from the city to here, so they're riding upon horses. Micah's is a heavy bay mare, looks to be at least partial draft. They're not in the part of Eastgate that is fortified yet, but are still out on the trail leading in, going past the burned out area now. "Nature, huh? I could stand to learn a bit more about nature myself," Micah can be heard saying aside to Amy.

Amy has decided to learn about nature. Even if it is still a bit wintery. There's a couple guards, of course, cause she can't go anywhere without them. Okay, so there's 4, two of Random's and 2 of Lucian's, but that doesn't really matter, right? She's riding a horse of grey, just because. And not sidesaddle. As it happens, she is in breeches and a shirt, all set up and good to go. "Yes, nature. So I thought maybe outside the city would be a good place."

There's a movement off in the forest, the sound of foot steps. Someone is advancing on the path, cutting through the trees to do so. Whoever that someone is is also whistling too, and sounds like they're in a good mood. Sebastian has a large axe slung over his back, made of silver it's definitely not going to be mistaken for a wood cutters axe in the slightest. He clears the trees and then straightens as he sees the horses and guards. "Well well well."

Dirk is walking along like its the middle of the summer and he just doesnt care. He's singing a bawdy tune about an unnamed prince of Amber and a saloon girl and what they get up to in the stable hayloft.

"Seems a good place to me for starting," says Micah. "This is the first time I've been out this far. Well. In this direction. I think the Hasp might be father, but it's a different direction so I'm not sure." The mare he rides is the first to look toward the movement and sounds. Her ears are much better than Micah's are. He follows her gaze, trying to pick out whatever it is. And then the whistling. He glances to Amy. "Company, it would seem." He glances to Dirk too, as he approaches, then offers him a nod, as well as the fellow with the silver axe.

The guards pay attention as they're supposed to, though they do seem reasonably relaxed. Alert, but not stupidly so. Amy glances back, hearing Dirk's singing first. She waves a hand his way, and then her attention is caught by the fellow in front. "I did not expect to see you here," she says. "The dress is lovely, thank you."

Sebastian's chuckle is a dark thing and he bows to the woman, though given the tenor of it it might be a mockery rather than a serious thing. The way he does it makes it hard to tell. That and that axe remains on his shoulder as he dips. "The roads are many and long. You'd be surprised how many of them I'm at the end of," is teased at Amy in an accent that places him in Weirmonken by birth. "What brings you to the big bad wolf today, lass?" Never mind the fact those are the kings men. Or a House guards. Oh no.

Dirk is bouncing along with no coat on "hello amykins? How are you today? Do you need me to kick some wolf butt for you?"

Micah glances at Amy curiously, but doesn't ask. He sits more or less relaxed on the horse, though his back is a bit straighter than full relaxation. Both of his hands rest on the front of his saddle. He listens quietly, and looks curious at the wolf part, both from Sebastian and from Dirk. "Hey Dirk," he greets. "How are you?"

Amy laughs outright at Sebastian's teasing. "Oh, I see. All roads lead to the big bad wolf?" She glances at Dirk and then she just laughs, dismounting for a bit. "No, Dirk. I don't think that there is a requirement for Sebastian to be kicked. Yet. Micah, this is Sebastian; Sebastian, Micah." The guards she doesn't introduce, of course. They don't seem bothered by it. "Since I very much doubt it's my presence that brings you out of the woodwork friend wolf, what are you doing in this neck of the woods? Teasing Rangers?"

Amy blinks and then she says, "Oh, and I came out here to learn a bit more about nature."

"All roads," Sebastian assures Amy as he watches her slide off the horse. All the better to bring her well below his level. He's not short. "Would I be teasing Rangers?" Why hell yes, he would. There's a wink of one of those pale blue eyes as he watches the petite woman. "Nature is it? I can show you plenty of that. Which bits would you care to see first?" The tone he says it in? That could be taken so many ways.

Dirk smiles and grins at Micah "Hello dear." He's talking to Micah and looks over to Sebastian. "sure he doesnt need to be kicked?"

Micah follows suit and dismounts. He walks around the bay mare and stands next to Amy. He offers a nod to Sebastian. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lord Sebastian," he says. For a guy, he is short. But he's not as short as Amy is. He glances to Dirk and smiles to him. "Good to see you again, Dirk."

Dirk hugs Micah tight. Dirk is huggy like that.

Amy makes a face at Sebastian, though those purple eyes of hers are definitely taking in the physique, and the handsome face. "Mm, no, I don't think so, Dirk. It's just words. They're actually kind of amusing at that." She glances at Micah as he comes around to her side, offering him a brief smile. "I'm pretty sure you tease everyone," she says, looking back at Sebastian. "So yes, you'd be teasing rangers. And - I'm looking for an advanced nature course, so you'll have to keep the basics to yourself, I'm afraid."

Sebastian is polite enough to acknowledge the other two with a nod to each before he lazily hefts that axe from his shoulder and swings it in an arc till it thunks in the ground. Something that no doubt makes the guards jump. But it's nowhere near Amethyst. "Now now," he chides at the woman with a shake of his head. "If you start insulting my prowess I'm just going to have to show you how good I am."

Micah gives Dirk a brief hug and then steps out of the hug with a smile for Dirk. "Thanks." He glances to Amy and returns the smile. Then looks back to Sebastian. He nods back to the man. His eyes go to the axe as it's thunked to the ground, but doesn't jump at it. Just.. watches. Then looks back up.

Dirk says "hey hey please keep all clothing on ...

"But I bet he looks really good without," Amy says, eyes on Sebastian, as though she just can't quite help herself. Oops. She arches a brow though, one hand finding a hip, and regards Sebastian. "That isn't exactly the sort of nature I was thinking about though. I mean, I'm a doctor. You might be cute, but you don't have anything I haven't seen before. At least in this shape." A pause, and then Amy sighs. "Did I really just say that?" she asks Micah.

Dirk laughs "I am going to tell your dad Amy." He starts to laugh.

"You're welcome to look and see." Seb replies with a dry humour that threatens removal of his clothes. Right here. Right now. Because he just would. "And you think you've seen it all, lass? You've truly a lot to learn then." There's another of those winks, the look he gives the group is devilish and unmasked. Open for all to see.

Dirk says "I'd pay a gold coin or two to see that." Now Dirk is stirring the pott

Micah glances back to Amy and watches her. Then he nods. "Yes Amy, you just said that," he says. He looks to Sebastian and shakes his head. "Sebastian, in this case you might be getting more than you bargain for if you remove your clothing." This is said with a tinge of amusement but nothing more.

Hey, c'mon, Amy has no claws. Well, not yet, anyway. She grins at that devilish look, taking a step towards Sebastian without even thinking. Micah's words stall her, and she takess a deep breath, then gives Dirk a dirty look. "Go ahead, he'll just try to ground me again." Hrmph. She does look over at Micah, not quite sure what he's thinking. "Micah - are you tempted too?" And then she laughs at Sebastian's words, a hint of mischief and thrill-seeking showing up on her face. "Promises, promises," she offers back to Seb. "Last time, you surely didn't make good on any such promises, just destroyed my dress and left for higher ground."

Sebastian arches an eyebrow as Amy steps towards him, his look saying he's more than happy to deliver on this. And indeed at Dirks' prompting his fingers go to his doublet. The buttons are tugged unceremoniously, well worn enough that they pop through the buttonholes with the sharp tug he gives. "Oh I promise I'll make good this time, lass. Sure you're not going to be the one who runs off?" The doublet is shed without much ado, only the linen shirt beneath and that does little to conceal his physique.

Dirk finds a tree to lean against. He's good.

"Tempted? Of course I am. But I'm not going to give in to that temptation," says Micah. He glances to Sebastian and steps between him and Amy for a moment, facing Amy, and leans in to murmur something to her.
Privately, to Amethyst, Micah leans in to say, "Consider this an intervention, Cousin. You're reacting to the shiny." He sounds somewhat amused.

Amy's cheeks go pink, though it's hard to say exactly why. She looks around Micah to Sebastian, and she says, "But he's so shiny!" And then she closes her eyes, hands fisting at her side. "Not fair," she says, "this is just not - right." A breath, and her gaze goes back to Sebastian, and that physique. Fighting a perhaps losing battle. "Plants, trees, flowers," she manages after a moment. "Not wolves."

Dirk remains silent

Sebastian laughs with amusement as Micah steps between him and Amy, showing no malice at the reaction it garners either. He shakes his head as he listens to the little lady read off that list. "I can show you all of those. And more." Which is of course when his shirt hits the ground too. It may be cold. He doesn't care. There are abs and pecs, and then some. His skin taut in the cold air.

Micah remains where he is, facing Amy. He nods to what she says. "I won't argue with that," he says. He watches her for a moment, and then steps back to her side, half turned to face both her and Sebastian. And then Sebastian goes shirtless, and Micah shakes his head. He remains where he is, watching to see how Amy's going to react. He'll only intervene if it's necessary. Maybe.

Amy glances over to Dirk, tilting her head. She almost misses the shirt, but catches sight in the corner of her eye and also hears her guard captain sigh. he gets a quick look, and then her gaze is back to Sebastian. Oh. Unicorn. "Nice," Amy breathes softly, as she drifts forward, reaching a hand out to touch Sebastian's well muscled abs. "You are a very gorgeous man," she admits, her gaze going up to Seb's, without too much trouble. Wait, are there others here?

Dirk says "dont touch the wolf you're a princess."

It may be cold, but wolves don't care for such things. Sebastian certainly doesn't. He moves a hand to catch Amy's where she touches him though it's light enough to let her hand roam as it will. Something he looks to be encouraging. "I've plenty more to show you," is promised in a teasing tone, without a care in the world for the others present.

Micah remains where he is, still. He can reach out and touch Amy if he wants to. But he doesn't. Waits to see if she'll remember control with the encouraging Sebastian, or not. If she doesn't... then he might intervene. He glances briefly to Dirk and then back to Amy and Sebastian.

Dirk is just quietly watching. This is better than those bawdy shows out in shadow and cheaper too. He pulls a flask out of his pocket and takes a drink from it.

Amy's hand is caught, encouraged, and she finds herself getting lost in those icy blue eyes. Sinking into the primal emotions that are somehow simmering too near the surface. She hears Dirk, but it seems like he's a million miles away. Her fingers trace over the abs, exploring lightly. Her eyes close, a shudder goes through her, as she fights for control. "Flowers then?" she says. "You can show me whatever you want later?" There's hope in there though, Amy wishing she might get to spend more time exploring. Her hand pulls back, a fingernail's width, from Seb's skin, as she tries to find the strength to step away. Teetering on the edge.

"I will show you whatever you wish lass." Seb's words are dark and low, in a tone that promises her whatever she wants. And there's a little growl that calls to the primal being he can see in front of him. Enticing it out to play. He'll play with fire. And then some. He watches the hand move back, but doesn't stop it, perhaps trusting to his charms to win the day. "Come run with me. Be free."

Dirk says "amy? I have a shiney ?"

Micah watches. And waits. "Flowers are good," he murmurs. "Flowers are not shinies." He still sounds amused. More and more amused. He glances to Sebastian and smiles, and then looks back to Amy.

Sebastian's temptation of Amy is actually cut short by Dirk's comment. "A what?" she asks, as she pulls back to look at Dirk. She is standing next to Sebastian who is wearing no shirt. There are 6 horses, 4 guards still mounted, and a Dirk and a MIcah watching. "Dirk, what are you talking about?" She takes a step towards Dirk, shaking her head a bit, and totally not looking back towards Sebastian.

Sebastian gives a soft laugh of amusement as the girl is so easily distracted. He watches as she starts to move towards the other man and merely reaches for the silver axe that is planted in the ground beside him. It's hefted with the flex of his exposed muscles and swung back up onto his shoulder with an air of 'easy come, easy go.'

Micah smiles as Amy gets control of herself again. He nods as though to himself, and half turns to follow her progress toward Dirk, walking along half a step behind and to one side of her. He glances back to Sebastian and then back to Dirk. Shinies are good! He wants to see the shiny too.

Dirk takes something out of his pocket. Its a tiny velvet bag. He's watching Sebastian as he dangles it out on one finger.

Amy stops, a reasonable distance from Dirk, and looks at that small velvet bag. "May I?" she asks, rather than just taking it. She's totally still not looking anywhere /near/ Sebastian though. Or Micah, who so was not helping.

"I'll see you next time, lass. I've not forgotten our bargain." Sebastian says. The clothes he's shed on the floor are left there as he takes on another skin entirely. The blur of moonlight takes both man and weapon with him as he assumes the form of a large wolf, dark fur completed with odd red tips.

Moxon slips out of a larger tent, one of the war-rooms, to light a cigar. He ambles for the group. "Who's party izzis?"

Micah might not have been helping, but he's proud of Amy getting her control back none the less. He glances back to Sebastian as the man speaks, and watches curiously as he changes. Interesting. But not worrisome, apparently. He looks around as Moxon approaches. "Hello Lord Moxon," he greets the man. He glances back to watch Dirk and Amy.

Moxon says, "Who. wants to take. responsibility."

Amy takes the bag, as Dirk offers it, and she opens it. She finds a shiney piece of something inside. Not sure what it is, she tips it over and then she looks over at Moxon. "My party, Moxon. I'll take responsibility." That said, her gaze goes back over to the departing Seb, lingering there briefly, before she heaves a bit of a sigh. "Thanks, Dirk. I think you should keep this though." she says, handing it back.

Dirk says "that Weir that just left does."

Moxon says, "I should fuckin' draft you all. Right now."

The wolf casts one look back at the princess with those ice blue eyes and then he's gone, heading for the undergrowth and back into the forest once more. Shirt and doublet still abandoned on the path.

Micah looks quizically at Moxon, but doesn't claim the party. He looks back to Amy and looks at the piece of shiny curiously. He watches the wolf leave, glances to the clothes, and then back to Amy and Dirk.

Dirk says "nope its yours now. You gotta keep it. Dont litter in Julian's forest " He turns to Moxon "bite me monkey boy."

Moxon lopes over to take the clothes, folded over one arm. He squints at Dirk. "I have a war to fight. So sorry your picnic is ruined."

Dirk points to the Amy "It was a Pretty Princess Picnic Party."

Amy pulls her attention away from the wolf, and tilts her head. "Draft us? You'd likely be sorry, since I'm sure I'd be a horrible draftee. Are you sayings students of nature are not allowed in the forest, cousin? How else are we to learn?" Puzzled and seriously confused, that would be Amy right now. She blinks at Dirk, and then pockets the strange bit of material, thoughtfully. Hrm. Her attention goes back to Moxon. "Also rude, obnoxious and overbearing." She holds a hand out, sounding imperious for a moment. "I can take those clothes, cousin. No need for you to delay your war for such paltry things as laundry."

Micah looks fairly well confused too. "Wait. What? Drafting for what?" And then the man speaks again. A war? "Ah." Micah looks to Amy and steps up beside her again, but remains that half a step back.

Moxon smiles to Amy. "My clothes, now. Nowhere to take them to. If Jimmy Sexrimes wants 'em back, he can ask me.""

Dirk says "I have a day job Moxon and remember my punching you right out?"

Amy gives Moxon a pained look. "Oh, whatever. They won't even fit you, will they? I'll just buy him new ones," she decides. Not worth fighting over, seriously. She does give Moxon a long look, brooding a bit. "Though I do not see what the problem is. You can't seriously be jealous, so what does it matter?" Micah gets a glance, as he takes up a good solid defensive position, while the five foot nothing Amy turns her attention on Moxon. She does glance at Dirk, and then back to Moxon. "Dirk punched - sigh. Look, I just wanted to learn more about nature, okay? This seemed like a good place for it, since it's advanced level I am wanting."

Moxon says, "Nature tours don't require nudity. They require you stay on the paths-as-marked and have a Ranger escort."

"Great, you want to escort us?" Amy returns immediately. "We literally just came out of the city and rode here."

Moxon wiggles the clothes. "Voodoo doll, scent for Hellhounds or ... what-have-you I got use for these."

"Now that's really noble, Ranger Lieutenant," Amy says dryly. "And you ignored my question."

Dirk laughs "But Weir seduction requires much nudity and flirting and teasing." He says "and two gold, do you think I should pay him one since he was only partially t naked."

Moxon puffs on his cigar, pointing after the escaping suspect. "I. hate. that. sonofabitch. The rest of you aren't -- look, just follow the rules. Respect the forest, even if you think there's a branch up my bum."

Dirk says "I dont think it. I know it Moxie." Dirk is teasing .

"Well, you were walking kind of stiff legged," points out Micah, his tone just as teasing as Dirk's. "How've you been, Moxon?"

Amy advances to stand right in front of Moxon. "I don't care if you hate him. You have no call to come out here and accuse me of anything, when all we were doing is standing. It's no wonder you don't get visitors, if you're all so curmudgeonly." she pauses, glances at Dirk and MIcah, and then she laughs. "Certainly we will follow the rules, Ranger Lieutenant. But we would have done so even without your little power trip."

Dirk takes a tiny piece of paper out of his pocket and acts like he's going to drop on the ground.

Moxon pinches the bridge of his nose. "Overwhelmed. Because I get to smile and eat a lot of shit sandwiches while trying to--" He gestures to Dirk with that pointer. "Thaaat. Real cute. Can you please punch Mordred half as hard as you punched me?"

Micah watches Moxon now. "While trying to what?" he asks. He glances over to Amy and raises a brow. He steps forward with her and stays beside her.

Dirk laughs and puts the paper down "Yes I am really cute and I can try."

"Don't do that, please, Dirk," Amy says, as Moxon brings her attention to the piece of paper trick. "Because if you keep that up, I'm going to scream, and I don't think anyone within hearing range will like it if I do that." She can feel it building, she can. "Moxon, I'm sorry. I'm a little out of sorts, but - whatever your argument is with Sebastian, please don't put me in the middle of it." It's a strain on her to keep her voice soft, but she's so far managing.

Moxon hands over the clothes. "Y'right. My apologies, Princess." He disengages enough to bow, and then extinguises his smoke and heads deeper into Arden. As he goes, he starts painting his own face.

Micah lifts his hand and pats the back of Amy's shoulder, light enough to be friendly, but harder than a simple pat would be. Perhaps catching her attention? He can likely hear, or sense, or something, of what's building in her. "Keep hold of it, Cousin," he says to her, tone soft. He glances off after Moxon. "Hey Moxon, weren't you going to lead the tour?"

Amy takes the clothing, her back stiffening slightly. She closes her eyes and mumbles something about "shiny." And then she passes the clothing to Micah. "Thank you, Moxon," she says. "You don't have to - " Unicorn.

Dirk starts removing clothes to be one with the forest, he start and stops with his shirt.

Moxon calls to Dirk, over one shoulder: "I don't come to Karm and ask 'whatsis button do?' before pressing it anyhow, or unraveling Seals, or ... just stop. Please."

Micah huffs a soft chuckle at Amy's reaction. He accepts the clothing and steps the few steps over to his bay mare. The clothes get stuffed into a pack on the back of the saddle, and then he returns to Amy's side. He glances to Dirk and raises a brow, watching the man. He glances after Moxon.

Amy turns to Dirk, and she sighs. "Dirk. Please." That tension is back, and she's fighting the primal nature to ... roar.

Dirk says "stop what? I am not doing anything wrong unless there a official rules that insist that clothes must be worn in the forest at all times even when baithing and stuff."

Moxon says, "Fantastic. I can tell the Rangers not to leave bruises on somebody, but I can't tell the Forest or the deeply-insane man hiding in it to take it easy on my brother an' maybe leave him his nipples."

Micah shakes his head and reaches out to grab hold of Amy's wrist. "We'll be right back. Hey Moxon? Can you get some coffee or tea or something for Amy?" He keeps hold of her wrist and walks her around to the other side of hte horses. Away from Dirk and Moxon. He murmurs softly to her. His tone is soothing, but the words can't be heard well enough to make out just what they are.
Privately, to Amethyst, Micah turns to face Amy, his eyes on hers. "Take a few deep breaths, Cousin. Block them out and get your hold back on it. You can do it." His tone is soothing.

Dirk says " I am not removing any more clothes Moxon so I think my nipples are safe from Moredead."

Moxon goes for that hot tea, face half-blackened.

RPG: Amethyst declares that she has the Breath of the Dragon (DRG-BD) gift. Use '+gift DRG-BD' to view the gift description. Last edit: 73 months ago.
Amy turns her attention on Micah, and there's only one problem. uhm, yeah. She does take a few deep breaths, and it does help a bit, at first. She then breaks away from him, and runs. Not far, no, just far enough that when she sinks to her knees and lets out that ... roar ... it hopefully doesn't deafen anyone. Though there's no doubt the entire nearby forest will have heard it.

Well, Micah tried. He just didn't intervene quite quickly enough, it would seem. When Amy breaks away from him, Micah lifts his hands and claps them to his ears. The roar comes and the horses all startle, but don't bolt. They seem fairly well used to dragons. After the roar, Micah lowers his hands and walks over to Amy. He offers her his hand to help her back to her feet. "Better, Cousin?" Amusement still tinges his tone.

Moxon is heading out of the Lodge with cups, tray and teapot. The rumble shatters the pottery. "Well, balls."

Dirk sits down and yells "what the flying fracking freebasing freakshow was that?"

Amy lets out a huge gob of frustration with that roar, and she stays there, panting for a moment. Micah's hand catches her attention first, and she nods her head, still quiet for a moment. "Yes, thank you," she says. She reaches to Micah's hand, accepting his help standing. Her guards? The mandrakes cover their ears, immediately, and Random's two - they follow suit, cause they learn fast.

Moxon returns with metal cups. Ha-HA.

Micah's fingers close around Amy's and helps her to her feet. "Guess intervention needs to be a bit sooner next time, huh?" This is as much a learning process for him as it is for her. Just, from far different persepectives. "You're welcome." He thinks. "Moxon's getting tea or coffee or something. Shall we go join him?" He's speaking at more a normal volume now.

Dirk heads over to Moxon p..

Moxon closes with the Mandrakes, pouring tea for each. Hell, even the guards.

Now feeling much better, Amy moves towards Moxon, along side Micah. "Tea or coffee or something sounds really good. I definitely could use a drink." She looks at Dirk, a bit apologetically. "Hey, you guys okay?" The tea pouring gets a smile, a genuine one at that. "Thank you, Moxon."

Moxon says, "I do get prickly. I shouldn't."

Micah releases Amy's hand once she's up on her feet. He follows beside her over to the others, and smiles to Amy. "It does, doesn't it?" Sound good, that is. "Thank you Moxon," he says as he accepts a metal cup of tea.

Amy accepts her cup of tea as well. "I guess there are just some people who rub you the wrong way. We probably all have them, just not the same ones?" she says. She looks over at Dirk, frowning a bit. He's awfully quiet isn't he?

Moxon says, "Tea, Dirk?"

Moxon watches Dirk's lips for an answer.

Micah glances to Amy and nods. "Yes," he agrees. "I certainly do. Makes sense that other people do, too." He glances toward Dirk too. "Dirk, you okay?"

Dirk yells "yes please?"

Moxon pours for Dirk.

Amy bites her lip and then she says, "I'm sorry," as she realizes Dirk is not quite hearing right.

Moxon repeats, louder: "SHE SAYS SHE'S SORRY."

Micah smiles over to Dirk. He glances to Amy and reaches out a hand to pat her shoulder.

Dirk yells back, "Its all good and she got a shiney out of it! I still love her although I like Micah more cause he's a red head!"

Amy glances at Micah and smiles a bit. She sips some tea, and then she grumbles a bit, not feeling quite that guilty. "Only so much a girl can take befofre she starts getting loud," she says.

Moxon says, "OKAY. MILK OR SUGAR?"

Dirk yells "can I have some tea with my sugar! please?"

Moxon mixes Dirk tea-colored sludge, per his request.

Micah chuckles at Dirk. "I do have red hair," he admits. He glances over at Amy and nods. "I know."

Amy blinks and then she slides a look over at Micah. "Can't blame you, Dirk," she says softly. Her gaze goes to Moxon, and she shrugs a bit. "I really did just come out to learn a bit about the forest, and maybe something new about nature."

Dirk is ready to pounce someone in his half dressed state, guess who.

Moxon dabs his eardrums. "... and I really am mustering for an attack on Mordred's latest lean-to."

Amy tilts her head and then she nods. "That sounds like it could be dangerous. Please be careful." She hesitates, and then says, "I don't think I know enough about this forest to be of aid, or I would offer to help."

Micah nods to Moxon. "Yes, do be careful please," says Micah. He glances to Amy and then to Moxon. "Who is Mordred?"

Moxon says, "Once a cousin, now lost to the Mark. Chaos' finest general."

Dirk puts his tea down and focuses on Micah. He shifts his weight a little.

"I don't know if I've met him," Amy says, "Or not much." Which is probably a good thing. "But I've heard of him."

Micah considers that and then glances to Amy. He shakes his head and looks back to Moxon. "Chaos touched. Probably not a good idea for Amy to be anywhere near him right now, then." He glances to Dirk and holds up a hand, palm facing him in a stop gesture. "Dirk, don't pounce me."

Dirk stops moving and gets the cutest look on his face and makes a snorting noise

Moxon says, "I'll leave you all to your business, then."

Dirk looks up and sighs.

Micah glances to Moxon and nods. "See you later, Moxon." He glances to Dirk and shakes his head. "You pounce me, I'm going to wind up broken again." He casts a side-long glance at Amy as he says that.

Amy looks at Dirk and manages, "Dirk, stop that. Please." Then she smiles at Moxon. "You are welcome to stay. Up to you. I thought we needed a ranger tour guide?" And then at Micah's words, there's a bit of a growl from Amy, as she looks over at Dirk.

Dirk cant hear Amy but he has already settled back down so no need to get all dragony on his ass and bite his head off.

Micah starts in a deep breath and pauses halfway through it, exhaling it all at once. Well. At least he can chuckle without pain now. Bonus. No deep breaths yet though. He glances to Amy. "Amy, you're losing control again," he says.

Dirk is watching.

Amy is in fact totally losing control, and she turns and pounces Dirk, without another word. Her tea cup at least goes flying.

Dirk rolls back into it and turns (metaphorically) into a squirmy kitten. He wraps his arms around her and wriggles around.

Micah blinks for a few moments, and just looks astonished that Amy pounced Dirk! Even more astonishing is the results of Dirk hugging her.

Amy wasn't exactly looking for hugs, but thankfully she is very easily distracted. Mmm, hey, Dirk's shirt isn't done up. Her guards do step in, since really this is not the place. "Your highness," says Captain Farran, but Amy doesn't listen. So he reaches down to see about lifting Amy up bodily.

Dirk cant hear and has a handfull of amy. someone needs to get his attention.

Micah steps up beside them and starts to bend forward only to stop with a slightly pained expression. Soft grunt. He straightens up and pokes Dirk with his toe to catch his attention.

Amy's all soft and cuddly all of a sudden, but she doesn't protest much as Farran lifts. Course she does yelp, since Dirk is lifted up with her if he doesn't let go.

Dirk gets nudged and looks over and up. He figures it out and lets her go.

There's a small group here, just outside the settlement of Eastgate on the trail. Micah's nudging Dirk with a toe. Dirk is letting go of Amy, who's being hauled bodily up off of him by one of her own guards. Micah simply looks amused. Dirk appears deaf. There are six horses nearby. Three of which still have guards mounted upon them. Two are Extrodinarii, the third is a Mandrake guard. The one with Amy is a Mandrake Guard. "Amy, if you want to be all cuddly, I could use a hug. Just don't squeeze me too hard, okay?"

Dirk gets up to his feet and straightens his shirt. He doesnt button it though.

Amy looks a bit confused, as she finds herself suddenly eye to uniform with a Mandrake guard captain. "Uhm, hi," she says, before she's on her feet, and her cheeks go pink. "Got to be a way to deal with this," she mutters to herself. "Or else I'm going to have to lock myself in a tower."

Dirk yells "I love you amy, in a platonic dont piss off your uncle Random kinda way. Feel free to do that any time!"

"Practice, Amy. Practice. Nobody gets good at anything without practice." Micah steps over and stands beside Amy. He nods to the Mandrake guard captain. "Thanks, Farran. Not sure I should be picking anybody up right now, even though Amy literally weighs like nothing." He glances at Dirk and laughs.

Amy blinks at Dirk and then she laughs. "Thanks Dirk," she calls out, just a bit louder than usual, hopefully loud enough for him to hear. She takes a breath, and then says, "No, I don't want to tempt fate yet again. I think maybe this was a bad idea. I should go back to the house and - " Words fade off as she's not sure what to do. "Thank you, Farran," she adds after a moment.

Micah considers Amy and shrugs a bit. "What are you going to do when you get discouraged that your first blade doesn't turn out right?" He's not paying any attention to Dirk now, just to Amy. Yes, that means he's expecting Amy to follow through with the smithing thing. "You're not going to figure it out by giving up."

Dirk bounces off in a random (meaning not planned not Random the supposed King of Amber) direction.

Amy frowns at Micah. And then she says, "Fall back, regroup, try again?"

Micah studies Amy for a moment, and then nods. "Yeah. Fall back, regroup, try again. That sounds like a workable plan. Long as you don't give up. You'll figure it out."

Dirk isnt paying attention and knocks himself out by head butting a tree after tripping over a branch.

"Dirk?" Amy says, and then she shakes her head. "Farran, - " The guard captain just chuckles, and heads over to check on the crazy knocked out Dirk. "Thank you." Amy, totally sidetracked again.

Micah glances away and over to Dirk as he skips away. Then blinks again as the man gets knocked out. "Ouch..." Pause, glance to Amy, nod. He seems to be able to handle her being sidetracked and distracted.

Dirk is out cold and if Farran gets too close he gets a hug.

Farran doesn't seem to react to the hug, but he does pick up the Dirk. "Here now, lad," he says. "Her highness asked me to get you up off the ground, but I can put you back there, if you don't behave," he offers straight up.

Amy watches, and then she sighs, moving to get back on her horse. "I think I really seriously need to start today over."

Micah huffs a soft chuckle and remains next to Amy. He glances over to her and walks over to his horse too. "This day's going okay, Amy. Nobody got broken yet." Yet. He gets up on the bay mare.

Dirk wakes up a little and says "you're not Micah. Sorry. I like hugging people though."

Farran shakes his head. "Are you alright there, sir?" he asks Dirk. "I'm Farran, Princess Amethyst's guard captain."

Amy makes a face at Micah. "I still think I need to retreat, think things over, and then try again."

Micah isn't going to get hugged. He likes hugs sometimes, but not like Dirk does. He glances to Amy and nods. "That's okay. Back to the manor, get a drink?"

Dirk nods "my brain is broken and i have a headache. I'll live. Its not as bad as falling from the top of Gerard's ship mast and landing on my head."

Farran nods, making sure Dirk's on his feet, and then he returns over to his horse, mounting up.

Amy smiles over at Dirk. "Be careful, Dirk," she says. "And take care. I think I need to go home for a bit." She waits for Farran and then heads back to the city.

Micah settles on the horse. He mounted up without any visible signs of pain, at lesat. He offers a nod to Dirk. "Take care," he says. He reins his mare around to follow amy back toward the city.

Dirk waves and wobbles around a little before heading off

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