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RtA Log - Cornered By Celeste!

Characters: Micah, Celeste
Location: Parlor - Mandrake Manor - Amber

--[ Parlor ]--------------------------------------------[ Mandrake Manor ]----

Of the rooms of the ground floor, the parlor has survived the best,
and kept to its intended purpose. Warm wood panels line the walls, lit
with oil sconces and, when the drapes are pulled back, southern
daylight. Thick carpets dampen footsteps, and provide a protected
resting place for chairs and couches arranged in comfortable
conversation clusters. A small game table occupies one corner, and the
other is claimed by a tall sideboard, though the crystal and glassware
it currently holds is mismatched.

The main foyer is to the west. To the north is a heavy door leading to
the library, and to the east, a lockable door secures a small office.

--[ lhelp ]-----------------------------------------------[ Exits: N E W ]----

Micah is sitting in the parlor, sipping amber colored liquid from a glass. His expression is thoughtful as he draws something or other on a drawing pad.

Celeste crosses her arms and squints, "I was worrid." Celeste says, "But thank you for the note."

Micah doesn't notice Celeste as she enters the room. It's not until she speaks that the pencil lifts from the paper and he looks up. "Hey Cel." Pause. Blink. "Why were you worried?" He looks confused. And then nods about the note. "You're welcome."

Celeste says, "Looked like someone got shanked in here."

Micah frowns and glances over to the couch, where the last remaining splatters had been, just in front of it on the floor. Then back to Celeste. "Nobody got shanked," he says.

Celeste says, "Were you attacked? You're hurt. You weren't a last time I saw you."

Micah shakes his head. "No, I wasn't attacked," he says. "The ribs aren't related to the blood. That happened yesterday afternoon."

Celeste says, "And the blood?"

"Wasn't mine," says Micah. Though his eyes travel to that area again, where the blood had been. His expression is troubled.

Celeste frowns, "Micah. Spill." her tone impatient and irritable.

Micah breathes out a soft sigh and looks back to Celeste. "The blood was Dame Aio's."

Celeste frowns gently, "She alright?"

"Yes she is. She did it to herself. That's why I went up to the Hasp yesterday, to make sure she was okay." Micah probably isn't telling everything there is to tell.

Celeste frowns gently, "Anything else you think I ought to know? If there is, you probably don't want me finding out about it after the fact."

Micah thinks about that for a moment and then shrugs. "Probably. But it's not mine to tell. And I doubt she'll be happy if you ask her."

Celeste shrugs, "Fine, that's between her and me if it comes to it. I think well of her, I hope she's well."

A smile appears then, slowly, and Micah nods. "I think she will be, now. We had a long talk after, and a long talk up in the Hasp. She's going to be taking me Shadow walking at some point over the next few days. But... yes. She was better after I spoke to her in the Hasp than she was here when she left the night before." He sounds confidant about that.

Celeste frowns gently, "This has nothing to do with her father, right?"

Micah shakes his head. "No, nothing to do with her father."

Celeste exhales in relief, "Then I can't make it worse."

"Your best bet is to leave it alone. It has to do with a man." Micah raises his brows at her, hinting at it without actually coming out and saying it.

Celeste says, "I planned on it but Benedict and I are about to have it out again and I was worried she might somehow get smutz on her as a result. Rest is her business."

Micah nods to her. "Thanks for caring. Both about her and about me." Micah seems cheerful enough now. He reaches for his scotch and takes a drink of it.

Celeste blinks, "OF course." she looks abashed, "Flaws an all, not caring never been one of them. You need anything?"

Micah smiles to Celeste. "Good. Caring is good." Micah sets his glass down and then shakes his head. "Not as far as I'm aware. No, wait. There any advice you can give me for breathing under water? Aio said where we're going is underwater and I don't want to risk drowning. She says there's nothing to worry about, but.." Micah shrugs a bit.

Celeste squints, "You going to Rebma? Then just come with me, long as you stay on the stair and city you'll be fine. To breath in th water you'll need a Rebman who can spread that ability to others-only good for about a day...or an alchemical potion and that's a few hours at best."

Micah nods slowly. Then shakes his head. Then nods. "Walking Shadow. I suppose we're probably starting out in Rebma, all things considered. She's getting resources for Martin as well. I just don't know where we're going after that, or how we're getting there, just that it's underwater."

Celeste's eyebrows lift, "Hrrrm. I wondered where he was getting that. You should be fine with her I expect."

Celeste says, "I can't teach you not to drown. Can teach you to hold your breath but odds are that'd not be enough."

Micah nods. "Okay. I'll trust you there, too. I trust Aio, too. Maybe I'll see about learning about potions or something."

Celeste says, "You might see his Grace? he has some tricks up his sleeves. You're not scared of needles are you?""

Micah tilts his head curiously at Celeste. "Needles? No. Why ever should I be?" He nods though. "I'll talk to him if I see him. For the future, if nothing else. I have a feeling I'm going to get familiar with being underwater with this family and hanging around Aio." He smiles.

Celeste nods and notes, "I could happily retire to Rebma. I love being under water.It's...liberating. Natural. Probably just because I can't spend as much time in the sky as I'd like."

Micah tilts his head, curious. "Why can't you spend enough time in the sky?"

Celeste looks wry, "Duties, it's...hard....to come back."

Celeste says, "And sky doesn't have herring."

Micah nods to that. "Makes sense. On both counts. Maybe you could fly for a little bit several times a day? Might help. Maybe." He pauses and shakes his head. "No, ignore me. I don't know what I'm talking about."

Celeste looks wry, "I've duties, though I've had much more time to fly, and hunt. It has been nice."

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