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RtA Log - Teaching Amy About Forge Bellows

Characters: Micah, Amethyst
Location: Micah's Pavillian - Grounds - Mandrake Manor - Amber

--[ Grounds(#3840RJ0) ]---------------------------------[ Mandrake Manor ]----

Behind the gated wall, the grounds of Mandrake Manor spread out in an
even carpet of green. The path from the gate to the house is paved
with flagstones, maintained well but not perfectly - a few places
looking to have been recently relaid with new stone. The entire
expanse of the sprawling lawn on either side of the stone-laid pathway
is well tended with a thick carpet of grass. About the manor are seen
recent signs of renovations and repair. Freshly laid stone along the
walls, newly planted landscaping which are careful to leave little
cover from the eyes of guards in black and gold who regularly patrol
the grounds. The house itself is a wide, two-story affair, spread low
across the land and marked by a portico around the lower level, and
balconies up above, topped with a clay tile roof of earthy red. The
house too looks to be recently restored to it's former glory, fresh
carpentry, plaster, and paint make the house look nearly brand new and
speak of loving restoration.

The flagstone path leads north to the manor itself, and one can also
stroll along the porch, or go around back to the gardens.

--[ lhelp ]-----------------------------------------[ Exits: N NE NW Out ]----

It's been several hours since the deal had been struck, and the seamstress had been seen. Now, done with the seamstress until it's time for final fittings, Micah has brought Amy here, to the forge he uses. The floor is common stone in several colors layed out in a geometric pattern pleasing to the eyes. The sides are down, currently, but it's ice cold inside with the forge not lit. He holds aside the tent-like flap so that Amy can enter ahead of him. And Farran or whoever else wish to come inside.

Amy, given where they are going, has foregone the luxurious dresses that she usually wears,opting for a tunic and tights instead, reasonable attire for adventuring and perhaps for getting near incredibly hot forges. Her hair's been tugged back into a semblance of control, though that won't last. She smiles as Micah holds the tent flap, stepping through and wincing a bit at the temperature. Farran steps through as well, though he stays near the door flap, not getting in the way. "Very nice, Micah," Amy says. "This is lovely."

"Sorry it's cold in here. I'll get the forge going." Micah steps inside after Farran. It's a good sized area inside, but would definitely be cramped if more people were in here. He nods to Farran as he steps past and busies himself with getting the forge open and everything necessary to get it going laid in. Then he strikes a match to it in several places. Soon enough, a fire is burning merrily, and the temperature already begins to rise. "Thanks," he says to Amy. "My little home away from home, so to speak. Trist mentioned something about a more permanent structure in the spring, but I think I might stick with this." A bellows is set at the back of the forge itself, attached via some tubing.

Amy nods as she watches, and listens to Micah. "I guess that's up to you. Doesn't Shane have a workshop somewhere?" she asks, curious. She's never seen it, if so. "And it is kind of nice." She looks at the bellows and then over at Micah. "You aren't supposed to stretch those ribs, don't forget." Cause Mandrake Men! And all. She does move a little closer to the fire, as the warmth is felt, enjoying the rising heat.

Micah finishes getting the fire going. He is, for the moment, bare handed. There is a table to one side of the forge and an anvil before it. Under the table are crates for storage. The crates look like they have padded tops. A heavy leather apron and a pair of thick leather work gloves are atop the table. "He does, yes. But as I understand it, only him or someone Order touched can use it or it'll make him ill." Hense the temporary sort of pavillian. He smiles over at her and nods. "Yes ma'am, Lady Cousin ma'am," he says. He even sketches a salute! He turns the salute into a gesture at the open door of the forge. "See how the flames are normal fire orange?" He steps to the back of the forge.

"Really?" Amy says, sounding a bit startled. "I didn't know that. If someone else uses his forge, it'll make Shane ill? That's kind of - well, alright," she decides, leaving it there. She takes a breath, and then she nods. "Normal orange, yes, I see that," she agrees. She's still figuring out this Order touched forge thing mentally. And shying away from some of the implications.

"That's what I'm given to understand. Celeste said something about it making him ill just being around people." Micah shrugs a little bit. "I don't know the veracity of it, but I stay away from it. I believe Trist was going to Seal the place until such a time as Shane returns." He lifts his left hand, the side that's /not/ broken, and lifts the handle of the bellows. He pushes it down, and up and down again, and once more. As he does that, heat comes /pouring/ out the front of the forge with the force of the wind generated being forced in from the back. The flames lean that way, but are far enough back from the front so as not to be a danger. "Now, see how the flames get whiter as I pump the bellows?"

Amy blinks, but her attention goes to the lesson, as she watches. "Yes," she says, watching the flames obediently. "Do you want me to pump the bellows?" she asks, willing to go over there and put some effort into it. Even if she is only five foot flat, she might be stronger than she looks. One can hope, because while she does look fit, she doesn't /look/ strong, necessarily.

Micah releases the bellows handle and steps back to the front. "That's what allows me to get metal white hot. Without the bellows, it would never get hot enough to be worked." Another voice comes just then, "Uncle?" And a youth with pale blond hair and pale pale blue eyes backs through the tent flap before turning about, carrying a box. Micah is nodding to Amy when the question comes. "Come on in, Jonah. I'd like you to meet my cousin, your Aunt, Amy." The youth is shorter than Amy is.

One hopes poor Jonah will grow. Amy turns, and she nods her head to the lad. "Jonah, nice to meet you," she says with a smile. Farran nods his head as well, and Amy gestures his way. "Captain Farran, in case you run into him again." Amy learns a bit anyway, even if she will likely never be a smith. Farran sketches a salute, but his alert eyes take in the lad, so he will recognize him if he sees him again. Amy turns to Micah. "Right, so the bellows is used to heat the fire more. Which seems odd, at first glance. Blow air through the fire to make it hotter."

Jonah blushes and bows to Amy, then bows to Farran, then bounces on his toes. "Uncle! It finally came!" Micah laughs, the sound cut off by a grunt and a grimace. Ouch. "Well, let's see it!" He glances back to Amy as Jonah puts the box up on the table. "Right," says Micah. "But not so strange. Fire can't live without air. It needs air to thrive just as much as it needs fuel. So, the more air, the hotter the fire becomes." Meanwhile, Jonah gets that box open, and inside is a long dagger, long enough to practically be a sword for the boy. It's as good as anything Micah has done, and the blade is set with stylized feathers, the handle red hardwood carved with the same feather motif, the cross-guard formed into a pair of realistic feathers that meet over the blade on each side, and the pommel another feather that curls back on itself. Jonah looks up at Micah, tears brimming in his eyes. "It's so beautiful, Uncle." Micah walks over to him and gives the lad a warm hug. "It sure is. Happy Birthday, Jonah."

Amy arches a brow at the grunt, as Micah laughs. Yeah, that's those broken ribs for you. She glances down at her hands for a moment, not even thinking about accepting that wound, nope. "Is it your birthday? Well, happy birthday, lad," she says, with a smile. She smiles, and then she moves to where she can see the dagger, a brow arching. "That is lovely. Quite a nice blade." She then looks at Micah and then says, "Air is so important to Mandrakes. It's quite an interesting thing."

Micah releases his nephew from the hug and steps back so Amy can get a better look at the dagger. He didn't even see the look at her hands or he'd probably be saying something to her about now. Jonah shakes his head. "No, it was five days ago, though. Mom and Dad's present just arrived late." The lad bounces on his toes again and lifts his dagger out. Beneath it in the package is a sheath for it in dark grey, and tooled to look like a big feather. "I'm going to go practice!" announces the boy. He quickly sheathes the blade and buckles it off before running out. Micah laughs, again, and again cuts it off with a grunt. Dang it, that stings. Jonah pauses at the entrance and bows to Amy and Farran again, and then is off like a shot. Micah shakes his head and turns back to Amy and nods. "Is it?" Air, of course.

Amy catches the lad, but just by virtue of tossing him a few coins. It's not a lot of money, but the small pouch will certainly afford him a treat. "Here, Jonah. Happy birthday from me too," she says, though she does not otherwise stop his retreat. She grins at Farran who winks back her way, and then she turns to Micah. "It is, air is - well, it keeps us alive, it heals when injured, it rests beneath our wings, and apparently it makes our fires burn hotter."

The boy catches the pouch with a wide eyed look. "Thanks Aunt Amy!" He bounces on his toes again and tucks the pouch away before really running off. Micah shakes his head, grinning practically from ear to ear, but remembering to /not/ laugh this time. He looks back to Amy after Jonah is gone and nods. "That... actually makes sense. Er. The fires hotter, I mean. It's the same concept with a forge fire. More air, more heat." Micah turns and pulls on that pair of gloves, and kneels down to open one of the crates below. He pulls out a pair of tongs and a piece of raw metal, holding the bar between the tongs, and pinching it closed. He steps to the forge and puts the piece of metal in it for awhile, watching it. The fire has, of course by this point, gone back to its normal orange hue. "I'm not sure how it helps when injured, though. Resting beneath our wings is understandable, though. Though, I don't have wings, so.." He grins. Only a matter of time, probably.

"Me neither. No wings here," Amy points out. Yeah, sure, everyone including her by now thinks they're coming but just her luck, she'll be the first wingless dragon in the family. Farran at this point moves to the bellows, with a quiet confidence. Amy arches a brow, and he shrugs. Well, he is a Mandrake, after all. Ahem. Amy grins at Micah. "When injured? Well,air can purge poisons."

Micah grins at her. Yep, matter of time. He's seen the scales, dang it! He offers a nod to Farran. He's quite obviously not surprised. Perhaps the two have talked shop at some point. Micah nods to the man and pulls the piece of metal out of the fire before Farran can start at the bellows. "See how it's orange? It doesn't shape well when it's this cool. When it gets this cool it's time to put it back into the fire and get it hotter." He puts the piece back in and then nods to Farran. He looks back to Amy and considers that. "Well... That's being poisoned, not technically an injury in the traditional sense. Broken bones, cuts, scrapes, and the like. Right?"

Amy glances to the door where Jonah ran off too, still amused at the youngster's wide eyed innocence. And glee. Farran waits to follow Micah's instructions, and does so quietly and efficiently. Maybe not perfectly but he's at least used the bellows more than once. Amy watches Micah for a bit, curiously. And she nods at the comment about the orange. "But that's stilll way too hot to touch, I'm sure," she says, softly. And then, "True, I suppose. Air can be used to cushion broken limbs, in concert with other materials so they stay immobile and heal faster," she says, after a moment. "And breathing is of course always good for healing."

"Breating is good for living in general," points out Micah, grinning at Amy. And he nods about an earlier point, too. "Yes it is. It'll burn your skin right off. He leaves the piece of metal where it is for now and gestures to the multitude of tiny burns and healing burns and burn scars on his forearms. "Even the sparks from working the metal are enough to burn, and they're far cooler than the metal is." He nods about air. "That is true. Though, how would you use air to cushion a broken limb? How would you keep it in?" He pauses and considers something. "Speaking of air, I'm going Shadow walking with Dame Aio at some point soon. She says it's going to be underwater. You have any advice or tips for that? She said I wasn't going to have to worry about how to breathe, so.." He shrugs a little. "Still would be nice to know at least something of what to expect. Dame Aio is big on mystery."

Amy laughhs outright at that. "She is that, and she's also a good fighter." That observation made, she smiles, and she says, "For breathing under water, well, it depends. I know if you go to Rebma City, you don't have to worry about breathing. There is magic there, used by the Rebman mages, to allow us all to breathe there, though the natives breathe water as easily as air. It's a bit disconcerting the first time, certainly. As for other places, well, if Aio says you won't need to worry, then you won't. Perhaps she's bringing along a Rebman? They have a way of giving a kiss, which allows one to breathe under water for a time."

She absorbs the rest of what Micah said, eyeing the scars and burns, and she nods. "Fire burns, yes, such a dangerous thing. Though - for air - " she pauses, and she says, "I Might have to show you to have it make sense." Amy nods at that. "Remind me sometime when we're both bored."

Micah remembers /not/ to laugh again, and settles for just a smile instead. "Yes she is, on both counts." He pauses and listens about the water and breathing and magic. "Ah. That makes a certain amount of sense." He nods! "I haven't been yet. I admit, I'm a touch nervous about it." Which. Rebma or this Shadow trip? Maybe both. Micah pulls the metal out of the fire again, and nods to Farran that he can stop. He shows the metal to Amy. "See the change in color now?" This time it's very nearly so intense a yellow as to be white. He does nod about Aio. "Then I won't worry about it. I'm sure I'll find out when she decides to tell me." He seems amused by that. He nods his agreement about fire. "It does." He pauses and then nods again. "Alright. I'll try to remember." He grins. He leaves the metal on the anvil, balances it there and releases it with the tongs to cool slowly.

"I like Rebma, but then, Martin is there, so I am biased somewhat," Amy admits. She looks at the difference in colour, memorizing that, and she smiles. "It - white hot is something. And when it gets that hot, it still doesn't really get soft, you have to pound it. Oh, hey, Micah, I'm curious. I saw those feathers, right? Is it possible to sort of draw on the metal?"

"Martin's pretty cool," says Micah. "I rather think I like him. He's amusing when he's drunk." But then again, aren't most people? He nods to Amy's question. "Yes. You still have to pound it. It's not hot enough to flow yet. Has to get much, much hotter for that." He pauses, and then nods. "Yes. You can etch or use an enamel if you want color. Or a little bit of both. If I'm going to do color, I usually etch the metal first and then put the color on. It gives it a nicer flow, that way. Why?"

Amy grins. "Because that's what I do - pictures I mean. Now I want to try that - put my own colours and art on a blade. May I?" She's almost as excited as Jonah was earlier. Almost. "I know I like Martin, whether he's drunk or not. He's a good fellow and not just because he's my favourite brother."

Micah tilts his head a bit to the side and nods, smiles. "Of course you can. Helped Sye out with the same thing a few weeks back. There some sort of art program going on or something?" He just sounds curious. And amused at the excitement. "Whatever the reason, of course you can. I'd be glad to help." He nods about Martin. "He seems like a good fellow, though I've only met him the two times." Apparently, a good impression had been left.

Amy chuckles a bit. "Not that I am aware of. I've certainly joined no art program here. Perhaps Syeira is just following some of the same ideas as I have." She shrugs, a little amused at the idea that they are checking out similar artistic endeavours. "It's- I can't speak for her, but for me, I want to learn to broaden my horizons as an artist, to see outside the canvas that I use so often."

"I see. There's actually a lot you can do with metalwork as far as art goes. You can use a saw blade like a canvas. Armor, blades, uh... Just about anything you can think of, really. But if you use a blade, you get a weapon that's as beautiful as it is deadly." He nods to her. "I thought Sye might want to do that too, but she's only asked me the one time, so." Micah shrugs a little bit. "So. Since you're the artist, you'll get to pick what kind of blade you want to do. And I'll show you how to do the etching and such as well."

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