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RtA Log - Rapier Commission From Gino

Characters: Micah, Amethyst, Gino, Dirk
Location: Grounds - Mandrake Manor - Amber City

--[ Grounds(#3840RJ0) ]---------------------------------[ Mandrake Manor ]----

Behind the gated wall, the grounds of Mandrake Manor spread out in an
even carpet of green. The path from the gate to the house is paved
with flagstones, maintained well but not perfectly - a few places
looking to have been recently relaid with new stone. The entire
expanse of the sprawling lawn on either side of the stone-laid pathway
is well tended with a thick carpet of grass. About the manor are seen
recent signs of renovations and repair. Freshly laid stone along the
walls, newly planted landscaping which are careful to leave little
cover from the eyes of guards in black and gold who regularly patrol
the grounds. The house itself is a wide, two-story affair, spread low
across the land and marked by a portico around the lower level, and
balconies up above, topped with a clay tile roof of earthy red. The
house too looks to be recently restored to it's former glory, fresh
carpentry, plaster, and paint make the house look nearly brand new and
speak of loving restoration.

The flagstone path leads north to the manor itself, and one can also
stroll along the porch, or go around back to the gardens.

--[ lhelp ]-----------------------------------------[ Exits: N NE NW Out ]----

Amy has found a bench to sit on, relaxing, even if it still is somewhat cold. She is still dressed as she was earlier at the art exhibit, relaxed though, with a sketchpad as she draws.

Micah is, likewise, here, after the art exhibit. Though, unlike his cousin, Micah is in the semi-permanent pavilian where his portable forge is set up. And he doesn't wear his coat. Instead, he wears a heavy leather apron and thick leather gloves. The regular sound of metal smacking against metal can be heard coming from over there, as he uses a hammer on a piece of red hot metal held in his other hand. Glowing, redhot sparks shower up from each hit of hammer to blade, going in an even circle around him, every direction save behind him. Some even land on his arms, not that he notices.

The Hound Lieutenant makes his way onto the grounds, flanked by Mandrake guards. He has changed to something /far/ less uniform. A bow is offered to Amethyst, "Hello Your Highness" he turns his gaze to Micah, "M'Lord Mandrake, you are friends with Syeira yes?" a pause for a beat. "You made that sword for the art exhibit today?"

Amy nods her head to the new arrival, a smile on her face. "Cousin," she greets. Her guards are around somewhere, handsome fellows as they are. Perhaps that is even who she is drawing, as she relaxes. She glances over towards the forge, not so far away, and listens quietly for the moment.

The way the forge is situated, Micah faces the gates in a general sense. Or, at least, faces the way leading to the gates. Thus he sees the approaching Gino. He keeps working on the sword for a few moments more, and then dips it into a quenching barrel to the side of the forge. A cloud of steam goes up with a loud hiss of water evaporating in a very rapid fashion. He looks up and over to Gino and offers a nod to him. "I am, yes Lord Gino. And yes I did. What can I help you with?"

"I am actually here to ask a favor" he says to Amy, "of you" he says to Micah. "I have a friend in need of an enchanted blade...a rapier or sabre...I had wondered if you could make such a blade?"

Amy nods her head, gesturing to Micah who is of course perfectly able to answer for himself. She's seated on a bench, just by Micah's forge pavilion, and the two are speaking with Gino. Amy flips her page, and idly begins drawing a picture of Gino, perhaps enjoying the view.

Micah considers Gino. "A favor," he finally says. "I could, yes. Who would I be making this blade for?" Pause. "Because I could make a blade for you... but it wouldn't be the same as one I'd make for your friend." He's wearing a heavy leather apron and thick gloves. There's still steam floating up from the barrel beside and just behind him.

Dirk is walking in with a huge orange and white cat. He finds himself an out of the way palace to curl up

Gino considers "It would be for a woman." he glances to Amy, "about the size of the Princess." he offers, but no the name is not given."

Amy arches a brow, as she listens. She catches sight of Dirk and waves idly. Then she turns her attention back to Gino, curious about this now.

Dirk curls up and uses the fat cat as a pillow. The cat protests and Dirk sticks the pad of his thumb into the cat's ear and rubs it. The purring commences

Micah raises a brow and glances to Amy. Then back to Gino. "I can manage that, I think," he says. "Rapier or a sabre. Which will she be preferring? What sort of decoration did you have in mind?" He pauses. "This is much easier if I know how ti is for." He offers an absent nod to Dirk.

Dirk is busy being a cat ear rubber and the purring gets louder.

A polite nod to Dirk, "Something simple, scroll work or fluting on the bascket?" he frowns "Sea shells, can you make the basket a nauticle theme?" he glances to his own sword, "I am fond of rapiers, and I am paying, so rapier it shall be."

Amy grins at Dirk and purring cat, and then looks over to Gino. "So then, cousin, who is it for?" she asks, amusedly. "Surely not me, though for someone my size? I own I am most curious."

Dirk says "sye?"

Micah considers Gino. Thinks about that. He glances to Dirk and shakes his head. "I think Sye's taller than Amy. I only know.. a few other women who are Amy's size." He looks back to Gino. "I can make it a nautical theme, yes. Colors?" The wheels are already turning in his head.

Dirk says "maggie moo?"

Gino smiles to Amy and Dirk "Not Sye...a Lady, who is my friend, and in need of a sword" he offers before turning his attention back to Micah "Silver Basket, acid etched blade?" ha quick head shake to Dirk "Not Maggie."

Dirk says "oooh a friend who is a lady? that's not the same as a ladyfriend isiit?

"Likely not, Dirk," Amy says, with a shake of her head. "But perhaps someone who cousin Gino is hoping to make amends with?" she hazards. All the while, she's idly sketching. Image here, profile there, just quick charcoal sketches.

Micah fixes Dirk with a look. "Maggie who?" His eyes are narrowed and it's obvious that whoever he's thinking he's meaning, he doesn't like the person at all. He looks to Gino and shakes his head. "No.. not for a nautical theme, I think." Oh yes, the wheels are already turning and churning with ideas. "I'll send you a message when it's ready. Shouldn't be longer than a couple of weeks. Probably less." Now, though it likely isn't on purpose, Micah seems to be ignoring everyone around him in thinking about this new project.

Gino bows to Micah "Thank you Lord Mandrake" he smiles "should you ever need a favor, I am in your debt." Another bow offered to Amy and Drirk "Good day Your Highness, Cousin, I hope the day finds you all well."

Dirk says "captain flame."

Alas, left with her curiosity unsated, however will Amy survive. She chuckles softly and nods her head. "Thank you. I Hope you too have a good day. Another time, Cousin." That said, she shrugs. "Maggie is taller than I am, I think." She leans back on the bench, one hand rubbing at the back of her neck, the sketchpad set aside for the moment.

Micah focuses back on the people around him, rather than on seashells and sharp pointy objects. He offers a nod to Gino. "You're welcome, Lord Gino," he says. He nods about the favor part. "I'll keep that in mind." He grins at the man. "Good day." He glances over to Dirk and frowns. His lip even curls into a grimace of distaste. "I was afraid that's who you meant." No, he definitely doesn't like that one. He shakes his head and turns back to what he was doing. The barrel is no longer steaming and he pulls the blade he had been working on out of it.

Dirk says "I know you are the second most sexy red head in Amber so can you at least be nixie to the third runner up?"

Amy now just watches, brow lifting, as she spies Micah's reaction to Maggie. Oh. My. Looks like someone got up the wrong side of the forge. "Who is first?" she asks Dirk curiously.

Dirk says "Bleys."

Micah shakes his head to Dirk. "No Dirk. I can't be." He lifts the piece of iron in his hand up to the forge and pushes it into the coals. Sharply. With far more force than he normally uses to do such. He sets about getting the coals up and going and hot to heat the metal up again. He glances to Amy, noting that raised brow, and frowns, shakes his head. He seemed to be in a perfectly good mood earlier. He usually is. Until now, apparently.

Dirk says "you cant be the second sexiest red head in Amber?"

Amy blinks and then chuckles. "I think it's more Micah's not wanting to be nice to the third?" she suggests softly.

Micah shakes his head. "Can't be nice to the third runner up if it's /her/." There's no doubt he means Maggie. Poor Maggie. He glances to Amy and nods. "Yes." He pulls the blade from the fire and lays it on the anvil, holding it in place and moving it about as needed with a set of tongs. He brings the hammer down on it once, and then stops. The hammer is laid aside. The blade put back into the barrel. Steam issues forth from the barrel again.

Dirk says "well you suck and I dont mean in a pleasent way."

Amy looks at Dirk, and a brow arches. She looks from him over to Micah and then back again. "I think Maggie can stand up for herself, Dirk," she says softly. "Though I am curious what you have against her? I can't say I've seen her do anything obnoxious since I've known her."

Micah pulls the blade from the barrel and starts putting things away and locking up. He looks at Dirk and shakes his head. "I have my reasons, Dirk." Finished with putting things away, and apron and gloves away, Micah lets down the pavillian sides, pulls his coat on, and strides out the front flap. He pauses to look over at Amy. "She's a bitch that can't be bothered to fulfill her obligations and contracts." He turns to stride off, kicking up into a jog as he goes.

Dirk says "whatevers I still love you."

Amy blinks and then she shrugs. "Wow, Micah, that's a side of her I've never seen," is all she says. "But - just wow." She curls up on the bench, pulling her sketchpad back, not stopping either of the gentlemen from going wherever they feel they need to.

Dirk says "dont fall in the harbor and get eaten by a zombie shark.

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