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RtA Log - Syeira's Art Show

Characters: Micah, Syeira, Vialle, Talia, Marlene, Dirk, Gino, Amethyst, Moxon, Liam, Ailith, Diana
Location: Entrance Hall - Royal Palace - Amber City

--[ Entrance Hall(#250RJ0) ]------------------------------[ Royal Palace ]----

The grandiose entrance hall of the palace is a broad expanse of
gleaming polished pale-marble floors, which contrast sharply against
the massive blocks of dark stone which form the walls. The ceiling is
vaulted, and hung with colorful banners.

Massive double doors to the south, flanked by a pair of guardsmen with
pikes, and moved via a counterweight system, open into the Main
Courtyard. The hall runs north clear through the central keep that
forms the core of the palace, until it intersects the Long Gallery;
some distance back is a broad double staircase that leads to the
second floor. Elegant sets of double doors to the east and west open
to the Great Hall and the Grand Ballroom, respectively, while a number
of other doors lead off to smaller rooms, including the Yellow Room
and a small sitting room.

--[ views ]-------------------------------------[ Exits: N S E W NW SW U ]----

Staff of the palace have been roped into service. Empty easels line the walls in preparation for those that are donating to the art display that has started to be set up. Its an impromptu art display, but given the looks of the gypsy girl setting it up planning doesn't seem to be one of her strong suits, she's not Flora after all. Empty podiums have been set up for statues, carvings, and the like, as well as raised areas for singing groups to gather and entertain with musical or bardic displays of their skills. Off to the side a small crates have been delivered with pieces of art all ready shipping in for the display, one thing the gypsy seems good at is spreading work quickly through the city.

Syeira is bouncing around making certain all of the easels and display locations are pleasing to the eye. The young gypsy doesn't seem to take many things serious in life, but art would be the exception. Adjustments here, adjustments there making certain that those with vocal displays do not compete with each other for audiences.

Dirk walks into the area with two Hounds dogging his step evey moment. He looks over the room and smiles.

Entering from farther in the palace, Vialle walks with calm assurance until she reaches a certain spot that is only a foot of so from the doorway. She has two Hounds with her and two Extraordinarii flank the group. WHen she stops, she tilts her head slightly and lifts one hand just a bit in front of her. "Hello?" As she speaks, she remains very still as though listening for things unsaid in addition to a reply.

Marlene has found some art! Or rather, a few small gaggles of porters, and a few gallery representatives and creators of varying temperaments, who may have been kept waiting on the way in, or something. Sort of pokes her way in, from a different direction than Vialle, surveying the state of preparations, and looks around for Sye. "All ready, is it?"

Dirk hears Vialle and says "Hello Aunt Vialle."

Syeira pauses in her preparations seeming content with the arrangements. She grins spotting Dirk waving only then to see Vialle, "Your Majesty! So glad to see you. We have all the preparations made for an art show!" walking over toward Vialle, "Word has spred quickly we have art and artists coming in from all over the city!"

Syeira glances toward Marlene, "Everything is ready! I just have to put out my pieces."

Word reached even ears who don't typically pay much attention to the grapevine. Impromptu art display. That had required some thought, and in the end, he arrived with a couple of pieces he's working on and a finished piece. They're carried in a box as he comes into the area in question. He offers nods to those here and makes a beeline for Syeira. "Well, this is a much better adventure than the last one you dragged me on," he says to her. He offers a nod to Vialle. "Your Majesty," he greets.

Vialle's smile warms on hearing movement and voices, "Dirk. Hello. And Syeira. That is wonderful news. I am looking forward to hearing how it all does. Did you get my piece?" She speaks with a sort of effervescent delight for art is her passion as well. Something the two women share with a number of people. She moves forward a bit, but slowly until one of the Hounds steps to her side and offers her his arm. She nods and murmers a quiet 'thank you.' to him. Then she moves farther in but slows on hearing a new voice, "Good day to you as well, good sir."

Syeira bounces, "Oh I did, I put it in the center of the pieces over there! It looks amazing. Sets a beautiful tone." she glances toward Micah and giggles, "Well not all my adventures have to start with, and there was this party, ya" she waves to Marlene and those bringing in art pieces starting to arrange them on the different displays, "Oh this is shaping up beautifully! I'm so excited!" she glances around, "There are places set up please feel free to set up your pieces so that everyone can view them" she walks over toward one of the crates she brought and starts to open it, pulling out her first piece that looks like a painting done up - A picturesque view from Arden Forest.

"Or end with demon books," points out Micah to Syeira. "I hope this one doesn't do that." He grins at her, a clear teasing tone to his voice. He studies Vialle for a moment, and then offers a nod to the guard helping her. He directs his words to her, "I'm Micah de'Mandrake, ma'am." He looks back to Syeira. "Where should I set up, Sye?"

Vialle nods once, "Thank you, Syeira. That is kind of you." Her attention turns to the other voice, though her head shifts only slightly, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Lord de'Mandrake. I am Vialle." She could add a lot, but Syeira already covered things. Inclining her head, she smmiles at both, then nods once to the Hound escourting her. They move toward the section where her contribution sits.

It is a sculpted bust of Random, hair pushed back carelessly, eyes and mouth showing infectious, delighted laughter. There is a sparkle about the expression, a crinkle at the corners of the eyes that imply secrets the man is just bursting to share.

Marlene bows in the direction of the Queen, not that she can see, but certainly in hopes it'll put everyone behind her on their best behaviour, and starts directing people to places, in some semblance of an orderly fashion, if one off the cuff, saying, "All right, let's bring in large paintings for the walls, first, and if anyone wants one of the corners, let's just scoot you in. Let's not bbe too fussy."

Another Hound arrives, polished boots gleam in the light of the hall. Gino offers a nod to the Hound escourting the Queen before bowing "Good day your Majesty."

Syeira giggles at Micah, "I had the staff bring in some weapon stands for the smiths" she points, "Those are over there with some armor stands as well. I didn't know what everyone was bringing, ya" she smirks, "Unless someone brings in a book, otherwise I make no gaurantees, ya" she walks over to put her painting of Arden onto the easel and sets out a second that looks like a collage of various animals of Arden titled, 'Danger! Not for dinner' she glances toward marlene, "Thank you so much for your help in setting this up. Organization is not my thing, ya"

"The pleasure is mine, your majesty. Vialle," he amends. "Please, call me Micah." Micah steps aside and out of the way, and then looks to Syeira. He follows her pointing, and nods. "I brought a couple of unfinished blades and one finished one." He laughs at her comment about books. "Sounds good to me." He turns away and heads for the stands in question, and sets the box down there. He sets out one, the blade looks like a waterfall of metal, and not near finished, but the folds ripple nicely. To judge from the shape, it'll be something curved when done. Despite being a work in progress, it's kind of pretty in its own way.

From afar, Marlene should see if you want to make Mar some things sometime. :)

Dirk is staring and watching quietly

Vialle smiles a warm smile at Micah's comment, "You are too kind, Micah. Thank you." She can't see Marlene's bow, but can hear the russling of fabric in that direction and offers a bit of a wave, "Marlene. Welcome." So, she cheated and heard Syeira mention Marlene. The greeting is intended regardless. The Hound with her pauses as Gino approaches and Vialle does as well. If her smile warms on hearing the gentleman's greeting, that is as it is. "Gino. Good to hear you. Are you contributing art to the endeaver as well?"

Dirk walks over to Sye and talks to her.

Marlene nods to Sye, with a little smile. "It's a good job we aren't short of space, but we'll manage." she says, and adds, after another visual assessment, "In general, let's just fill in from the edges and corners, and then from the back of the hall: it'll draw the early guests out of the way while the rest sets up." Winks a little.

Marlene quirks up her ears a bit and adds to Sye, "Oh, I should pay my respects, if any disputes crop up, toss a coin. Won't be far." She makes her way over in Vialle's direction.

The Hound rises from his bow "No your Majesty, I fear art is not my talent. I do like to admire the talents of other..." he casts an eye toward Sye "I heard tell a certain miscreant was behind ine of her little parties in the Palace...I just dropped by to be sure no empty scotch bottles end up in the fountains."

Vialle's chuckle is soft and low, "Ah, yes. Empty scotch bottles in the fountains would be unfortunate. Full scotch bottles, less so." She lifts her hand from the Hound's arm and offers it to Gino. "Would you mind helping to keep me out of trouble? This gentleman has done yoeman's duty, but is unmoved by art." She listens to those nearby, tilting a head toward the sounds of metal by Micah, "I understand that Syeira has managed to pull together a wonderful variety of artists." Then she turns as Marlene's approach alerts her to more company.

Syeira sets out another piece of her artwork seeing a four part series titled 'Trees so Tall, not for breaking!' in a collage of a view from on high of a tree viewing out over the tree tops of Arden, very picturesque. She giggles softly at Dirk seeming about to jump on an idea, till she hears Gino's voice. She smirks and shakes her head, "He would throw us out, ya" she looks over at Micah's contributions and ooos, "Bottles in the fountain? Oh now that would make a fantastic art statement!"

Does the woman ever have her head out of a book? Probably not. Talia is walking along the corridor, having no doubt managed to purloin a tome from the palace library, which she is busily reading as she walks. There's a cane in her other hand and she manages to negotiate her way by the use of it.

Marlene does make her way along, "Casks do seem a better fit for fountains, full or empty," she jests, :curtseys at the waist, saying. "Majesty. Ginovanni. Good to see you both."

Micah smiles to Vialle, and the smile reflects in his tone, "You're welcome. It's not kindness, simply the truth." The next piece Micah puts out is more finished, and far more functional than the last. This one, the blade is nicely formed and follows the same general curve as the last one, forming the shape of a scimitar. The folded metal ripples with color like oil on water with a faint reddish orange tinge to it, and that seems to be its only decoration. The hilt is plain and unadorned. The last piece is a fully finished sword, also a scimitar like the last two. The oil on water effect of the metal is the same, save for a stronger reddish-orange tinge to it. The hilt is formed of a dragon's body, the tail curls in on itself to form the pommel. The dragon's wings outstretched form a pair of cross-guards. It's mouth open reveals fangs clamped around the metal of the blade. Stylized flames lick the blade in curling, etched waves down its length, making the oil on water effect of the ripples seem almost to be actual flame. He sets it in place and straightens to look around. "Lady Talia, good to see you again," he says to her as she comes into view.

Dirk nods "if you floated casks in the fountain you could have penguin battles on them."

Talia looks up as the noise starts to permeate her reading bubble. She closes the book neatly around her finger to keep her place and then scans the group, stopping as her eyes light on the blind woman. She steps closer to the group and then curtsies despite the nature of teh woman she's greeting because Chantris do Formal and then some. "Your Majesty. Duchess Talia Chantris." Others are greeted in turn, all by order of rank as her cane is lightly propped against her leg as she straightens.

Marlene pages: Is OK, maybe even things to have Mar carry for bragging rights. She can make lots of non-weapon things to trade on about that level. Like watches and other instruments for instance. :)

Syeira bounces around from place to place making certain that all of the pieces are diplayed and have a place to be displayed. The last one seems to be pathway of tree jumping and tag, 'Forbidden' showing wolves playing tag in the woods. She finally hangs the title of the collection, 'Break Rules - Beware of Rangers' standing back she smirks and nods in satisfaction to her tribute to the beauties and dangers of Arden Forest. She then turns making certain things keep hopping. Staff has started circulating with drinks and snacks.

You paged Marlene with 'Looks like I have to have secrets of Lyonesse for the unbreakable blade.'.

Art? There's art to be explored? Amy thinks that is the cat's pyjamas. So, here she comes from somewhere further in the palace. Her guards are in tow, today the princess dessed in black. And as she arrives and catches sight of some folk she recognizes, she heads that way.

Dirk leans against a wall quietly observing with two Hounds flanking him.

Now that his pieces are set up, Micah steps away and looks around at the other things being set up. Syeira's paintings and Vialle's sculpted bust in particular. The bust first. Then the paintings.

Marlene is there by Vialle and Gino, wearing a wintry sort of tone of yellow that perhaps suggests a spring season on the way, and looks around to check on things while Sye's directing traffic, so to speak. Does spot Amy, though her black garb adds a tentative note of concern when she waves.

Gino smiles "I am trying to prevent /anything/ going into the Fountains M'Lady" a slight bow is offered to Marlene. At the sight of the book worm duchess, Gino gets sinister smirk, before he can act however she greets, opertunity missed!. "Good Day Your Grace" the hound offers in a polite tone. To Dirk "No Penguins in the Palace." a look to the Hounds escourting him to drive home the point. "I mean it."

Syeira glances around as more artist's works are displayed. She goes out toward the entrance where things are more clear. Adjusting the metal chain belt around her waist she breaks into a running start bouncing into a cartwheel, back flip, back round off and forward roll, "The art show is open! Come one, come all, see the displays of artists from Amber and surrouding golden circle!" she yells out. The metal around her body all glittering and shiny to draw in those from the street with curiousity.

Marlene nods, with a bit of a bow toward Talia, and says, a bit airily to Gino, "Well, I think the penguins are *delightful.* But possibly you're right."

Diana enters without escort, perhaps drawn by the rumors of a social event. Or simply coincidence. She pauses, just through the door, as Syeira explodes into fanciful motions of acrobatics. She even claps!

Vialle turns slightly and inclines her head to Talia, "Duchess. Welcome to the palace. It is good to hear you. I cannot remember the last time the entrance hall was so full of smiling voices. Well... Perhaps Florimel's last picnic..." She is standing with Talia, Gino, Marlene, several Hounds and Extraordinarii. Syeira is directing traffic. Micah is near his display of beautiful metal work. Syeira just finished setting up a display centered around Arden. Vialle's contribution is a bust of Random in full laughter. It is going to be a glorious art exhibit. "Thank you, Gino." For? "I think penguins would trip me up."

Talia slides Gino a look. "Lord Gino," is greeted as if perhaps she had an inkling that any and all trouble might lie in that particular direction. "It has been a while since Kitezh." She dips again to the Queen and nods. "I am not often here of late, too much paperwork and with Vayel spending half his time at the palace now, household duties tend to consume me."

Moxon is wearing a "borrowed" (read: appropriated) pair of Martin's mirror-lensed sunshade-glasses to hide the swellings and bruises. He greets those he knows, but meanders specificially toward the descending Liam. He pulls a switchblade to *snick-snack* reveal ... a comb, and straightens Liam's hairs a bit.

"We should have to have the penguins trained to avoid you, Vialle," Amy says as she arrives. She's got her own escort, though only one of her two guards is Extraordinarii. The other is Mandrake. "This is quite the affair. I am quite pleased to come see all the wonderful art work."

Art displays range from a wonderous bust of Random (By Vialle), some fantastically beautiful weaponry (By Micah), sculptures, statues, drawings (By artists around Amber and around the golden Circle), a dedication to Arden Forest (By Syeira titled 'Break rules - Beware of Rangers')

Liam finishes descending the stairs only to be pounced upon and groomed by Moxon. He raises an arm and tries to fend Moxon off. More or less unsuccessfully.

Amy smiles at Marlene, tilting her head slightly in question. "Marlene, how are you doing? It seems it's been a while since I last saw you."

Ailith steps into the palace, rather wary of all the recent signs of battle, but nevertheless curious.

Moxon does his mother-hen bit beside Liam, the two chatting amiably.

Dirk says "Nah amy, give aunt vialle a cane and the penguins helmets a little head breaking never hurt anyone, just look at me. "He looks at Gino, "The fountains are not in the palace. So there."

Vialle's face tilts slightly upward and she laughs a bit softly, "What a wonderful idea, Amethyst. I will talk to Random about it." The snick-snack of the switchblade-comb bring the Hounds and Extraordinarii near Vaile to full attention and they cast about for the threat. Spotting Moxon's comb, one rolls his eyes and another looks vaguely envious. Is it for the comb or the attention? Maybe both!

Diana surely spotted the knife, but never seemed alarmed by it. Clasping hands, and keeping more or less to herself, she goes to admire the paintings first.

Amy laughs outright. "Now that's a fun idea, Dirk. Though Vialle might not be quite so pleased with breaking penguin heads, I'm afraid." Her own guards keep watch attentively.

Gino lowers his hand to to his silver hilted blade, putting himself between the sound and the Queen, seeing the comb the hound relax letting his hand slip to his belt, thumb hooked in the leather.

Micah finishes his circuit of things and winds up near Vialle and Amy and company. "Hello Cousin," he greets her. He nods to her guards. He offers a nod to Marlene as well. "Lady Marlene." And more nods to the others gathered here.

Moxon pronounces Liam presentable, stowing his comb.

Syeira giggles seeing all the people coming in, she stands back simply enjoying the amount of attention that all this art work has brought into the palace to feature such artists of the golden circle. The young gypsy girl is near giddy with the instant success circulating through making certain to circulate through the crowds the names of the artists to get their names out there, acquire patrons for them, sell pieces for those that wish to sell the art after the show and generally work the crowd to make known the artists names throughout the city.

Liam is apparently presentable.

Moxon nods to Liam, winks.

Vialle folds her hands in front of her. She seems aware of Gino's position and flashes him a smile though it might be aimed somewhere between him and the newly presentable Liam. She fades back a hair as Micah joins them, giving him easy room to speak to the group, "Please take time to see everything. Syeira did a wonderful job with this." How does she know? Maybe the echoes that return to her speak of symmetry, balance and visual poetry.

Dirk pulls out a flask and pops it open. He takes a huge swig out of it.

Nearby, Talia merely gives Gino a look for this particular pronouncement. Apparently this is one Duchess who isn't easily impressed. She dips in a polite curtsey to Amethyst. "Your Highness."

Moxon displays missing teeth for Liam, illustrating some ass-kicking point.

Talia dips into a small and polite curtsey to Amethyst as the small group talk.

Trays of drinks and snacks continue to circulate around those attending. Staff scrambling to get everything together for the impromptu art show that seems to be drawing more and more people in. Those from all parts of Amber, dignitaries in for the upcomming court, artists and artisans alike bringing in their work and displaying it.

Liam peers at Moxon's missing teeth and just makes a face. "Good thing you're a cousin or else your face with stick that way for eternity."

Nearby, Gino says, "I only speak the truth Your Majesty" ahh the hard to impress ones "It is good to see you again Your Grace, the time sinse our return from kitezh have been most kind to you." Amethyst get's a slight, but very polite bow "Your Higness." he greets."

Ailith snags a glass of something translucent from a tray, walking around the exhibits.

Nearby, Amethyst chuckles softly. "I wear black on occasion," she returns to Marlene. "It's not one of my absolute favourite colours, I admit. So far as I know, there is no unhappy circumstance. Quite the opposite to judge by this bit of joy and art. Syeira has done an excellent job, it seems." She smiles at Micah, waving at him briefly, and then inclines her head to Gino. "A pleasure to see you again."

Amy gives Dirk a shake of her head. "Penguins in battle? Oh, Dirk. I am not so sure that's a good thought."

Nearby, Micah nods to Vialle's words about Syeira. "Sye always does a wonderful job," he says. "Even if some of her adventures leave a little to be desired, her parties are always good." Wait. This is a party? Sort of? He smiles at Amy and waves back.

Nearby, Amethyst says, "Amy smiles at Talia. "Your Grace. A pleasure.""

Syeira continues to circulate, drawing attention to the artisan's work next, talking about the artisan that created the dragon sword, some fancy armor that was shipped in. She is taken aback and turns sharply when some really impressive looking men show up in armor. A gypsy speechless for a moment before she nods pointing to an armor stand, "ya, ya, can put it right over there, ya?" nothing like intimidating.

Two Graal Knights stand gaurd while a squire starts to set up the armor:

This suit of massive plate armor is polished to a gleaming sheen, the light plays along the fluting and plates to create the illusion of a field of radiance around the wearer.

The Armour is topped with an Burgonet helm with an articulated visor protects the wearer head and face. A gorget serving to protect the throat and neck. A bunch of blue/green peacock feathers add to the display of the helm.

Dirk snags a drink and says "amy its not a serious battle. More for fun.

Talia watches the drinks go by, pausing as she notes book and cane in hands. Doesn't leave a lot of room for refreshments.

Nearby, Gino smiles "If you like, Your Grace, I can hold your cane, that you might get a drink?"

Nearby, Marlene nods, and compliments Amy, "Ah, well that's good news. You carry it off well, ...I'd been rather more accustomed to seeing you in jewel tones," she says. Pauses to look on the armour as it begins to be set up, and hrms, a bit noting the plumes. "Possibly as is Sir Harry," she smiles.

Moxon asks of Liam: "You want champagne? I want champagne."

Micah seems to be in a 'watch quietly and observe' sort of mode, now. He snags a glass of champagne as the tray goes past, and quietly takes a sip of it.

Liam responds to Moxon: "I want champagne. We should partake of the Palace's unlimited supply of booze. It is only right and proper as Scions of Amber."

Moxon snags two flutes as they glide past. He tips, but it's a handful of coin in a waiter's pocket. He pats the pocket. "You keep that. Buy yourself some'n nice."

Syeira continues to bounce from group to group as they look upon the different pieces. Continuing to talk up the artists, advertise for them and get their names out there. The only grouping she doesn't seem to talk up is her own contribution to the display leaving it to speak for itself with her signature on the work so small people have to really work to see who did the pieces. The rest she is all too public about broadcasting, pointing out in the room, drumming up business for them.

Nearby, Amethyst nods to Marlene. "My preference, yes, but my seamstress convinced me this too would work." She looks at Talia and then at Gino. "Or perhaps the books, Your Grace?" she suggests. "I do not mind holding them, if you trust me with them?" Perhaps better for balance?

Nearby, Talia regards Gino's offer and then smiles and offers him her book to hold. "Why thank you." She nods to the Princess. "Thank you, but Lord Gino has proven himself adept at juggling many things at once, previously."

Dirk hums softly and heads for Moxon and Liam.

Ailith sidesteps the knights with a solemn, sad sort of expression, leaving them to guard the gleaming, empty armor. Sipping from her flute, she studies a delicately shaded portrait in charcoal.

Diana is standing in front of the laughing Random statue, thoughtful.

Liam takes one of the flutes from Moxon and downs half of it in one ungainly swig. He swishes the rest of the champagne around in the flute.

Vialle listens to the conversations ebb and flow. Some comments win smiles, others soft laughter, still others knowing expressions that might be a hair disturbing as the woman's attention shifts but her gaze does not. Then, after a few moments, she slips back from her group, "Please excuse me? I have some things to take care of for Court." Turning to Marlene, she speaks quietly, "Would you mind walking with me? I have a question for you." The two women, flanked by Vialle's honor guard, wander out.

Nearby, Gino accepts the book "Oh I am, knives, clubs, swords...saddly not ladies" he laughs tucking the book under his arm.

Syeira bounces over as the armor is finished being set up by the armor admiring it at all the shiny metal. "Oh my" she looks to the squire accepting the card and giggles. Turning to those gathering around the armor she announces, "The Artist is" she looks at the card, "Sir Harold Whitecliff? Sent over from the umm..Lyonesse Embassy arranged on loan by Princess Florimel!" she joins the applause for the piece bouncing off after expressing her appreciation.

Micah joins in the applause for the armor. It's beautiful armor, afterall.

Nearby, Talia nods as she selects a glass to add to her now free hand. "I would suspect that most ladies would not enjoy being juggled even were it possible."

Moxon's glass breaks in his hand. "Son of a--"

Liam, who was in mid-pulling-out-cigarette-case, looks at the broken flute in Moxon's hand. "Dude, you don't need to punch the glasses. The glasses don't need punching."

Ailith turns at the sound of breaking glass. "Are you quite well?" she asks, concerned.

Amy claps too at the armour, as beautiful as it is. "I see there are many wonderful artists. Congratulations to all."

Moxon sweeps fragments into a respectable pile. "Either I picked up a hex, or it's an off week."

The sound of breaking glass is quite the attention grabber. Micah looks toward Moxon and the broken glass, too.

Nearby, Amethyst smiles at the group she's in. "I should go see all the art. It's been good to see you all. If you will excuse me?"

Syeira turns at the sound of the breaking glass, seeing who it is she smirks, "Ranger! I did up some work for Arden, rather pleased with how it came out. Wanted all the visiting dignitaries to enjoy images of it, ya!" then she bounces off to look around and promote the others artists some more.

Liam offers a smoke to Moxon in consolation. "Here. Give yourself some cancer."

Talia nods to Amy and dips politely once more. "I should also make tracks, else my train of thought is going to be interrupted." Not aided by the fact she just drains her glass and then looks to Gino. "My book, m'lord?"

Moxon smokes. Nothing unintended cacthes fire, even.

Gino glances to the book, then back to Talia. "Would you like me to carry to whereever it is you are going Your Grace?" the inquiry polite.

Talia pauses and looks around. "I know the House has rooms somewhere in the palace, but I appear to have failed to memorize the expansive and over done layout of the place."

Micah offers a ndo to Amy, Talia, and Gino. "Good day," he says to all three of them. He wanders away from the group as well, leaving it pretty groupless. He takes little sips of his champagne occasionally.

Gino inclines his head to Micah "Good day" he offers then considers the whole lost Duchess situation "Well, I have never had reason to venture to the Chantris Suite Your Grace, but I can certainly help you look.

Syeira circles around to the swords oo'ing and ah'ing promoting the dragon blade once more, "Oh the artist? He's right over there. Micah De'Mandrake, ammaaaazing artist, ya! Oh he did a water inspired one too. You should have seen it!" pointing out the different artistic parts of the blade in such an animated fashion you'd think she was a car salesman or had some stake in selling his work and him.

Talia regards Gino as if he might be the devil himself. Which the chances are.. "Very well then. If you could show me the way I would appreciate it."

Ailith finishes her tour, and her drink, and sets the empty flute on a passing tray. And makes her way out.

Moxon replies to Syeira: "I ... see that. Perhaps I'll pick up prints of the work."

Micah lifts his eyes from one of Syeira's own pieces when he hears his voice from her lips. His expression is 'huh wha?' He smiles and lifts his champagne flute in acknowledgement of the praise. "Thank you, Sye," me says, loud enough for her to hear him. He wanders that way. The blade in question is nicely done. A scimitar like the unfinished pieces it's with. It has an oil on water rippling irridescent effect in a reddish-orange tinge. The hilt is formed of a dragon's body, the tail curls in on itself to form the pommel. The dragon's wings outstretched form a pair of cross-guards. Its mouth open reveals fangs clamped around the metal of the blade. Stylized flames lick the blade in curling, etched waves down its length, making the oil on water effect of the ripples seem almost to be actual flame.

Dirk bounces over to Moxon and carefully pokes him in the shoulder. "thanks"

Moxon cringes. Just a little. "No sweat."

Syeira giggles at Moxon's responce giving him a broad grin and wink, "I figured you would just 'love' it. Especially the no playing one, ya!" she bounces away apparently today that is the limit of her antagonizing the man. The crowd circles around Micah as he approaches, proding and poking him with questions on the piece shifting off to sell some other artist's work and draw attention to them.

Amy wanders around, taking a good look at all the art, and then she raises a hand to wave, before she takes her leave.

Micah answers the questions that are poked and prodded at him as they're poked and prodded at him. "Oh, that's easy," he starts to one person, and then quiets as he murmurs something or other to them. He seems to have paused somewhere fairly nearby Dirk and Moxon. The crowd around him is probably eveloping them too. Silly crowds, not respecting personal space.

Dirk leans on Micah's shoulder.

Syeira skips around continuing to sell the artwork. As the crowds start to think down she grins brightly walking over to start admiring some of the work herself. Her expression grows serious and less theatrical are her actions. There is no doubt her love of art studying each piece in depth, drinking them in.

Marlene does meander back in, though, trailing among some of the exhibited pieces, and aquiring some glass of something, until she comes upon Micah and his display, "Well, Micah, it's good to see you. Your work? "

Moxon gets another glass of champagne, and one for Liam or two for himself -- either seems fine.

Micah pats Dirk lightly on the back with his empty hand. Tollerating the lean. He glances over to Marlene and offers her a nod. "Welcome back," he says. "Yes, my work. How are you? Good to see you again."

Marlene ahs, and smiles. Peering up and around Micah with a bit of a sideways crane of the neck. "And Dirk. I was sure that was you. " She nods. Says to Micah. "Likewise, and as good as your word, then, about starting your forge. Meanderene steel, is it?"

Syeira drifts over to the next piece. Each piece she takes the time to view and study, a slight smile of pure pleasure and delight on her face with admiring the artists work.

Dirk smiles "Hey Marley? How are you? How are you sure its me? I could be one of many black clothed royals of Minosian decent who lean on Micah and call Moxon brother and am being on my best no piratical penguins in the palace behavior."

Moxon keeps his mouth closed on Dirk's pod-status, this time. More boozahol.

"Is it what now?" asks Micah of Marlene. "It's folded steel comprised of several things to make it the color it is." Pause. "I don't know what Meanderene steel is." He glances to Dirk and chuckles. "Because there's only one you, Dirk."

Dirk says "we should go trave through shadow to test that theory and visit my penguin farm."

Liam pats Moxon on the shoulder, places his glass on a passing tray, and heads back upstairs for the time being.

Moxon says, "There are infinite Dirks. We're just blessed with the genuine article."

Marlene smiles, and nods. "Same sort of thing, I'm told. And, yes. Even more-infinite penguins, perhaps."

Micah grins at Moxon. "Maybe, but still only one genuine Dirk," he says. Micah also nods to Marlene. "I see. Never heard it called that before."

Syeira grins thinking she's seen all of the paintings and art pieces. She then makes her way over toward Micah, "See no oozing books, ya"

Dirk smiles and nods "I think I am the best orginal Dirk that ever was even if you include all the Dorks and Dicks in the works."

Moxon says, "Lotta dicks. So, so many Dicks."

Micah looks at Syeira and snorts. "No oozing books /yet/. I was keeping a pretty close eye on Talia's, lest it start oozing." He glances to Dirk and Moxon and doesn't comment.

Marlene ohs, "books that ooze as opposed to someone oozing out books. If you do see the former, you might wish to consult me. As for the latter, that's usually quite all right as long as one means it figuratively."

Dirk nods "I'd say all of my uncles except one fall into that catagory ."

Micah shakes his head to Marlene. "Just the one, so far. The book oozed. By itself. I stabbed it. It was.. gross." He looks at Syeira with a level look. "Very gross. I still haven't gotten the smell out of my clothes."

Syeira glances to Moxon raising a brow with a slight smirk. She then turns to look toward Micah and giggles, "Not a single oozing book so far, ya."

Moxon heads out, setting aside his champagne.

Marlene nods. "Purging with fire is more commonly-recommended, come to that. But, where'd you come by that?"

Dirk asks "did it ooze green slime or purple blood?" He starts to get wierdly excited "I want one of those to give to Pascal for the Solaris library!"

Micah grins at Syeira. "Let's keep it that way, shall we?" He glances to Moxon and waves. He looks to Marlene and shrugs. "Didn't have any handy fire. Out in Shadow somewhere." He looks to Dirk. "Black blood. Sye, what happened to that book, anyway?"

Syeira shrugs, "I burned it, ya" snagging a glass of champagne off a passing tray, "While you were wiping the goo out of your eyes." downing the glass in a few swallows.

Marlene hrms, elevating her neck a little extra and sipping at the drink in hand. "Black blood, that qould generally commend one to purging with fire indeed. Probably infernic, which is to say, Chaos. But needs must, must do, whatnot."

Micah makes a face. "It was glowing, and had blood on the pages. Was controlling something with tentacles. So I stabbed it. Black fog took away the creature and the book bled black and it smelled like raw sewage." He looks to Syeira and nods. "Burning it was good. Wait. If you had fire the whole time, why didn't you just burn it in the first place!?" He glowers at her.

Syeira reaches up ruffling her hair back from her face grinning at Micah, "Didn't want you to feel useless, ya?" dropping off one glass and acquiring another.

Dirk laughs at Micah and hugs him.

Marlene smiles, "Well, it seems it worked out. If something's got tentacles, there may be intermediate steps before one can manage incineratifaction of it."

Micah finishes the champagne in his flute and sets it off on a departing tray. He folds his arms across his chest. And glowers /more/ when his hair is ruffled! "Hey! It's not like it's not mussy enough already!" His lips twitch at the corners, though. Clearly he's not actually upset at her. It's true, though, his light red curls are now all mussed up. They were before, to an extent, as curly hair tends to do, but now? Even worse! He stares at Dirk hugging him for a moment before he unfolds an arm to hug him back. He looks back to Marlene. "Wouldn't recommend stabbing one, that's for sure. At least, not if you don't want gunk all over you."

Dirk is very happy and hugs back after he is hugged back. Dirk is a very huggy dude.

Marlene nods. "Goggles, at least." Pauses, and looks at Micah as though mentally-fitting him for a pair. "WHich are also good for smithery, really."

Micah grunts at Dirk. "Hey Dirk? Syeira needs a hug," he points out. He looks at Marlene and both red tinted brows raise. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Pause. "What are goggles? And why are they good for smithery?"

Dirk walks over and does his best to hug Sye.

Ask a Begman question.... "Well, why, they prtect and screen the eyes, of course. Can also be made to modify one's visual acuity, of course, but in a forge, primarily to protect the eyes from the heat and occasional sparks. Also books spitting infernic ooze, or any other miscellaneous eldritch effluvia, as it happens, but something like these..." From a pocket she produces a pair of her own goggles, which are ovoid lensed brass-rimmed things with a few odd knurled dials on them.

Micah is not Begman, clearly. Not with a question like 'what are goggles?' At least it makes for good conversation. Micah listens, curious and intent on the explanation. "Oh. Well. That just... makes far too much sense," he says. "I don't think I need any help with visual acuity, but.." He shakes his head. "They sound handy." He looks closely at the goggles she produces. "What are the dials for?"

Syeira raises a brow at Micah shaking her head and then at Dirk giggling. The other gets a very brief hug before she is moving back out of arms distance to go and switch out glasses.

Marlene ohs. "Well, examining things, in this case. Magnifiers, chromoselection filters, Which you mightn't need at the forge, but I find them convenient."

Micah frowns a bit. "Magifiers I understand. Makes things bigger, yes? What is a chromoselection filter?" Wow! And he didn't even stumble over that word! Okay. Maybe he did a little. He smiles at Syeira.

Dirk laughs and hugs random people. Dirk says "I am a performance artist and I am performing hugarama in three dee."

Marlene ahs. "Coloured glass, basically. They cause different details of things to become apparent. Handy with small brassworks, such as I amuse myself with, and whatever else one might chance across."

"Huh. That's pretty neat, and could well come in handy for etching steel," says Micah. "Brassworks.. What is that?"

Syeira slips off with another glass of champagne returning to the group sipping this one, "Ahh, much better, ya"

Dirk bounces over and hugs more random people and then returns to to Micah.

Marlene ohs, "Well, such mechanisms as in the moving parts of those glasses, for instance. Watchmaking, mechanical neveryouminds, bits of this and that, and the like and nonsuch." Smiles. Sips at her lowball glass... Looks over as Dirk demonstrates his performance art. "Threedee?"

Micah listens intently. "That sounds absolutely fascinating. I'd love to see them, some time." He turns his eyes and watches Dirk as he comes back, nods to Syeira as she returns. "Yes, better. I admit, this is a pretty nice display, Sye."

Syeira grins, "I like it. Pretty impressive really for no planning. "

Dirk nods "three dee its more desirous, delicious and Dirkafied than two dee.

Marlene nods, over to Dirk, "Never one less dee than strictly-required, of course." She doesn't know what he means.

Dirk nods "three dee all the way baby."

Marlene nods, To Dirk, then smiles to Sye, "I think it's a real showing. Hardly even caught much of it, but very well-done, Lady Sye."

Syeira looks between Micah and Marlene raising a brow. She smirks, "Thanks, but its just Sye, nothing lady like about me, ya?" she downs her champagne as if she was downing a shot pulling out a flask to take a sip before tucking it away as if to say, see really nothing lady like about the way I behave.

Dirk starts to sing a song that has as its first word "I'm too sexy...."

Micah nods. "There was no planning? Wow. Even better. I'm impressed." He looks at Dirk and just... stares. "Three dee? Two dee? What is that?"

Dirk sings "dee" is for Dirk."

Syeira shrugs, "I'm really good at the planning thing, it never works for me, ya." she looks around the palace while people from the city continue to mill about the artwork.

Micah raises a brow at Dirk. "Three Dirks? I don't think it would be the same with three of you. You're special just how you are." He looks to Syeira and nods. "Looks like you don't really need the planning thing anyway."

Dirk says "Micah think of the love you'd get from three of me!"

Syeira looks around curiously, a gleam filling her gaze, "Hey, didn't Gino umm..carry Talia's book somewhere for her, ya?" she looks to Micah wiggling her eye brows.
Privately, to Micah, Syeira has had that look before, usually before she gets into mischief

"No! I don't want to!" Micah laughs at Dirk. "Oh Dirk. That kiss I owe you? I passed it to Syeira. She owes you the kiss now." He looks back to Syeira, and tilts his head. He nods. "Yes, he did. I believe there was mention of helping her find the Chantris suites." He doesn't seem to notice anything amiss with the waggled brows.

Syeira frowns, "That is a real shame. He mentioned loaning me a book." she shrugs, "Maybe he left it out for me in his room. Anyone want to go with me? Need to head up to the citron solar."

Dirk says "that's ok I had decided you didnt owe me a kiss. If Syeira wants a kiss she can have one of her own."

Micah looks to Dirk and nods. "Okay. Thanks, Dirk," he says. He nods to Syeira. "Maybe. Or you could go ask him. I'll go with you, if you'd like," he says.

Marlene ahs, to Micah, as Dirk dirks. "And here I'm curious about the trebled Dirkifactudiousity. But, if you like, I could knock together a pair of ones to try. Customarily I'd insist on grinding my own lenses, but I know someone who can fairly well *sing* glass into most shapes. Quicker, to be sure."

Syeira shrugs, "No, no reason to bug him. Can just stop up there, see if the book is laying out. I'll leave him a note saying I got it so he doesn't wonder. If he's in the middle of a conversation no point in interupting, he'll wonder why I didn't just go get it in the first place." she nods to Marlene, "You want to go with? Just need to stop up at the citron solar."

Micah eyes Syeira, and then nods. "Sounds good to me," he says. He looks to Marlene and seems lost. "Sing glass into shapes?" Pause. "You must be talking about Meijanri. I've heard she does glass. I keep meaning to stop by her shop and somehow never find the time."

Dirk says "sure bean jelly cat."

Marlene nods, to Micah. "The same. I've really yet to try her on optics, but she can make far more subtle things than that."

Syeira nods looking to Marlene, "Did you want to go up to the Citron solar with us, to get see if the book is in Gino's room that he was going to loan me, or did you want to wait down here and we'll be back in like 10 minutes." she shrugs, "Up to you, ya"

Dirk smiles.

Marlene ....ohs. "A book, you say, ....Hopefully not one that proves difficult, " Eyes wander toward ceiling a bit. "You know, what with tentacular psuedopodia and still less-companionable issuances. He actually said you ought to go through his rooms, just now?"

Micah looks back and forth between the three people he's talking to. And waits.

Syeira shrugs, "I can just go up with Dirk if you two want to wait. Doesn't matter. Really wanted the art book though so I'm just going to head up and get it, ya." she glances toward Dirk, "You ready?"

Dirk nods "ready steady go go go! Yep."

Syeira giggles at Dirk nodding to the others, "We'll be back in a couple of minutes. Just want to see if he left that book for me or not, ya" she nods to Dirk and the two take off to head off deeper into the palace.

Dirk follows Sye into the palace.

Marlene nods, glancing at her glass. "Well, all right, why not. A lady shouldn't be in a gentleman's rooms unescorted. People talk."

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