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RtA Log - Explanations, Maybe?

Characters: Micah, Celeste
Location: Parlor - Mandrake Manor - Amber City

--[ Parlor ]--------------------------------------------[ Mandrake Manor ]----

Of the rooms of the ground floor, the parlor has survived the best,
and kept to its intended purpose. Warm wood panels line the walls, lit
with oil sconces and, when the drapes are pulled back, southern
daylight. Thick carpets dampen footsteps, and provide a protected
resting place for chairs and couches arranged in comfortable
conversation clusters. A small game table occupies one corner, and the
other is claimed by a tall sideboard, though the crystal and glassware
it currently holds is mismatched.

The main foyer is to the west. To the north is a heavy door leading to
the library, and to the east, a lockable door secures a small office.

--[ lhelp ]-----------------------------------------------[ Exits: N E W ]----

Maybe an hour after the display in the Dragon's Office, Micah is settled here. He has a glass of scotch and his sketchpad. Oddly for Micah, there seems to only be about two glasses worth of scotch out of the bottle, and his glass appears to be mostly untouched. He's sketching something or other on the paper on his lap.

Celeste lingers in the door. She wants a drink but she's hesitant to enter the room.

"I'm not blind, Cel. You don't need to avoid me. Not going to bite you. Trist might get jealous and kick my ass." Micah doesn't even look up from what he's drawing.

Celeste looks wry, "He might too. Like sir lucian he's...coming to grip..." She exhales heavily, "Working with him's been hard." she mumbles unhappily, clearly troubled, "I'm sorry..." she shrugs and chews her bottom lip.

Micah lays his charcoal down, and lays it and the paper aside. For a change, it's not the Pattern. It looks like it's going to be a person, at some point. There's human-type hair, at least. But it's just started. He rises to his feet and heads for the bar. "What would you like to drink?" He pauses there and glances back at her. "It's not me you need to make amends to, Cousin. How you're going to get back into Izett's good graces is beyond me."

Celeste exhales, "By leaving her be. She will come to me when she wants something, she always does. The currency of this whole damned city is weighed in what can be gained by someone else." she pauses and grimaces, "An unfortunate point for me to make just now, admittedly. At any rate, I regrett the friction it will cause for Lucian more than than I worry about any grudge. she's stubborn but eventuallly." she shrugs.

"What would you like to drink?" repeats Micah. He gets a glass out and ready. He nods about the city and how it works. "I hate politics. I stay out of politics for a reason." Mostly because he doesn't know them well. He shakes his head. "I doubt it if she'll cause any problems for Lucian, save that he'll likely be wherever she is more than he'll be here."

Celeste looks wry, "He's the dragon general, that will create friction. Especially when...eghn." she shuffles forward stiffly, "Scotch, whiskey, or the minosian spiced rum." She eases into the chair, staring at the fire in the fireplace with distant expression.

Well, that's easy. Micah takes the glass and pours from the same bottle he's drinking from. Scotch. He sets the bottle back to the bar and walks over to the chair she's chosen, and gives her the glass. "Everything will work out. Just.. give it time." He watches as she moves and then goes back to his chair. Next door, so to speak.

Celeste exhales, "oh, I'm not worried about worried about pissing everyone off. I don't feel great about it, but..I am prone to fucking up." She exhales and she leans back nursing the bottle, "It doesn't matter, by the way, how you get things right. You can bust your ass for years. you can take the duties no one else wants so the family is free to pursue their passions, their dreams, their romances. That's what it meant, to take responsibility. You can duel princes, you can out manuver political rivals when everyone else has failed, you can give the fate you want for the fate duty requires-and it's never enough. Clearly, no one'd expect a pat on the head-that's not how this works...." She frowns, "But something less than the death knoll, the reiterated expectation to fail when it counts most." she exhales, "Even if I wasn't a barely tamed mess, even if I was perfect-the response is the same. it is as if someone has the impression I ever wanted any of this. No one does. Why I do it-I wish someone more suited for the task would step up already, because I am TIRED of seeing that look.

Micah shrugs at that. "Everybody is prone to fucking things up sometimes," he says. He listens quietly to what she has to say. Part way through it, he tilts his head. It's clear he's not really understanding what she's saying. "Which look?"

Celeste exhales, "Nothing, nevermind. I'm not worried so much about hurt feelings."

Micah frowns and shakes his head. "No. Not nevermind. I'm new to all of this. I'm not going to understand unless you explain it to me."

Celeste exhales, "I never intended the responsible adult. It wasn't meant to be thisway. I have always been self serving and impulsive. I have...worked hard...for a long time...to be more the person who the house needed me to be."

Micah nods, expression somewhat troubled. "That is understandable," he says. "I.. have spent a long time running away. It's strange to sit still in one place for so long. Sometimes I still want run." It's not quite the same thing as what Celeste is talking about, but it's at least some form of common ground, there.

Celeste notes, "I will never have the choice. I know quina's upset. I know people are frustrated, dissapointed."

"My only disappointment is that your actions contributed to someone getting hurt. The rest?" Micah shrugs a little bit. "is all relative."

Celeste says, "My slip ups usually do. I wouldn't care if they didn't that's why Random's using Quina as leverage."

Micah considers that. He reaches for his drink and takes a sip of it, still considering it. "Why is Random using Quina as leverage? I'm not sure I understand."

Celeste says, "Because I need access to the royal library but I'm banned,and he saw opportunity to make a point."

Micah shakes his head. "I still don't understand. What's the point he's making?" Pause. "Why were you banned?"

Celeste sighs, "that he knows how to hurt me, and because I slighted him by refusing to use his title."

Micah just stares at Celeste for a moment, and then nods. "Ahh. That makes sense, I suppose. Why did you refuse to use his title?"

Celeste exhales, "It's a loooooooooooong story." She rises, "I'm sorry, the bumps are starting to ache a bit, and I still have much to do, I believe I should retire."

Micah nods, and then shakes his head. "It's okay, Celeste. Nothing to be sorry for. Have a good night."

Celeste says, "You as well."

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