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RtA Log - Dragon Duel, Injured Izett

Characters: Micah, Celeste, Izett, Lucian, Quina, Gerard
Location: Dragon's Office - Mandrake Manor - Amber City

--[ Dragon's Office ]-----------------------------------[ Mandrake Manor ]----

What was once a private reading room has been taken over, and turned
into a room for strategic planning and tactical thought. The table is
large enough for a number of maps, tall enough to stand at instead of
sit. There is a desk in the corner, and a number of cabinets. Most
important, though, is a large supply of strong drink.

There is a spiral staircase in the corner that leads down to the

--[ lhelp ]---------------------------------------------------[ Exits: D ]----

Izett glares at the window or what was left of the window, gasping softly, "Luc, get it, kick her ass!" sitting right where she is at for the moment.

There's an Izett with the wind knocked out form her against one wall. A cooper dragon Lucian and a hole in the office that's Celeste in dragon form size. She's flying away with something in her Claws. He bobs his head and goes out chasing Celeste, "Mine! Bring it back!"

The second there is the sound of anything at all being amiss, Quina is off like a shot. Good thing she's just had that short rest. She's really, really fast in a straight run, too (Fast Movement). She passes Micah on her way to the office, and hopefully the door into locked because her recently dislocated shoulder would likely not enjoy being involved in knocking it down, even if she leads with the other one.

Micah was already in the parlor and pouring himself a drink when the crash and screaming and more crashing and roaring had come. From fairly well nearby, too. He comes into the office from the library just behind Quina. His eyes take in the scene. A hole in the wall. Copper dragon - Lucian, he remembers is copper. And Izett against the wall. "What's gong on? Lady Izett, you alright?" His eyes seem to be a lighter shade of hazel than they normally are.

Celeste didn't actually have clearance for her wings so she just tumbles and crashes through through front eaves-she probably had planned to roll not to crash as there's a startled "Yelp!" and a cloud of plaster dust and splinters. And then a copper dragon follows the blue and silver dragon and there's a low menacing growl as she springs up to meet him mid air, tail gripping the shiny to free her talons to extend towards him as another bellowing roar of challenge is issued-scales are going to fly.

Gerard has senses trained over a thousand battles, many of them at sea but more then a few in an urban place such as this. One time, in Montevalno, one bawdy song led to him fighting his way over the next twelve hours just to get back to his ship. He also is a man that likes his luxury, and was enjoying the soak when the others had already dressed and were convening upon the parlor for drinks. So, Quina is first, only to be joined by Micah. It is when the man is questioning the Feldane that a soapy, tanned, heavily muscled and furry-chested Gerard busts into the room armed with an axe and a loufa and not a lick of armor on him. Or clothes.

Izett is about to answer Micah, sitting very still on the floor where she apparently slid down the wall and landed. Her words stop, jaw drops and a crimson blush spreads from cheeks on down her neck to disappear beneath the top of her dress and her gaze is quickly averted from the naked Gerard.

Quina was at least cleaned up when the ruckus happened, but then Quina cleans off very easily. She's in a big, fluffy robe though, having no time to put anything else on. She gets into the office, quickly followed by the others, and just stares. Always a Lady, she naturally handles it with grace and aplomb. "...the fuck?!" Fortunately, she's faced away from the newly-arrived Gerard and doesn't yet see his state of undress.

Lucian jumps out of the window behind Celeste and lets out a roar as he shoots a blast of fire at Celeste. She had took a bite at Izett. His own claws bared and he goes to dive into Celeste, "Give me mine!"

Micah has his eyes on the blushing Izett. The blush, though? He follows her eyes and sees Gerard. Offers the man a nod as though nothing is odd at all, and steps between him and Izett to, um, block the view. His eyes follow the two dragons, briefly, and then go back to Izett. He drops to one knee beside her, still between her and Gerard. "Lady Izett? Are you injured?"

Celeste's head swings to dodge the blast of fire, her wings churning and pumping for everything's worth as she swings with Lucian's momentum to try to send him back into the house. When she's unable to shake his cruel deathcreep she tries to sink her teeth into the scale of his throat beneath his jaw, maybe her teeth can peirce scale, maybe not, but not getting a faceful of fire is a good thing.

Gerard considers the rampaging dragons with a grim expression, and tosses the loufa aside. "I apologize, my lady, for the unsightly appearance." He is probably speaking to both of the women. Hiking the axe to his shoulder, he opens a bottle of strong liquor and takes a long drink. Then, with a grunt, he starts running for the opened hole in the wall only to launch himself out into empty air and rampaging dragons like a lilac-smelling axe-wielding tarzan.

Izett keeps her gaze averted, only where she is averting her gaze the leaping naked Gerard darts through her vision. She gasps turning her head away once more unable to blush any brighter. She swallows, "No, I'm fine, thank you, M'lord" though she isn't making any sign to move as if she was perfectly content to remain just where she is in the position that she is no with short shallow breaths.

It isn't until Gerard goes running for the hole in the wall that Quina finally notices his state of undress. There's a blink as her brain continues to try to process all the chaos going on around her. She searches for the right words, and ends up right back at "...The. Fuck???" She shakes her head a bit, and also reaches for a bottle of whatever alcoholic might be nearby. There's a few good swallows taken.

There's a shriek of pain from Lucian as dragon fangs find flesh under his scales. He shakes wildly and start to use talons to try to mince Celeste, "Let go!"

Micah is not going after the dragons, nope. The dragons can sort themselves. He nods to Izett. The lighter shade of his eyes goes back to the normal warmer hazel tone they usually are. He still holds a glass of something amber colored in it. He offers it to Izett. "Scotch," he says. He glances over at Quina. Then out the window to the dragons.

Celeste growls, "Smmmhhtt!" She growls, not letting go of her hold She's scored by shallowly but though scales and hide open to show pink flesh beneath she just shakes her head visciously as she's clawed, "Smmmhhht!" She half hisses she half growls against his throat. What is she demanding? Schmit? Shit? Maybe submit?

Gerard flies out the window, only to be slapped by a wing of one of the dragons. In the melee, it is truly impossible to say who nearly knocked him senseless, for he falls and bounces off the great scaled form only to hook his axe into Celeste's flank. It barely penetrates scale, but it's enough to keep him from falling to the ground and the muscles in his shoulder and arms work in tandem to pull himself up astride her back as the two battle back and forth. Hopefully he does not get a faceful of the fire that was meant for Celeste.

Izett looks toward the glass and slowly lifts an arm up to accept the glass taking a small sip, "Thank you, M'lord." taking another small sip before offering it back to him, "Did he get her yet?"
Privately, to Micah, Izett winces, though difficult to say if it is from injury or from the strength of the booze. She is clearly hurt and lying about it at least for the moment.

Lucian only wants the shiny and well what is good for the goose is good for the gander but with dragons and in reverse. So when Gerard and all his glory crashes into them and hit's Celeste. Lucian takes that distraction to tip the statue out from Celeste's grip and throw it into mid air. He then goes to try to push off her and escape.

Two dragons and a naked Gerard are out there tussling. Given the day she's had, that's about as far as Quina's brain will go right now. She closes her eyes and her mental count to ten is pretty visible on her face.

Micah glances from the hole in the wall, to Izett, and then back out the window. He takes the glass back when it's offered to him and shakes his head. "No. I think he's losing. She's got her teeth in his throat." His eyes go back to Izett, and he studies her thoughtfully. "You're welcome." Little belated, but there at least.
Privately, to Izett, Micah seems to be calculating just what Izett might be hiding. He's studying her very closely.
Privately, to Izett, Micah obviously doesn't believe Izett when she says she's fine, but is respecting that as her decision for now. His eyes shift more toward gold again.

Celeste snarks and visciously jerks her head like a pit-bull that's latched onto a bone. She might have him by the throat but it's not stopping him from talking, she's not torn it out, painful but that's about it. Meanwhile she's endured several gashes from Lucian's sharp talons and now a shallow gash from Gerard's axe. She snarls and bucks wildly trying to dislodge the heavy prince but she does not let go of Lucian-not to say his escape from her grip is impossible.

Celeste does of course loose the statue but perhaps that's why she maintains the grip on Lucian.

Izett remains very poised, well as poised as one can be sitting on the floor without having smoothed her skirts first. Her back resting against the wall she listens quietly to Micah's responce nodding her head slightly, "Thank you, M'lord" is her answer very softly spoken, very calm and quiet.
Privately, to Micah, Izett doesn't seem to care if Micah believes her or not. Simply not moving, not giving way her secrets, very lady like.

Gerard loops an arm around Celeste's neck, noticeably dropping the axe aside. There's a few options here, of course, one of which might be punching the dragon(s) repeatedly in the face until they immolate him or seperate in their life and death struggle. There is also one that is significantly quicker and Gerard is always about the simplest path. He takes a hold of Celeste's frills, and braces himself.

Lucian lets out a snarl and brings the around his tail to whip at Celeste. "Let go, the shiny is going to break!" He says as his tail hits Celeste in the side. Sorry about any splash damage Gerard.

Quina has reached ten, and opens her eyes again. The bottle still in her hand, she takes a few more gulps and then walks out of the hole. She stares at the dragons, then whispers something onto the wind.

"Micah," clarifies Micah. "You're part of the family. Just call me Micah." He seems to be studying Izett fairly closely. "And you're welcome. If you want more scotch, you're welcome to it. It'll probably help," he offers.

Celeste isssues a startled, dismay *SQUAAAWK!* and goes limp. Lucian is released, her flapping and thrashing ceases. She goes limp as Gerard's massive, meaty fist closes on the thin silvery membrain that runs from between her eyes to just above her shoulderblade.

Izett watches the statue falling through the air. She reaches out taking Micah's shoulder without warning leaning over to see through the hole in the wall down to the ground below. Her voice is tense and in a strange flowing language starting to chant and whisper. Her gaze never waivering from the ground. The plants below start to grow as if on command, forming a cusion to save the statue from shattering when it hits.
Privately, to Micah, Izett hand on your shoulder is a death grip tight, using you to leverage her body so that she can see the ground. A soft grunt of pain is heard before she starts to chant. The plants below starting to form into a nest of growth to protect the statue from shattering.

Gerard, Celeste, and Trophy all fall into the thick growth formed by Izett's magic. Fwoomp!

Lucian swoops down to snatch up the statue from the pillow leaving Gerard and Celeste behind. He lets out a trumpeting bugle. Then goes to land in the new door to his office. "Izett! Are you okay?" He says not shifting yet. He was pretty cut up himself.

Celeste remains totally limp, totally still save for flaring of her nostrils and a low ill tempered rumble.

Now that the fight seems to be pretty much over, Quina sets down her bottle and crosses her arms. She stares at Lucian as he lands, the expression one of extreme displeasure.

"Ever heard the phrase don't bring your fights into the home," Gerard says dryly, "Please do be understanding in that I only did what I must, and eating me while hearty would ultimately make you feel terrible." Slowly, gently, the Prince releases Celeste.

Micah is pretty stable where he half kneels. And watching Izett as he was, Micah manages to brace just a touch more before her hand closes on his shoulder. He doesn't move, letting her use him for leverage. His free hand moves up to her shoulder and rests there, lightly, giving that much more support and stability. He looks to the hole in the wall and watches. First as the plants grow to catch the statue. Then as the copper dragon that is Lucian lands. He shakes his head to Lucian.

Izett slowly sinks back against the wall, her breathing in short small shallow breaths. Her blush gone and more pale than normal. She slowly nods her head to Lucian but doesn't speak as yet. Reaching for the scotch in Micah's hand to take a sip.

Celeste's head tosses and she rears issuing a FURIOUS roar and is SURELY about to maul naked Gerard as he stands. She turns and then stops and blink blinks. Naked Gerard. What was she roaring about again? there's a low warble and a cautious but far less aggressive approach, "You hurt?" under the 'guise' of checking the epic sized prince she inspects him closely with a /keenly/ interested rumble. Shiny? What shiny?

Lucian ignores Quina and Micah's stares of death and doom. He was attacked in his office and he looks right at Izett. "You're hurt." He says to Izzett. "Quina, she's hurt. She's need a doctor. Izett's hurt."

Quina notes to Lucian, "I'm not a healer. Micah?" she says, clearly asking whether he is. Back to Lucian, then, "What happened?" She looks pretty annoyed. It's a big day for that, especially considering how rarely Quina shows emotion.

Izett slowly reaches for a secretive pocket in her dress and slips out a card. She offers it over to Lucian, "Take the statue to safety. Get it away from your family, my love." her movements slight, minimal as can be.

"I'm fine, cold and itchy from the soap." Gerard says, and pats Celeste upon scaly head. "Go assure the staff, I believe my clothes are walking in through your front gate."

Micah was keeping the scotch where Izett could easily reach it. He releases it into her care and takes a breath as he looks back to Lucian. "What happened?" There's no stare of death and doom. Only concern for someone who's family. He shakes his head to Quina. "I'm not, no. I've barely started studying, even." He looks to Celeste and back to Lucian. "Celeste! We need a healer!"

Celeste rumbles and her tongue flicks her tongue against his beareded cheek, "Prefer salty Gerard but squeaky clean Gerard intrigue-..." her head turns and she looks dismayed, "Aw, damnit, I was CERTAIN I didn't actually come close to her!" She shifts with the snapping of bone and popping of sinew. Her vest and shorts are torn and stained with blood from the gashes across her front, "if she grants permission for me to approach I will assume her injury."

Izett glares, "Any part of her that touches me, I keep" her gaze moving toward Lucian, "Take us home, my love. Please, just take me home. To Argent."

Gerard disappears, briefly, perhaps to get dressed lest he truly scar Izett for life.

Lucian looks at Quina, "I was guarding my shiny, when Celeste broke in and stole it." He says with dignity and frowns. He looks to Izett. "How bad is it?" He claps the card before shifting to the form of a man. He wraps an arm around Izett. "Alright darling if your sure."

To Izett, Quina says "I understand your anger. I do. I ask that you please let her take your injury. I want you to be healed. And I *really* want to know what happened here. It's important that I know." When Lucian characterizes what Celeste took as a 'shiny', she frowns again. The word alone, it seems, is causing her aggrevation.

Micah nods to Quina and then looks to Izett. "Who hurt you?" He glances to Lucian, and backs a step to give the man room. He looks to Celeste now, and then back to Izett.

Celeste sighs, "A diamond studded dragon statue. Sir Lucian had locked himself in his office with it, I took exception when he started gloatiing." she shrugs and leaves it at that before stating, "I never touched The countess, but that is not to say I am not to blame, I would be entirely to blame."

Gerard returns, in simple cotton and wool, hair and beard wet but the soap is gone. He keeps his expression flat, a bruise blooming across his cheek where the wing caught him.

Lucian frowns, "I pushed her away to keep Celeste from biting.. I did it. I was trying to save her." He looks at her, "Let me take you to the hospital. They won't let me treat you and this could be bad."

Izett leans slightly against Lucian nodding her head to him, "I am very certain. I will live." she looks toward Quina, "She, a member of his own family, used his betrothed against him. She faked an attack at me, to distract him. I've no desire for her to even come near me." she shakes her head at Lucian, "I want what is yours stored away safely. The wise women can tend to me, shinies do not make them turn on their own."

Celeste grunts, "I did do that."

Family members trying to 'actually' kill family members? Gerard probably knows a little about that. He buttons up his coat as he listens, right up to the hollow of his throat. He looks, briefly, to Quina.

As Celeste starts to explain, Quina's expression goes from aggrevation right up the ladder into outright pissed off. She doesn't get the time to count this time, though. Instead, she finishes listening to all three and then addresses Lucian. "Who the hell is keeping you from healing her? If you can, then do it." Then, she looks at Celeste. "What the fuck, Celeste? It's a Unicorn-be-damned statue. You're attacking family over a statue. Because he *gloated???*" This may in fact be the most cursing Quina's done in several years. Cumulative.

Micah shakes his head at Celeste. He offers a nod to Gerard returning. He looks to Lucian. "This wasn't your fault. But Quina's right. If you can heal her, you should do so."

Celeste looks down and, "In my office, managing the armies *I* built and trained, and over a statue finer than any trinket anyone ever gave me." She slouches, "There was something about knocking him down a few pegs that...made sense at the time." She looks to Micah, "I offered, it's her right to refuse. IF she accepts it I shall do it."

Lucian frowns, "My healing isn't that much magic like Celeste, Amy's or Quina." He looks at Celeste for a moment. Then down to Izett. "As you wish." Then he holds up the card for them to go to Argent.

"If I may." Gerard says, "It sounds as if the both of ye need to grow up a little. Take that as ye will, but anytime family start fighting over gems and trinkets, ye start looking like my family. An' ask yeself how's that make ye feel?" Gerard pats Quina's shoulder in sympathy, "It was good meeting you, Micah."

"Er, and apologies again, Lady Izett."

Quina looks at Celeste as she tries to explain, like she's growing more heads by the minute. Unfortunately, she really can't do any healing on Izett, so she nods once towards Lucian when he makes to take them both to Argent. Her attention mostly stays on Celeste, though she spares a glance for Gerard. Then, she turns back to speak to Celeste through clenched teeth. "I vouched for you. This morning I walked into the king's office and offered to take any punishment you might earn to get you into that library. And the same day, you can't even muster the self-control to not attack and injure your own family."

Izett looks toward Gerard as he speaks, which leads to depth of blushing. She looks away quickly, murmuring to Lucian, "Need to get out of the corset, and I've no wish for Celeste to touch me." she nods her head gently not able to look at Gerard right now without blushing pure crimson, "Thank you, your highness I appreciate your urgency in responding to the choas."

Micah shakes his head at Celeste. "I was talking to Lucian about the healing, Celeste. You attacked your own family over a /statue/. You caused the injury of two members of this family. Over a /statue/." He looks back to Lucian and nods. "Let us know Izett's okay, please? She's family." He glances to Gerard and nods his agreement with those words. "It was good meeting you too, Gerard. Thank you for stopping that madness." He looks to Izett and offers her a nod. "Take care, Izett. I meant that. You're family." He nods to Lucian and then looks to Celeste again and shakes his head at her.

"Do keep in mind it's not /just/ Celeste." Gerard says as he steps out the door.

Celeste sighs. She could point out this isn't the only time something like this had happened, or that other times it hadn't been her. She dates her licks helpessly, there's no defense for such poor behavior. She siiighs, "Sir Lucian is still learning how to manage...things which are much newer to him than to me, and no one here would fail to answer an attack once provoked. I do not see that Sir Lucian ought to be blamed for any of this."

Lucian frowns, "The responsibility is mine to bear as much as Celeste's. But this can wait, Izett is hurt and wants to go home. I'll will be back to discuss this later with the rest of you. We can assign blame once she's cared for but I will not see her suffer." He frowns and uses the trump to fade away with Izett. The statue just happens to go with him.

"I'm not blaming him for anything other than being young. Prince Gerard does not really understand what happened." Quina replies to Celeste. "What happens to Mandrakes who bring out their Dragon. You're the experienced one. You were the one to be the adult." She nods then, to Lucian. "I will be in Arden."

Lucian frowns, "The responsibility is mine to bear as much as Celeste's. But this can wait, Izett is hurt and wants to go home. I'll will be back to discuss this later with the rest of you. We can assign blame once she's cared for but I will not see her suffer." He frowns and uses the trump to fade away with Izett. The statue just happens to go with him.

"I'm not blaming him for anything other than being young. Prince Gerard does not really understand what happened." Quina replies to Celeste. "What happens to Mandrakes who bring out their Dragon. You're the experienced one. You were the one to be the adult." She nods then, to Lucian. "I will be in Arden."

Micah glances to Gerard and nods but doesn't say anything. He nods to Quina as well. He watches Lucian and Izett go, and sighs a little bit. His glass of scotch seems to have gone with Izett. "Quina, would you like that drink before you go?" He glances around the room. "I'm actually tempted to go with you."

Celeste exhales, "I was." she confirms to Quina, "Thank you for everything that you do, Quina."

Quina watches the pair Trump away, and again spends a long moment trying to compose herself. That calm seems to still be eluding her, though. "Thank you, Micah. But I need to leave. Would you let Arrina know I've gone back to Arden?" She finally looks back to Celeste, then says "I will tell the king you need three months. When you need more, I'll update him."

Celeste looks downs at her wounds and sighs, retreating towards the house stiffly.

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