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RtA Log - Tail End Of Gerard & Quina Sparring

Characters: Micah, Gerard, Celeste, Quina
Location: Gymnasium - Mandrake Manor - Amber City

--[ Gymnasium ]-----------------------------------------[ Mandrake Manor ]----

Taking up as much room as one of the residential suites, this was at
one point a small gymnasium for the household. Utilitarian walls with
exposed beams to attaching equipment and storage racks, polished
wooden floors scuffed with centuries of footwork, and large windows
and skylights to admit natural light. Currently, it is still
transitioning from its use as a cheaper apartment, with walls nearly
removed, and a few pieces of furniture remaining.

A small door along the north wall connects to one of the suites, and
the door in the northwest corner leads back to the hallway.

--[ lhelp ]------------------------------------------------[ Exits: N NW ]----

Celeste murmurs to Micah as they walk, "Something form fitting but non restrictive. I have a pair of scale shorts that should work, you don't want to wear cloth pants, they'll chafe your dangly bits and that's fun for no one."

Quina's teeth grit as she moves, but the pain doesn't stop her from moving. She's up and over, and there's another grunt as the shoulder pops back into place. She lands well, but it's not as graceful a thing as at the beginning of the fight. And then... she's not right back into motion. She's breathing hard, and resting her hands just above her knees. One hand's not really resting though, since weight on it is an issue at the moment. She eyes the man, and waits. That was likely her last trick. She can't help but note the new arrivals, but it's not the best time to take her eyes off a man she just kicked.

Micah nods to Celeste and replies just as quietly as she'd spoken to him. "Right. Nobod wants chafed dangly bits," he comments. Inside now, he turns his attention to the fight in progress.

Celeste winces, "Uh-oh." She murmurs aside, "let me know if she needs medical attention." She drops her duffle, "I'll go find those shorts for you."

Micah glances over at Celeste and nods. "Will do." He leans back against the wall and turns his eyes back to watching the fight.

Gerard swipes at his forehead with his forearm, sweat glistening on bared skin and soaked through shirt. He turns slowly, glancing briefly to the place where two new arrivals enter, before looking back to Quina in her posture of utter exhaustion. He walks with a heavy tread as he goes to loom over her, big hands curled up into loose fists. It is difficult to determine how long the two have been at it, but nearly a dozen mannequins are scattered across the floor in pieces and furniture has been overturned and looked to have been forcefully thrown by none other then the STRONGEST of the Princes. He looks down at the woman and then kneels slightly with his own hands upon his knees and actually claps his forehead against her. He seems to say something briefly, and then gives one last gentle headbutt before straightening.

"Doctor," Gerard huffs, big chest expanding with each breath.

Quina watches Gerard walk over to her, with his heavy tread. It's in her eyes that she thinks briefly about trying to keep going, but she's done. The best she manages is a bit of a backpedal given those loose fists, but it's really just a token effort at this point. She stops when he bends as well, and smiles at whatever he says to her. Of course, then he headbutts her. Gently, but he's Gerard and she's wiped out. She ends up tilting backwards, and landing on her rear end. The reaction once she's on the floor though is a laugh. "Ow." she says quietly. Who knows if that's about her head or her shoulder. It could be both. "I think I need a drink."

Micah glances to the side as Celeste leaves, and then look back to the two combatants. He watches Quina until Gerard moves, then his eyes follow him. His lips curve up into a smile at the gentle headbutts. And the falling over also gets a smile, when it's obvious there's no serious injuries. "I know where to find drinks," he comments.

Gerard chuckles at the comment, and offers both hands to help her back to her feet. "Aye?" Micah's offer comes on the tail end of Quina's, so it can only be in response to her. "Well, it would appear that ye are in good company, my lady."

Quina accepts Gerard's hands, to get up off the floor. Well, one hand. The other doesn't really want to get tugged at the moment. Micah finally gets some of her attention, once she's standing, and she smiles to him. "Oh, good." she replies, then looks to Gerard again. "Will you join us, your Highness?"

"We don't even have to leave the manor," says Micah. He smiles back to Quina. Then glances to Gerard. "Yes, Your Highness, please join us," he says. He seems to be taking clues as to who... or at least /what/.. Gerard is from what Quina says.

"Of course," Gerard says, noting that she favors one side. He says nothing about it yet, but instead, reaches for his coat and offers it without a word to Quina. Though the halter top and pants are flattering, she has been noted in the past for modesty out in public.

It's certainly true that this isn't a way that Quina would choose to go out in public. And on top of the clothing she's all sweaty. She smiles to Gerard, but holds up a hand to the offer of his coat. "My suit is through that door, your Highness." She nods towards the one that doesn't lead to the hallway. "I'll change and join you both?" Then something occurs to her and she says "Have you both met?" In case they haven't, "Prince Gerard, Lord Micah d'Mandrake."

Gerard nods, then eyes his own coat. "We had met briefly, I believe, in passing. I suppose I should clean up as well, though it will be difficult to find clothes that fit. Where may a guest go?" The question is directed to both.

Micah glances to the door indicated, and then back. He nods to the suggestion. "That sounds good. It's the parlor thing off the library." He shakes his head to the question. "I... do not believe so," he says. He looks to Gerard. "Where are you thinking of? Either way, Prince Gerard, pleasure to meet you. There are guest rooms, yes." He points out the direction to said guest rooms.

Quina nods as Micah directs Gerard towards where the guest rooms are. "If you like, your Highness, we can have a servant bring water, towel and a large enough robe, and then send him to the palace for a change for you? I don't think we have anyone in residence currently who is even near your size." Her tone doesn't make that any sort of insult. He's Gerard. So, he's really big.

"That will suffice, and prove to be easiest, thank you." Gerard says, before nodding at Micah. "Perhaps old age affects me more then I realized, but let us try not to forget since this will in fact be our first meeting. If the two of you will excuse me?" He will move aside to get to the guest rooms as well.

Micah isn't anywhere near Gerard's size, that's for sure. He seems to be well build enough, though, despite being short. He nods to Gerard. "Nothing to worry about, Your Highness. Besides, we can't forget now. There are drinks in the future." He grins and heads out of the room. Down to the room with the booze, probably, where he'll be waiting.

Quina chuckles quietly. "I'm not sure that drinks are the way to stop memory problems." she notes to Micah. Then, she's heading towards her room to clean up. "I'll see you shortly."

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