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RtA Log - Suspicious Celeste, Beginning Trump Training

Characters: Micah, Celeste, Amethyst
Location: Micah's Forge Pavillian - Mandrake Manor - Amber City

Micah and Fleur had departed at some point prior to lunch. From all accounts, Micah had appeared to be in a good enough mood. When he returns, about an hour later, now, he still seems to be in a good enough mood. Contemplative, though. Thinking about this and that and the other thing. He heads across the grounds toward the pavilian where his portable forge is set up. Once there, he gets the forge fire lit and going. Then he removes his coat and puts on a heavy leather apron and a pair of thick leather gloves. Time to get to work, it would seen.

Celeste issues a shrill whistle over the work of the forge.

The shrill whistle cuts through the air easily, since Micah hasn't actually started working just yet. He's in the process of reaching for a pair of tongs. The whistle startles him, and he actually jumps and whirls to face wherever it had come from.

Celeste looks abashed, "Sorry, you ok?"

"Holy Unicorn, Celeste. You scared me, is all," says Micah. He looks her over, eyes shading toward gold as they do when he's using the life sight. "How are you?"

Celeste says, "I'm fine." when he looks of her he would see for an instant a collared celeste seated on the ground at the foot of a throne with a dejected look on her face-but physically snhe looks fine, "Not what I meant."

Micah frowns for a moment as he sees... well, something other than the woman he's speaking to. It's obvious, in the eyes that are on something that simply isn't there. He shakes his head after a moment and focuses back on the /real/ Celeste, and he smiles and nods. "I'm okay." The smile fades and he considers her. "You don't like Fleur much, do you?"

Celeste considers, frowns, "No. I think she's trouble. I see little interest from her in your life as a whole. I'm not your mother, you're a big boy, so it doesn't matter. Maybe she'll prove me wrong but I get the sense she's self centered and manipulative-unfair I don't know her, but." she shrugs, "I can't shake the sensation she's gonna hurt you, be a toxic, taxing influence on your life."

Celeste says, "but it's not my business so I will make an effort to be nice to her because she's important to you."

It would seem Micah wasn't wrong. He listens quietly, nodding here and there, but doesn't interrupt. When she's done, that's when Micah speaks. "She's the least self centered person I know, Cel," he says. Manipulative? That he doesn't argue. She's a woman. Aren't they all? "She is important to me." He seems to agree with that part as well. "I can't tell you she's not going to hurt me. Life is.. a trial at the best of times. But if she does, I'll learn from it, and grow as a person."

Celeste nods, "I know, thus my dedication in not meddling."

Micah turns and stokes the fire of the forge, so it'll stay warm for a few hours at least. He removes his gloves and apron, tossing them onto a table. He slips his coat on and walks over to Celeste. "Why do you think she's going to hurt me?"

Celeste frowns, "What do you hope to gain from this conversation?"

"I'm sorry. Gain?" Micah looks confused and a little stung by Celeste's question. "I'm just curious why you feel that way. I mean, there has to be some sort of reason..." He shrugs a little bit.

Celeste looks chagrined, "A feeling. nothing more. Grondless, I'm sure."

Amy has come by to check on things over here, since she got called here the other day. She yawns, a little bit tired.

Micah is standing near Celeste, half under the pavilian where his portable forge is housed. Micah nods. "Okay," he says, and steps back from Celeste, turning to walk back into the pavilian. The coat is slipped off and placed in an out of the way place. It's about an hour or so after lunchtime, all things considered, and the clouds that had covered the city the previous day, and left some fresh snow behind, are gone now. The sunlight is clear and bright.

Celeste eyes him, he'd looked hurt previously, "Are we alright, then?" she's dressed in sharkskin shorts and vest and carrying a oilcloth rucksack.

Micah glances over to Amy and offers her a nod. Then back to Celeste, and he loks quizically at her. "Of course. Why wouldn't we be?"

Celeste shrugs, "i might have called your lady love a suspicious individual, some would take that badly."

Amy smiles as she spies both Celeste and Micah. "Aha, just the people I was looking for. Celeste, you're looking - very Rebmanesque. Micah, is everything okay with your Fleur?"

Micah huffs a soft chuckle and shakes his head. "You're protective of your family. It's only natural. You don't know anything about her. I'm not going to get upset that you're suspicious of her." He glances to Amy and offers a smile. "Hello, Cousin," he greets. "Yes, she's well. I took her home this morning."

Celeste looks to amy, "Trance broke last night, not that anyone said what the cause was. As for rebmaesq...going there to help Martin with a few things."

Amy nods her head. "Good, I'm glad to hear that," she says with a smile. "I was a little worried. And - oh, tell Martin hi for me. I got his message. I've been thinking on how best to help." That said, she offers a smile to Micah. "I think we're all protective of our family."

"I asked her about that," says Micah. "She said it happens occasionally. Called it 'stasis'. I managed to convince her to stay over after she came out of it. She couldn't hardly stay on her feet when she was getting ready to leave." That may have helped for the convincing. He pauses, and clears his throat. "Plus, I may have told her she wasn't allowed to leave until she could properly focus." Cough. He glances to Celeste and considers that. "Anything I can help with, there?" He looks to Amy and nods. "Anything I can do to help, you know I will." He smiles and nods. "Yes. We are," he says, and looks between the two of them.

Celeste looks puzzled, "Which message? The amnesiacs?" she looks to Micah, "I recall promising you some training."

Amy tilts her head. "Amnesiacs?" she asks, and then she chuckles softly. "Maybe we're talking about different things?" She nods to Micah, but settles to wait for a bit.

Micah shakes his head a bit. "I didn't get a message, either," he says. He nods to Celeste about the training. "Sure." He glances to Amy and lifts a shoulder. Clueless, he is.

Celeste says, "What are you talking about?"

Amethyst chuckles and says, "I got a message from Martin asking me to help him find some things for a party. What about you?" She glances at Micah and then back to Celeste. "What sort of training, and do you need help?"

Micah glances to Amy and listens. "Party? Parties are fun." He glances back to Celeste.

Celeste looks to Amy, "I'm managing his army and grooming a General for Rebma."

Amy shakes her head at Micah. "Not that sort of party, alas. Though I do agree that parties are fun." She looks to Celeste and then says, "Politics, you know -some things I can't admit to."

Celeste shrugs, "Fine, Didn't ask for details, if I need to know it I'll find out,:

Micah makes a face. "Oh. Well. That kind of party." No, he doesn't seem overly interested in the political sort of party.

Amy laughs softly. "There are no details, Celeste. Martin asked me to go out into shadow and get help. That's it."

Celeste lifts an eyebrow, "Now I am curious."

Micah looks back and forth between the two women and remains silent.

Amy blinks, and shrugs. "That's it, Celeste. Unless you want to come with me and see what I find? I got nothing else to tell you."

Celeste says, "Help with what?""

At that Amy rolls her eyes. "Celeste? Why are you going to groom a general and manage an army?"

"If you need help, I'm happy to tag along," says Micah. He looks back and forth between the two of them. "With either of you." He pauses and falls quiet again, eyes going to Celeste.

Celeste looks confused, "Because Martin's busy, I have time and experience, and Rebma has limited resources including a general-why?"

"Thank you, Micah. You're very kind to offer, especially without knowing what you'd be getting into." Amy smiles at her cousin and then she turns back to Celeste. "Ah. Well, I'm just working on some resources."

Celeste says, "Sooooo, armies?"

Micah smiles to Amy. "I trust that you're not gongi to take me somewhere and dump me off a cliff," he says to her. He glances back to Celeste and nods. And then looks back and forth between the two of them.

Amy chuckles. "Cliff diving is fun," she says to Micah, mischievously. And then she looks to Celeste and shrugs. "I am not sure what I will find."

Celeste huffs and looks a tad peturbed.

Micah nods to Amy at the mischieviousness. Then he looks to Celeste and frowns. "What is /wrong/ with you today?"

Amy looks at Celeste curiously. "Celeste, do I look like a fighter to you?" she asks, a bit exasperatedly. "Do you think I can promise to go out into shadow and come back with - well, anything? I might come back with an army, yes. Or I Might come back with two tunas and a shopping cart."

Celeste looks abashed, "Going on a mystery errand seems strange, sorry, not trying to be a sass."

Micah is pretty focused on Celeste until Amy says that about the tuna. He blinks, and looks to her, and bursts out laughing. "Two tunas and a shopping cart?" He laughs again and shakes his head. He looks back to Celeste and frowns at her. "You're acting really weird today. Why are you acting so suspicious of Amy and I all of a sudden? Is something wrong?"

Amy chuckles, and then she says, "Hate to break it to you, Celeste, but sometimes we aren't going to tell you things, in order to protect you. Just in case. Get used to it, darlin'. You are family too."

Celeste blinks, "suspusicious? No, not at all! I'm just confused. I don't understand the errand, just trying to understand." She rolls her eyes, "IF I needed to know, I'd know, I controlled intel for three kings and two regents. Nevermind, I got enough to worry about." she looks to Micah, "I'm cutting Benedict's supply trains today, if you must know why I'm twitchy." She exhales, "Nooooot gonna end well but PERFECT time for me to be out of the city."

Micah glances over to Amy and nods, then looks back to Celete. "She's right. Sometimes we're going to know things that we can't tell you." He breathes out softly, and nods to her. "Well, stop it. Amy and I aren't intentionally going to do anything to hurt you. You're family. And we're allowed to be protective of you, too." He nods about Benedict, but doesn't comment on that. He does nod again, at the end. "Probably a good idea to be out of the city, yes."

Celeste says, "I'm not doing it on purpouse I wasn't being suspicious I was confused!"

Amy blinks, and then she arches a brow. She moves to give Celeste a hug. "Yes, we know you're good with secrets and you know everything. But - you're not in those positions any more so far as I know, so that means, it's okay if we don't tell you." the logic may not be sound, but nobody ever accused Random spawn of being logical, right? "And see, the best part is - I did tell you, everything I know. I'm going to go out to Shadow to find something, someone who can help Rebma."

Micah raises both brows at Celeste. And then nods, accepting her words. He looks to Amy and then to Celeste again, and steps forward and hugs them both. "Group hug time," he states. "I know next to nothing about Shadow, so I don't know anything to tell." He grins.

Celeste says, "I'm not..." She huffs, "I wasn't pumping you for info I was just confused. Hormones-as you WELL know-addle the recollection. I was trying to remember what I thought I'd been told but I was never told cause it's not my business-can we step off the paranoia boat now please?"

Amy laughs, outright. "Alright, Celeste." She shrugs briefly. "So what were you going to train Micah in?"

"I'm not being paranoid," says Micah. "I'm channeling Dirk and being huggy." He winks.

Celeste shrugs, "Not sure, gonna find what he's an aptitude for-maybe he can learn something new from the smiths, maybe can give him an attachment to train, maybe he's an eye for numbers or paperwork, we'll see."

Amy grins at that. "NOne of that for me, I'm afraid. You'll have to figure all that stuff out on your own."

Micah nods to Celeste and then lifts a shoulder. "I'm willing to try, at least. Find out if there's something I'm good at besides smithing. And learning new things in smithing is always good." He glances to Amy and chuckles. "Why not, Cousin?"

Celeste looks to Amethyst, "Which is why I didn't invite you."

Celeste says, "Besides, may need your help with other things."

Amy nods to Celeste. "Sure, tell me what."

Celeste notes, "Well beyond a trump of lucian or myself for Micah, and to work on your pattern studies...someday in the not too distant future will need your help finding suitable life sized shadow laboratories."

Life sized shadow ... Amy eyes Celeste for a long moment. "That sounds somewhat like experimenting on people out there." And Amy is actually from a shadow out there, if you ask her. "Trumps I can manage, over time. It just takes a while for me to paint."

Celeste sighs, "I can't experiment on Amber and get it wrong, Amethyst, but it doesn't need to be people. Could be plants."

Micah had been listening quietly up to this point. Now he frowns a bit, and nods, understanding what is being talked about now. "I don't know Lucian well, Celeste. If I'm to have a trump, I'd prefer one of you." He pauses and glances to Amy. "I have one of Amy now, too."

Amy thinks about that, and then she says, "Plants I can do. Is it okay if they're carnivorous?" she teases. A glance at Micah and then a nod. "Yes, but I'm not convinced you know how to use it."

Celeste looks wry, "If you like, but Sir Lucian has actual authority if you're in trouble."

Micah's lips twitch at the carniverous plants. He nods to Amy. "I know how to use it. You concentrate on it until you make contact with the person on the other end. I've used them before. Never had my own before now, though." He glances to Celeste and thinks about that, then nods. "You have a point." Pause. "What, um.. are everybody's titles in the family?"

"I think mine is Trouble," Amy tosses in lazily.

Celeste frowns and looks to Micah, "We should work on blocking contact and defending yourself from trump attacks."

Micah glances to Celeste and nods. "Okay. Blocking contact and defending.. wait. People can attack through trumps?" He seems to have been thrown off the track of titles in the family.

Amy tilts her head a bit, and then she shifts slightly. "I'm in."

Celeste nods, "Yup. IF you answer a call, you should have a hand on a weapon and be ready to close the connection. Not that it's likely to happen unless you're doing something stupid as generally the princes are the only one who use that-...wait, wait wait." She turns, "your father never taught you...?"

Micah glances to Amy and his eyes narrow. He watches her warily. But his attention is caught by Celeste again, and he glances back to her. He nods. "That sounds reasonable," he says. Then pauses, and blinks, and frowns. "My father is a blacksmith. He taught me how to smith and how to fight, but that's all." He seems a little confused.

"I never said that," Amy says mildly. She grins at Celeste. "I just said I would help if you want to teach Micah."

Celeste exhales, "Oh great, c ause you probably know more than I do, that's much better."

Micah still looks confused. "What am I missing? I feel like I'm missing something of vital importance here..."

Amy laughs. "Probably not, but don't worry about it. I can leave if it will make you feel better?"

Celeste looks confused, "How would that help?" She looks to Micah, "Amethyst is a trump artist, and her father, Random, is an accomplished artist. Nothing like Fiona or Brand but he's...a master of sidewise logic so I would expect he would have taught her how to be careful before ever daring to draw her. I could be wrong, of course."

Micah frowns at Amy. "Why would I want you to leave? How's that going to make me feel any better?" More confusion. "No," he adds decisively. "I don't want you to leave." He glances to Celeste and nods. "That makes sense. So... what do I need to do?"

Amy just laughs. "Well, Celeste seemed worried that I might know more than she does, but I don't understand how that changes her lesson?" She takes a breath and moves to find a seat, as she watches, quietly.

Celeste blinks and oh's, "You wanted the lesson NOW. Er. it's easier from a trump cause it's mostly recognizing the contact and making sure you have time to move, reposition, draw, or fortify your mind to resist the connection because it can be forced-but it's unlikely.

Celeste says, "That said. NEEEVEEER anger Fiona. Or if you do, NEVER answer ANY trump call."

Micah tilts his head. "I thought she sounded relieved, myself," he says. He looks to Celeste and just.. stares blankly at her. "Uh... Okay, I think I understand the part about recognizing the contact. Maybe. I've never actually gotten a trump call. But.. time to move, reposition, draw, or fortify my mind? Can you explain that?" He blinks at the part about Fiona. "Um. Why?"

Amy fishes out her deck of cards, finding a particular one, and she concentrates on it quietly.

Celeste eeeers, "Cause I said so." She looks to Amy, "You already draw Micah?"

RPG: Amethyst studies a Trump.
You feel a gentle pressure in your mind. Someone is trying to reach you via your Trump.
You accept the Trump contact from Amethyst.
Micah frowns at Celeste, and then blinks. "Wow, what is that?"

Amethyst sounds somewhat smug, though she is sitting right there on the bench. "This is a trump call, Micah. I guess you can consider it lesson one. At least this way, you will know what it feels like when you are getting a trump call. And yes, Celeste, I did."

Celeste says, "That would be a trump contact. That tickling behind your eyeballs is what will happen every time someone's focusing on your trump. To /answer/ you focus on tingling and relax your mind just a bit. When I answer a call, I think about opening a door. Having something to visualize to regfuse it is helpful too. When someone calls and I don't want to answer, I just ignore it-but the preparedness means you're prepared to refuse it if someone tries to force contact. Sort of like someone pushing a door open which you are trying to push shut."

Micah is still blinking oddly. He glances over to Celeste and then nods slowly. He tries doing what she'd said, about the opening the door part, and then the contact is established. "Wow that's odd," he says. He looks between the image he can see and the actual Amy sitting there. "Right. This is what it feels like? This is strange."

Amethyst chuckles softly, as she watches Micah in the card. "It is, yes, certainly. Not so bad if I wasn't also sitting right in front of you, admittedly." She smiles over at Celeste, listening to her words as well.

Celeste says, "IT's a mental connection. So some can tell who's calling before they answer. Takes...more skill than I've mastered."

Micah considers, and then turns his back on the physical Amy. "Oh. This is much better," he says. "Less confusing. So... what are particulars I should know about? He looks away from the image and over to Celeste. He nods to that. "That makes sense. I suppose I'm going to have to practice at that, huh? How do I break contact? What else can break a contact?"

Celeste says, "You loosing consciousness, Amy loosing consciousness, Amy covering the card, and you turning your attention away from the contact-contact requires concentraition."

Amethyst nods her head. "Celeste is really very good at this," she says. She grins as Micah turns his back, so that he no longer has 2 images of Amy talking at him. "You get used to it after a while. And I find that if you trump someone really a lot, you start to recognize their - I guess mental signature? when they call."

Celeste peers at Amethyst in puzzlement but shrugs, "I never got the hang of that but then again I usually get trumped at the most inoppertune times." which may explain why she was trying to coax Micah into accepting trumps of Lucian.

Micah seems to be concentrating well enough on the contact that he's maintaining it. It's a start. "I see. So.. it's a good thing I'm good at concentrating." He smiles. He nods to the image he's looking at. "That makes sense. Kind of the way you learn to recognize a voice after awhile?" His eyes shift briefly to Celeste and he nods. "That doesn't sound like fun."

Amethyst laughs softly. "That does make it more difficult,"she says, with a nod towards Celeste. "Especially if it's your father calling." She manages to keep the concentration, careful to not quite look away from the card she's looking at. "I'm going to end the trump so you see what that's like normally, Micah."

Celeste exhales, "It's not but it's not my problem anymore.I'm not in charge anymore. No more Julian tearing up my host's lawn when I go on weekend retreats, no more mid-coitus forcing connection because Benedict, brand, caine, or any number of a dozen folks who routinely nearly kill themselves, it's always an angry god, dying patient, or impatient prince. No longer my problem." she looks amused, "His trump ettiquitte leaves something to be desired."

Micah nods to Amy. "Okay, yeah." This seems to be to ending the trump. He looks to Celeste and just... blinks a couple of times. Then tilts his head a bit, confused. "Trump etiquette? There's etiquette for talking on a trump?" Ooookay then. He waits for that to be explained.

Celeste says, "Well, don't force the connection, make sure you're someplace you're not exposed, Random likes hanging up on people abruptly.""

The image of Amethyst turns her attention away from the Trump, and vanishes.
The Trump contact ends.
RPG: The Trump contact ends.
Amy shakes her head, putting her trump deck away. "It - mostly it's about being polite, Micah. Same as if you were walking in on someone who was in a room with the door closed."

Micah considers what has been said, and slowly nods. "I see. Basically... knock. And if there's no answer, go away." He smiles. "See, that makes perfect sense."

Celeste nods, "Good way to put it."

Amy nods, amused a little. "Oh, one more thing, if you walk in and someone is talking to the air, don't touch them unless you're invited to. Because if you do, you'll join the trump call and be able to see and hear who they are talking to. Assuming that's why they are talking to the air. If they're just crazy? Then you're on your own."

Micah nods to Celeste, and then to Amy. "Okay. And that would just be... rude," he says. "I'm not sure I've met anybody who was crazy, yet."

Celeste smirks, "OH yeah. Forgot about that. Physical contact joins the trump contact.

Celeste picks up her dufflebag, "You'll learn the rest as you go, when in doubt, listen to amy-she's tricky."

Micah nods to Celeste. "Okay. Thanks. Have a good trip, okay?"

Celeste nods to Micah, "You'll be joining me in a bit, right?"

Micah nods to Celeste. "I can join you now, if you wish."

Amy nods to Celeste as she gets ready to head off. "Alright, say hi to folks for me. I'll stop by there soon, I think." And then she too gets to her feet. "Micah, do have fun in Rebma."

Celeste nods, "I'm just going to check in on Quina before I go, she's probably gone by the time I return."

Micah nods to Amy. "I'll try. See you later." He looks to Celeste. "What should I wear? I'll join you and Quina after I get changed."

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