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RtA Log - Pirates, Rum, and Visions, Oh My

Characters: Micah, Amethyst, Remi, Dirk
Location: Grounds - Mandrake Manor - Amber City
Location: Parlor - Mandrake Manor - Amber City

--[ Grounds(#3840RJ0) ]---------------------------------[ Mandrake Manor ]----

Behind the gated wall, the grounds of Mandrake Manor spread out in an
even carpet of green. The path from the gate to the house is paved
with flagstones, maintained well but not perfectly - a few places
looking to have been recently relaid with new stone. The entire
expanse of the sprawling lawn on either side of the stone-laid pathway
is well tended with a thick carpet of grass. About the manor are seen
recent signs of renovations and repair. Freshly laid stone along the
walls, newly planted landscaping which are careful to leave little
cover from the eyes of guards in black and gold who regularly patrol
the grounds. The house itself is a wide, two-story affair, spread low
across the land and marked by a portico around the lower level, and
balconies up above, topped with a clay tile roof of earthy red. The
house too looks to be recently restored to it's former glory, fresh
carpentry, plaster, and paint make the house look nearly brand new and
speak of loving restoration.

The flagstone path leads north to the manor itself, and one can also
stroll along the porch, or go around back to the gardens.

--[ lhelp ]-----------------------------------------[ Exits: N NE NW Out ]----

Down the city streets Remi moves, the /young/ Minosian dressed currently in his Remban attire moving with a casual sort of grace and a slight stagger. His eyes roaming over this building and that until he finally finds the grounds of Mandrake Manor. Remi makes his way over to one of the guards and just eyes the man before he speaks up, "Oi, you mate.. The Princess about? Or just the big dragon lady? Rather see the former tha' the later.." Remi doesn't wait long before he shifts his body weight pivoting upon his heel to slip past the man to go investigate for himself not bothering to wait for the guard to answer.

Micah is... not here. Or, at least, he wasn't. He comes jogging in through the gate, the guards moving aside easily for him, shortly after Remi. He stops short as he sees the man there. The guards look a bit disgruntled. Micah jogs on after the Remi person. "Can I help you with something?"

Dirk is walking towards the exit with a flask in his hand and is bouncing along.

Amy is dressed in winter gear, all in white snow suit, with red scarf, mittens, boots and belt. She's in the garden having returned, but not yet gone inside. After a few moments, she heads for the courtyard and pauses as she spies people. And in particular, one pirate. "Remi, it's winter. Aren't you cold?"

Remi blinks as he hears the words behind him, The man slowing quickly before coming to a sudden dead stop as he glances over his shoulder. His eyes of deep blue dancing with amusement and a small bit of mischief as he watches the man, "That depends, you know how to sail? Handle a blade? If'n you do.. might be able to use your help.." The words spoken softly with that Minosian accent. When he spots the movement of Dirk out of the corner of his eye Remi's head quickly turns and he just jabs a finger in the man's direction, "You.. I gots some talking to do with you.." Remi's right hand moves into one of his pouches digging around in it looking for something until the familiar voice of Amy distracts him. Remi's smile broadens and shows warmth as he turns quickly to look to Amy, "Aye, a touch. Need to get with Izett.. my old clothes.. um.. well yes." A sheepish grin takes shape, "Apparently they and fire do not get along.. so left with..well.." His hand motions to his outfit and he shrugs.

Dirk is gathering snow and is patting it into a snowball. He misses Remi's warning and throws it at its target.

Micah offers a nod to Dirk, and another to Amy. He glances back to Remi and shakes his head. "Not really. Sail, no. I can handle a blade with some skill, yes." He looks perplexed toward Dirk, and then to Amy again. "That sounds.. like it was a good party. I once lit some prize ferns on fire at a party. Well, Sye did the lighting. I dumped punch on them. Made the flames worse, turn green." Beat. "Spiked punch." Pause. "The house is warmer."

Amy's hands find her hips, eyes dancing, as she watches Remi. "This is my cousin Micah. Micah, this is Remi. You might have heard me mention him before?" she says. She takes a step forward and sploosh a snowball hits her square in the chest sending snow flying every which way. "Hey!" She follows the trajectory, glaring at the likely culprit. "Dirk! That's totally cheating!" Grumble. "And I was just warming up too." She moves over, but pauses short of giving the nearly naked Remi a hug, given she's now all over snow. "Inside is warmer, agreed."

RPG: Remi declares that he has the Fire Mastery (FIR-MA) gift. Use '+gift FIR-MA' to view the gift description. Last edit: 70 months ago.
Remi doesn't notice Dirk building that snow ball, the words from Micah doing much good in distracting the man from his half brothers antics. "Well if you think that you can get sea legs could might use you on the Reaper. No life like the pirate life." The words are spoken playfully by Remi as he grins. When Amy gives the introduction Remi's head dips, "Good t' meet ya Micah." When Amy is hit with the snowball Remi quickly looks to the woman, his brow furrowing some as he shifts his attention back to his half brother. Remi's right hand lifts and a small ball of fire begins to take shape within his palm. The ball of fire is tossed up and caught by Remi as he grins with a small raising of his brow, "My turn?" The fire though is let to dissipate as Amy moves to give him the hug, The man's arms wrapping around the young woman pulling her in close as he leans down to place a light kiss against her brow, "Aye, imagine it is. But there also be doctors and things inside..You be the exception to the rule lass."

Dirk says "Bet you cant hit me with that fireball?" Dirk is in a good mood and laughs.

Micah grins when that snowball hits Amy. "We should have invited him to the party last night." He nods to Remi at the introduction. "Pleasure to meet you, Remi," he says. He glances to Amy and shakes his head. "I don't believe so, no." He doesn't seem to notice the cold much, but that's probably from ignoring it. And from just coming in from a run. He turns back to Remi and tilts his head. "Mmm. Not sure my duties here will allow me to work on a ship full time, but I wouldn't mind helping out occasionally. I have great sea legs." He offers his hand to Remi. "Good to meet you too," he says. He eyes the fire appreciatively, and then motions toward the house. "Let's go inside. Dirk!" He glances to the man. "You joining us? Bits is inside, I can get him if you want to check on him."

"You are right, Micah. That was a fun party," Amy says, amusement showing. She returns Remi's hug easily, leaning up to drop a kiss on his cheek, before she pulls back, shaking off the snow. "C'mon, let's go in and have a drink. I promise to not let the other doctors at you, Remi. And Micah here is actually not a doctor." She lets her hand drop to Remi's, keeping hold of it, and tugging him towards the door. "Come on in, Dirk. Let's go get comfortable, and no more sneak attack snowballs."

Dirk shrugs "Are penguins ok then?"

Remi smirks hearing the words from Dirk, "Nah, I got other plans for you.. still owe you for the damn penguin bomb.." His head shakes quickly as he chuckles before looking back to Micah hearing the man's words. "Aye, can understand tha'. Life at sea can be.. interestin.. though sometimes do lose track o' time.." A sigh slips from Remi and he reaches out to take Micah's hand giving a firm shake before withdrawing his hand. When Amy takes his hand after the kiss Remi smiles looking down to it, His fingers interlacing with her own and giving a gentle squeeze. "Sounds good, you got to keep me safe from em though a'right? Cause yeah.."

"Yes it was. Well, except for the part where Sye ran into a tree. Drinking her under the table after was quite amusing, though." Micah pauses, and blinks. "I'm actually surprised I remember any of it." He glances to Amy again and shakes his head. "Nope, I'm not. I don't even know the basic medical skills a nurse does. I'm a smith." Pause. "House smith, technically. I think. Though I've not yet had a chance to discuss duties and such with Trist." The handshake is from Micah's end is much the same, the callouses easily felt upon his skin. "What's wrong with doctors?"

Dirk follows Micah and Amy into the house. "Is there enough rum in the house for 2 Minosains?"

"Did you drink her under the table? Nicely done," Amy says, sounding amused. She grins and then adds, "You all should drink me under the table today, what do you think?" She pauses and then she laughs outright. "You know, I don't know, Dirk. But I bet we can find out?" She heads into the Manor proper, aiming to go find the nice warm salon, and get out of her winter gear. At least her harem- erm colour guard - are only around the area, not right up close and personal at the moment.

Remi perks up hearing Micah's mention of being a smith, The Minosian Captain just laughs. "A smith eh? Sometime will need to come aboard the Reaper and see th' forge. Dable some in smithing m'self." His words are spoken casually as he looks over his shoulder to glance to Micah before he chuckles hearing the words from Dirk, "A good question, if not suppose we can go raid the local taverns though. I mean, wha' harm is there in a bit o' raidin in the afternoon" His movements guide him alongside of Amy, "With that challenge me thinks ya be upto something Amy.. Mischievous princess.. I be needing to call in the first mate? He can get us some fun brews from Cibola.."

Dirk says "I bet you ten barrels of rum I can out drink you." is the casual challenge issued to Remi as he follows along.

Micah looks to Dirk and smiles. "There's not enough rum in the house for the four of us, probably," he says. Though he slants an odd glance to Amy as he says that. He nods to her question. "Yes. But, doubt I'd have been able to if she hadn't concussed herself." He huffs a soft laugh. "Never been able to before, at least." He snorts. "Nope, not taking any bets, thanks." He winks. He nods to Remi. "Yep. Smith. Blades mostly. Can make just about anything, though. Long as you don't want it mystical." Pause. "Brews from Cibola sound like fun. Maybe I /will/ take that bet."

--[ Parlor ]--------------------------------------------[ Mandrake Manor ]----

Of the rooms of the ground floor, the parlor has survived the best,
and kept to its intended purpose. Warm wood panels line the walls, lit
with oil sconces and, when the drapes are pulled back, southern
daylight. Thick carpets dampen footsteps, and provide a protected
resting place for chairs and couches arranged in comfortable
conversation clusters. A small game table occupies one corner, and the
other is claimed by a tall sideboard, though the crystal and glassware
it currently holds is mismatched.

The main foyer is to the west. To the north is a heavy door leading to
the library, and to the east, a lockable door secures a small office.

--[ lhelp ]-----------------------------------------------[ Exits: N E W ]----

Amy chuckles softly, her gaze going to Dirk as he challenges Remi. "Cibola - just make sure they're not poisonous, hmm?" is her response to that. She bats her lashes at Remi, as she pulls off her scarf and mittens, following up with taking her jacket off. "Hey, Micah? See if you can get us rum to start with?" She's wearing several layers beneath, the top one a warm woolen tunic. Boots come off next, and then the snow pants. Ahh, better. Now warming up, Amy smiles sweetly, as she settles into a seat, fingers moving to check her hair briefly. That sea horse Martin gave her is still there, its warm glow still visible.

Dirk's words have Remi grinning, "You really want to start with tha'? I mean hell ten barrels of rum.. could throw a hell of a shindig on the reaper with tha'.. so sure your on." His words are spoken in clear amusement as he looks to Dirk. His hand releasing Amy's so she can take off some of her winter wear as he moves to settle in on one of the sofa's within the parlor. His attention turns to Micah and he nods, "Ah, should ask the lass here to show ya the blade I made her.." His hand motions quickly to Amy before he looks to her motioning her over. "So how much longer you got the lil army watching ya lass? Got a trip am planning and would like it if'n ya can come with.."

Micah seems to be wearing far less layers than Amy is. He slips out of his cloak and tosses it over an empty chair. "Sure, Amy," he says. He goes in search of, and finds, a good stash of decent quality rum. Okay, probably better than decent quality. "Here you go, Amy." He offers the bottles, for there are two, to her to dole out in glasses. Micah is quiet for a moment, and he considers Remi thoughtfully. "How do you feel about rave parties?" Oh there's thoughts there, oh yes there is. He tilts his head and looks to Amy. "Yes, I'd like to see that," he says.

Dirk smiles "well we can always up the anty as we go along?" Dirk is just wearing shirt and pants and is soaking wet and so on...

Amy chuckles softly and nods. "I'll show you, sure. I'm not wearing it today though." She does gesture to her hair pin, with a bit of a smile. "Martin gave me this. Meijanri made it - it's really a lovely thing." See, the lovely things that can be made by talented people? Seriously. Awesome. She upturns the glasses and pours a round for everyone, a good portion in each glass. "Cheers, all. Let's drink to good friends, fun parties and adventure." A quick salute and a drink for Amy. Who then blinks at Remi and laughs. "Oh, I'm stuck with them forever, I think. Unless Dad unprincesses me. And maybe even then."

Remi looks to Micah hearing the man's words, His brow raising slightly at mention of Rave parties. "One.. down in Remba, It was a good one. But few parties are like Minosian Parties, sure they can sometimes get outa hand but they are a thing to see.." His shoulders rise and fall into a shrug, When Dirk mentions upping the ante as they go he quickly nods in agreement. "Sounds like a good idea to me." When Amy pours the round Remi reaches out to take his glass before offering up his free hand to Amy, "A good toast lass, And well think ya could slip past 'em? for a bit of adventure and fun?"

"Mm. I keep hearing that name. Meijanri. I simply /must/ look her up." Micah accepts his glass and lifts it. "Cheers. To good friends, fun parties, and adventure." He salutes with it and tosses it back. The whole thing, yes. "Ahh, that's good," he says, and holds his glass out to Amy. "And I'll hold you to that, showing me later." He's talking about the blade, of course, but somehow, it just comes out sounding lewd. He glances to Amy, and then back to Remi, and grins. This seems to be at the question of Amy slipping past her guard.

Dirk gets a drink and simply starts drinking. He's never met Remi and is focused on studying him.

Amy laughs softly. "Meijanri is probably unlike anyone you've ever met," she says. She pours more rum as appropriate and at least is starting out keeping up drinking with the boys. Those bright purple eyes give Micah a mischievous glance. "Deal, cousin," she tells him first, even with the innuendo he's playing with. "Remi, I likely could, but we could also bring a couple along. They can bunk with the crew and then we get the benefit of not getting yelled at afterwards? They don't actually even try to stop me from doing anything I want to, you know. Except they do like to come along."

Dirk looks at amy with his cute pokey expression "more drink please?"

Remi watches Micah briefly as he sips at his drink, His fine brow raising hearing the man's words about having her show him later though it is quick to settle back into place as he downs the last of his drink before holding his glass back out. When he hears the words from Amy he nods, "A few sure but not the entire group. Last time the lads thought we were getting invaded.." A chuckle leaves him, "Though was funny as hell to have soldiers in colors on a pirate ship and well not.. trying to take prisoners or kill the lads.."

Micah glances to Dirk, and then to Remi, curious at the focus. He looks to Amy and tilts his head. "Oh? Why is that?" He's curious about this Meijanri character, it would seem. He drinks a bit more of his rum, sipping now rather than slamming back. He nods. "They do tend to like coming along. Did you get yelled at yet for leaving them behind last time?" Despite the innuendo implied earlier, he doesn't seem to have any particular interest in Amy that way. He huffs a soft laugh at that last part from Remi. "I imagine so. How many thought they were about to die?"

Amy pours more rum for everyone. Including herself. "Of course, Dirk. Second round for all." She doesn't seem to be too worried by it, as she just keeps the booze flowing. "Meijanri is an Undine," Amy says softly. And then, she laughs. "Of course I got yelled at, but I ignored it. Really did not need them to go snowboarding." She rolls her eyes at that whole idea, and yes, Amy does love extreme sports, no question. "It was amusing, for sure. But I bet they recognize my colours and heraldry now, don't they?"

Dirk keeps drinking and watches Remi more.

Remi looks to Micah hearing the man's words, "Oh the lads don't exactly fear death, prison though.. tha's another thing. Sailors aint meant to be caged.." The words are spoken quickly by the man as he offers up a smile. When Amy refills his glass Remi gives her a wink, "Aye that they do. The lads like when your aboard. And well sure tha' a few of your guard can come with. Bound to be a interesting time for 'em given where we be going.." Finally Remi's head turns and his eyes settle upon Dirk. His fine brow raising in either question or challenge at the watchful gaze that had been resting on him as his eyes of dark blue settle upon the other mans.

Dirk smiles and shrugs as Dirk's emerald green eyes meet Remi'sdark blue ones.

Micah blinks. And blinks again. "A..." Blink blink. "Huh. Definitely going to need to look her up. Don't think I've ever actually met one before. Had a drunk hallucination of one before, but that's about as close as I've come." He laughs at her then. "Of course you ignored it. The snowboarding /was/ fun," he admits. He considers Remi for a moment. "Where are we going, anyway?" Well, the man /had/ asked after him coming along since he's decent with a blade.

Amy grins at Micah and Remi, offering another salute. "Sounds like fun. And even less getting yelled at if you come along with us, Micah. I approve." She then frowns at Dirk. Those purple eyes go to Dirk, to Remi, and then back. "Alright you two. Maybe some conversation is in order, but if you start making things get all uncomfortable, I will star throwing things at your heads." Cause they are hard enough to not take damage, unlike the rest of them. Small, but feisty, yes.

Remi's eyes part from Dirk as he hears the newest question from Micah, "Be heading to Manzanil.. it's a port in Minos.. of a sort, From there be heading through Stormalog's breath in search of something lost.. something special.." His words are spoken softly as his smile just grows. Hearing Amy's words Remi grins and reaches out to take her hand giving a small tug towards him as he takes another drink of his rum. "I got no issues with him lass, Except for the penguin bomb."

You paged Remi with 'Any visions you wish to impart for this journey?'.

Dirk says "you looking for a heart shaped bone rock thingie? I dont have a problem with him either just curiosity."

"I do try to help, cousin," he says. "Besides. It's got to be better than a Sye adventure. Those are just... disturbing." Obviously, Micah doesn't count the snow party to have been an adventure. He considers Dirk and Remi, and then looks back to Amy. "Just remember to drain your glass before you throw it at them. And let me drain mine before you steal it to use as a weapon too." He glances back to Remi and nods. "That just sounds entertaining." He sounds serious about that. He blinks. "Penguin.. bomb?" He looks to Dirk. "What is a penguin bomb?"

Dirk points to Remi and says "ask him." Dirk keeps drinking and holds out his glass for more.

Remi's head shakes hearing the question from Dirk, A glance is given to his half brother. "No, One o' the lost seas. Should be a good lil adventure..." His shoulders rise and fall into a shrug as he looks back to Micah, "Penguin bomb.. he sent me a basket full of biting and fast little damn penguins..took near a week to clear the ship o' the last ones.." His drink is drained quickly before he holds his glass out and looks to Amy offering up a small smile.

Dirk smiles and stays curiously quiet. Dirk says "the tiny penguins were supposed to be like fleas."

Amy makes a face at the penguin thing and then she starts to laugh. "Dirk, that is really funny, if you're not the target," she says. She pours more rum, still keeping up with the boys. A deep breath in and out, and Amy finds herself tugged towards Remi. So she lets him tug her in closer. "One of the - how many seas are lost?" she asks, amusedly. "And how does one lose a whole sea?" Then she looks at Dirk. "Curiosity, hmm? About what?" Amy glances at Micah as she refills his glass and nods. "True that. I would hate to waste any good rum on those two hard heads."

Micah looks from Dirk and back to Remi. He blinks then. Then laughs. "Biting penguins? That sounds like it wasn't fun." The amusement drains from his expression, and his eyes take on a vacant, unfocused look to them. His knuckles around his glass are white. And then his glass is refilled.

Remi's shoulders rise and fall in a quick shrug, "Would have likely laughed had it not been me getting penguined." A playful smile is offered up to the man before he looks to Amy hearing her question. "Aye, one of them.. and there be a few. No one is really sure exactly how many there be.." A pause is given as he thinks over the question on how one loses an entire sea, "Shadow paths become closed or too dangerous to travel on, Maps and charters be lost, or crews. Many a way to lose a sea.. many a way to hide one too I figure.." His shoulders rise and fall into a shrug. When Micah goes distant and white knuckled though Remi looks to the man and leans in close to Amy whispering out, "Um.. your cousin okay?"

Dirk points to Remi "about him. I think he's a relation." Dirk looks at Micah, "Imagine tiny fleas okay?" Dirk says, "and then picture them like penguins."

Amy looks at Dirk and arches a brow. "A relation?" she asks him. Before she is distracted by Micah, her brow furrowing. "That - looks like another vision," she mutters, softly. "Keep an eye so he doesn't spill the rum." Her eyes gleam purple as she watches Micah, making sure he is okay. The bit about the fleas and the penguins - left behind. And the bit about the seas, for the moment, as well, since there's a fellow Mandrake in distress.

Dirk moves to take Micah's rum.

Micah winces at something only he can see, and his hand tightens on the glass, just before Dirk moves to take it. It shatters and he doesn't even notice. Rum runs as well as blood as the shards of glass cut into skin. He comes out of it a few moments later, blinking a few times and focusing back on the conversation. He looks around. "Why are you all staring at me?"

Remi just blinks when Dirk states the thought that they might be related, Remi's attention drifts to the man and he just smiles before looking back to Amy hearing her words, "Vision? Aha.." Realization setting in as he looks to Micah. When the glass shatters Remi just winces and as the question is asked his hand motions to the man's now bleeding hand, "Um.. ya kinda left us there mate.."

Dirk nods "you went all the way to Begma and back again without leaving your seat."

Amy moves swiftly, the medical training kicking in. Well, at least there's rum to sterilize it," she murmurs, as she moves to kneel by Micah, never mind if her knees get wet. "Let me see your hand please. And what did you see?" The questions both are light but Amy definitely expects to be listened to. Even with all that rum.

Micah completely misses the part about 'might be related'. For obvious reasons. He doesn't seem to be noticing his hand, either, but it's only a matter of time before he feels the sting of the alcohol in the cuts. "Oh. Right. Yeah. Sorry about that." He glances to Dirk and smiles. "I do that sometimes. Sorry." And then there's an Amy. "What? Oh." He offers his hand to her. It's cut pretty good, and he frowns, pausing to pull his hand back, eyeing her warily. "I saw death. Ghosts. I think they were ghosts. And there was water."

Amy shakes her head. "Might hurt, Micah. Nice job there." She looks at Dirk, and says, "Can you find a guard or servant for me? I need them to get my medical bag." She examines the wound briefly, and then she uses a bit more of the rum, since Micah's not feeling it, and it's there. "Ghosts and water? More Rebma stuff? Or Minosian?"

Dirk gets a servant by yelling for one at the top of his lungs. He also yells for them to bring Amy's medical bag.

Micah relaxes and gives Amy his hand back. "Doubt it'll hurt much worse than a burn," he points out. There's enough of them, tiny and round, on his arms. He tenses a little as the rum is poured over his hand. He feels it, he's just ignoring it. "No, on top of the water. There was a ship. I was on a ship. And there was another ship. And ghosts. And dying. On the ship I was on."

Dirk nods "bound to happen if you go on a pirate adventure?"

Amy frowns a bit. "Sounds like some of Captain Flame's adventures," she comments. "And yes, that is likely true, Dirk. Or even any adventure aboard a ship." Now Amy makes sure there's no glass shards in the hand, carefully washing out the wounds. The servant brings her bag, and with that along comes a couple of her honour guard, settling into guard positions and making sure everything is okay.

Dirk smiles "yeppers." He gives Micah a dirk lean as he rests close to Micah.

There is a shard, toward the heel of his hand. It seems fairly easy to get out, though. "Thanks, Amy," says Micah. He glances to the honor guard, and then back to Dirk and Amy. "I suppose so. It was mildly disturbing. Do we know anybody who can keep ghosts away?" he asks curiously. He glances to Dirk and smiles, and lets the man lean.

Dirk says, "You need a feldane for that."

Amy nods her head. "Yeah, we do. Countess Izett for instance," she says, agreeing with Dirk. "Feldanes with the undead, yep. Mandrakes for healing. Karms for locking things up, and Chantris for - well, for what, Dirk?" She takes a bit of time to make sure she gets the shard out cleanly, but it's certainly not more than her skills can handle. Especially since she has her medical kit, which does have tweezers, pliers and all kinds of other paraphernalia. And then she uses some real disinfectant, a salve to promote healing, and bandages up the hand.

Dirk smiles "for talking all the talks and taking care of the books."

Micah nods to that. "Ah, good. Might suggest to Remi that bringing a Feldane along would be a good idea." Pause. "I'm a Mandrake," he points out. "And I don't heal." But that's kind of beside the point. He hisses softly as that piece of glass comes out. He watches as she does her thing with the disenfectant and salve and bandages and such. He glances to Dirk as he speaks again. "Talking the talks and taking care of books?"

Dirk nods "they know languages."

Amy grins at Micah, and shrugs. "Your choice, but you do have the Sight," she says. She nods to Dirk. "Right, they know languages and such. And libraries, I think." She nods to Micah, at that last bit. "I'll tell him." Now she moves back, putting things away, and gets her drink again.

Micah tilts his head at Amy, and considers her. He grunts softly. "Yeah. You're right. I should start learning that too. You willing to teach me?" He grimaces. "So that next time I can set a bone right." He frowns at her. "Because I know you're going to do that again. I just feel it, in here," he says, lifting his uninjured and and placing it over his heart.

Amy flashes a grin, and nods. "Course I am," she says. "But only if it's really important, I promise." Hey, she's learning too, all things considered. "But I don't mind teaching you first aid, and medicine, if you want to learn. Because that's something useful for all of us, even if we do have other things." Like Lucian being the dragon general and all.

Micah huffs a soft chuckle at her. "Alright. That's a deal," he says. He spits in his right hand, that's the non damaged side, and it to her to shake on the deal. He nods about the first aid and medicine. "I'd like to learn. It's a good thing to know. I mean, you never know when it might come in useful and save someone's life."

Amy nods her head to that. She blinks at the spit, and then mimics the gesture, shaking on the deal to make it all official. Right then, now she shrugs a bit. "There's a lot of books in the library, that will help, but I think the key thing is practical experience. Which is always a bit of a challenge, since we don't want to damage anyone while learning, right?" She shrugs, and then says, "I can suggest shadowing me, Chase, Lucian, Quina, or Celeste, and you'll learn various tricks and styles."

Micah shakes on the deal and then nods about the books. "Sure. Books will help to gain knowledge, right? Sounds like as good a place to start as any." He listens quietly, and nods to what she has to say. "Right. Shadowing is a good idea too. I want to learn before I put any of it to use. Putting it to use first is only going to hurt somebody." He wrinkles his nose at that.

Amy grins at that, nodding her head. "It's a way to increase the knowledge so that the practical applications make sense. And we can take you out into Shadow and teach you some different techniques. A lot of the advanced techniques don't really work well here in Amber, because technology doesn't work."

"Right. That's what I was thinking, too. Study first, then.. when you think I'm ready for.. um.. what would you call that, field work?" Micah considers about the Shadow. "I don't know. The last experience I had an experience traveling through Shadow that wasn't so much fun." Pause. "Very recently." Another pause. "Syeira's idea." He tilts his head. "Why doesn't technology work?"

Amy shrugs a bit. "I don't know why it doesn't work - something to do with how it was made or created or something?" She thinks. "Or else it's just too much magic and so technology can't come across the border?" Another drink, and then Amy says, "Yes, field work. Internship. You can once you get going probably spend time at one of the hospitals so that you can get a broad range of experience." She shrugs a bit, and adds, "There's always the possibility that trips to Shadow turn out unpleasant, but not really any more so than trips here or in the near Shadows. I mean, if you go to Minos - you're going through Shadow, technically."

Micah just shakes his head. "That just sounds confusing," he says. The technology and magical interface thing. He nods about the internship and field work, though. "Perhaps just first aid to start with, and we can go from there?" It all sounds so.. daunting. It's obvious from his expression. He nods about the Shadow. "It was.. horiffic. There were parts. And tentacles. And a book that bled." Pause. "Black. Ew." He might be referring to that night he'd come back from a trip with Syeira, dressed in a Begman outfit, all over with gross.

Amy nods at that thought. "First aid is good to start with," she agrees. "It's like anything else, one step at a time. Heck I don't have a clue how to do what you do, smithing. Between you and Remi - it's quite something else. Though I wouldn't mind learning a bit more, if I could."

Micah nods. "That's what I thought," he says. "Start at the lowest step, right?" He huffs a soft laugh. "Well, the first step to smithing is learning how to run a bellows properly. That's where I start off all of my apprentices." He looks down at his hand and then down to his lap. He grimaces. "I'm all over rum. I smell like a keg, don't I?" Plus, there's still glass on his lap.

"Yes, you do. And there's probably glass in your lap, so we should make sure that gets dumped rather than getting caught in your skin, yes?" Amy reaches a hand for Micah's free hand, amusement showing briefly. "Bet standing up will help- and then you should likely get changed."

Micah glances down to his lap again, and then up to the offered hand. He nods and places his non injured hand in hers and rises to his feet. He's steady enough, having sat still long enough after the vision to get his senses fully back about him. "And after, I'd like another drink. My last one got a little... um... broken."

Amy chuckles a bit, at that, nodding her head. "Absolutely. Another drink is totally on the cards." She does not try brushing the man's lap off, at least not yet. "And working bellows, huh? Sounds interesting. If you show me, I'll be able to talk to Remi sensibly about it. That wouldn't be a bad thing."

"Oh good. I'd like to get good and drunk again." Micah seems relieved, at least a little bit, that she doesn't try to brush his pants off. He carefully starts picking pieces of glass from his pants and depositing them into a nearby bin for such things. At least the pieces are all big, none had shattered small. "Yep. It's not too hard to do. Just takes a bit of concentration."

Amy steps back, keeping an eye on Micah's activity, more to make sure he doesn't accidentally harm himself further. "I can usually manage concentration, though - I have to admit I do find myself getting distracted a bit more these days."

Micah seems to have a good handle on it. He's careful and attentive to the little shards. Soon enough, he gets them all out of his pants. He still smells like a rum keg, though. He turns his head and considers his cousin. "Do you know why you keep getting distracted? Everything okay?"

Amy chuckles softly. "I think it's this whole dragon thing. YOu have seen what happens to Celeste or one of those folks when you put something shiney in front of them, right?" She shrugs a bit, and then says, "So far, it's not really shiney things that distract me, at least not jewellery or gold or stuff."

Micah winces softly. "Yeah, I have... Working in a forge is going to be entertaining for you, then. There's a lot of shiny stuff in a forge." From flames to the metal of the blades. He considers her for a moment. "What is it that distracts you so far?"

Amy shrugs a bit, and then her cheeks go a bit pink. "Oh, well." Ahem. "So far, I just get a bit distracted by handsome men." Pause. "And I don't think I get any more distracted by jewellery than I used to." Which doesn't really mean too much, all things considered.

Micah just looks at her for a moment. He blinks. And then huffs out a soft laugh. "Well then, I better not take my shirt off around you," he says and winks at her. He finishes with the glass and straightens up again. "Right. I'm going to go change my pants, now."

"Hey, I'm allowed to look," Amy protests. Not dead after all. And not even oathed, as Celeste puts it. "But yes, you do need to go get changed. Meanwhile, I'll have a drink and try to save you some."

Micah huffs one of those soft laughs. "Well, if you want a look, I can show you," he offers. His expression is serious, but his eyes are sparkling with amusement. He nods about her having a drink. "You don't get drunk. You better save me some."

Amy pouts a bit, though whether about the teasing or the alcohol it's difficult to say. "Yeah yeah, go on, you. Before I change my mind and ask you to strip or something."

"Anytime you ask, dear cousin, I'll strip for you." Micah winks at her and then turns and saunters out of the room. He even almost puts on a show of how he's walking, swaying his hips /just/ so to hint at his muscular build. The wet trousers cling to him. And then he's gone, out the door to change.

Amy looks, enjoys, and then turns to the alcohol, once he's gone. Well, after she can tear herself from looking through the door where he's vanished to, that is.

After awhile, Micah returns to the room, dressed again in nice dry clothing, he is. He opens the door quietly and steps inside, then closes the door behind him. "So. About that alcohol. I think I'd like scotch this time, thanks."

By the time Micah returns, Amy is curled up by the fireplace. She's got a glass in hand, but she's not really drinking at all, just staring at the liquid. She glances up and then smiles. One of her colour guard moves to get the drink that Micah is requesting, and Amy's gaze follows him.

Micah considers the color guard getting his drink and then looks to Amy. "You know," he starts out, as he walks toward her and a chair near her. Only, then he doesn't finish whatever he'd been going to say. He offers a nod of thanks to the guard that brings him the drink. "Thank you," he says. He looks back to Amy. "Everything okay, Amy?"

Blink. "Hrm?" Amy says, and then, "Oh, hey. Yes, I'm fine, thanks. You feeling better?" He certainly looks a bit more comfortable. "No more rum for you; apparently it's bad for your health." Just a hint of teasing.

Micah laughs softly. "Bad for my mind, at any rate," he replies. And nods to her being fine. "You looked a little lost in thought, there." He does indeed look more comfortable. Wet trousers aren't precisely the most comfortable thing to be wearing.

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